Lost Ring At Sandingham Bay

January 30th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a message from Louise requesting my services in the southern suburbs of Sydney to search for her lost ring. The ring was lost at a quiet beach named Sandingham Bay the day before. I explained to Louise I would be happy to help, but made her aware of the $50 Call Out Fee, as Sandingham Bay is well beyond 20kms from the CBD. I really hate asking for a Call Out Fee, especially if I do not find the lost item in question…but I really need to cover myself for two hours worth of driving/tolls and petrol. In reality, this is incredibly cheap in comparison to what a plumber would charge for an out call! Plus for the $50, I will also search for 2 hours plus. The lost ring was very important to Louise, so the call out fee was not an issue for her. The ring was a gift from a close friend, who brought it back from Thailand for Louise. I made it down to Sandingham Bay before 8am. The beach was empty, with the exception of a few fishermen. Louise was running a little late, so I decided to start scanning the beach anyway. Not long after, Louise arrived and showed me the area where she lost her ring. Apparently Louise had removed her ring before going for a swim, and left it on her towel. When she decided to leave for the day, she forgot the ring was on the towel. A very common mistake. Obviously, the ring had fallen in the sand as she picked up her towel. Both Louise and her boyfriend tried searching for the lost ring to no avail. I marked off an area where I beleived the ring could have dropped, and began the search. After about an hour of searching, I had found plenty of fishing sinkers and bottle caps, but no ring! I had searched the area in a grid pattern, so I knew if the ring was in that area, I would find it! It was time to expand the search perimeter. I began searching further away from the spot where Louise had lost the ring. After about an another half an hour of scanning and digging, I received a nice strong signal on my Metal Detector. One quick scoop, and there it was. Louise’s beautiful lost ring. The ring was a good 20-30 meters away from the area it was actually lost. As I was walking back towards Louise, I could see the look of dissapointment on her face. She figured I was giving up on the search. I asked her if this was the ring she lost, and she instantly jumped up with a huge smile on her face. Louise gave me a customary hug, and put the ring back on her finger. Louise did not have much hope of seeing her lost ring again, so you can only imagine how she must have felt to have it back on her finger. It was a pleasure to help such a beautiful and friendly girl find her lost ring :)

Wedding Ring Lost At Freshwater Beach

January 29th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Rodney Reunited With His Lost Wedding Ring

Rodney Reunited With His Lost Wedding Ring

Rodney lost his wedding ring at Freshwater beach, on what was an incredibly hot day in Sydney. Infact it was a day that reached over 40 degrees celsius. I recieved an email from Rodney the night he lost his wedding ring, and I had organised to search for it the following morning. When dealing with beach drops, time is critical. Unfortunately for us, the following morning at Freshwater beach was a large surf competition, so we we’re unable to start searching for the ring until later that afternoon. By 4pm, the crowd was beginning to dispurse. Rodney and his wife showed me the area they we’re sitting the day before, and we began to mark an area where they beleived the ring to be. I added a few more meters in each direction as a safety buffer zone. As it turns out, the buffer zone was a good move, as I found the ring within about 5 minutes of searching. It was in a different spot to where Rodney and his wife remembered they were sitting. The ring could have moved throughout the day with people walking over the top of it. Rodney and his wife we’re estatic to have the wedding ring back. This was Rodney’s second wedding ring, and he was not planning on buying another one if I was unable to find his current lost one. It was incredibly rewarding to receive a hug from Rodneys wife, and a man hug from Rodney himself… And not to mention a kiss for his beautiful baby daughter. It was an honour recover the wedding ring for such a lovely family.

Ring Insured But Lost In Backyard

January 29th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Peter lost his ring in the backyard whilst throwing a stick to his dogs. His ring flicked off his finger, into the direction of his garden and wire fence. I searched the entire garden area where Peter believed the ring to be. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the ring in the garden, so we decided to try the otherside of the wire fence, which was full of bushes scrubs and undergrowth. After a exhaustive 2 hour search, dusk had melted into darkness, so I decided to throw in the towel for the evening. But I wasn’t finished with Peters lost ring yet. 3 days later, I arrived back at Peters house. He was out at the time, but said it was fine for me to search again while he was out. I was a little worried about Peter’s dogs Monte and Toby. I will rephrase that, I was more worried about Toby his large German Shepard. But I came prepared with some doggy treats, which worked a charm. Toby and Monte we’re now my best friends, and I was being licked to death.. Now that the dogs we’re on my side, I was very motivated to find Peter’s lost ring, as I could see the dissapointment in his face the first night I my search was unsuccessful. The ring was obviously very important to Peter. Once again, after almost 2 hours of searching and digging, no luck. As hard as it was to admit, I had been defeated by this lost ring. I have a feeling Peters lost ring may have landed in the very thick scrubs that I could not cover with the metal detector. Luckily, Peters ring was insured…but insurance will not cover the sentimental value of Peters ring. There was no charge to Peter for my efforts. If I do not find the lost item, I do not accept any payment.

Lost Platinum Wedding Band In Garden

January 29th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Anthony lost his Platinum wedding band whilst working in his garden in the beautiful old suburb of Hunters Hill. Recent weight loss caused Anthony’s ring to loosen and fall into the garden mulch. After much searching, and pressure from his wife, Anthony found my services on the internet, and decided to book me in. After showing me the approximate area where the ring had been lost, I got straight to work….because the garden was very close to the house and fence, my metal detector was going crazy with plently of false signals. To remedy this, I decreased the AC power to a low setting until the detector became more stable. The disadvantage of turning the AC power down is a reduction in depth detection…but in this situation I had no choice. And the chances of the ring being any deeper than 5 inches in the few days it was lost we’re very slim. In less than 5 minutes of scanning I received a nice clean signal on my detector. One scoop, and there it was, Anthony’s beautiful Platinum wedding Ring, shining amongst the dirt and mulch. Anthony and his Wife we’re very relieved that the ring was back on his finger. And kindly offered me to sit down for a beer and chat :)

Lost Ring At Balmoral Beach

January 28th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I was contacted by Stacey, who had a terrible day at Balmoral Beach. Not only did she lose her wedding band, but also her engagement ring. Stacey explained she was washing the sand off her hands in the shallow water. Cold water causes the fingers to shrink, and also acts as a lubricant. When Stacey realised her rings had fallen into the water, her and her husband spent 4 hours searching frantically for her rings. Unfortunately, they we’re unable to find the ring, and contacted me the next day. The chances of finding a ring once it has fallen in the water are very slim. Especially after a few tide cycles. I packed my car with my metal detector, and my long handled sand scoop and headed down to Balmoral Beach. Stacey showed me the approximate area of where she feels the rings fell off. I got to work, and spent around 2 hours searching for Stacey’s rings. When Metal Detecting for fun, I usually only dig when I hear nice crisp solid signals…but when searching for someones lost item, I will dig every little signal I hear. This is very time consuming, but I cannot afford to miss a thing. Unfortunately I was unable to find either of Staceys rings. I could see Stacey was very dissapointed when I ended my search. I decided to try again the following day, who knows what the tide could have washed up. Once again, I was unable to find anything, except a pocket full of pull tabs and bottle caps. Balmoral Beach is close by, so I am still looking for Stacey’s rings to this day. If anyone does happen to find a lost wedding band and engagement ring at Balmoral, please send photos of it to bradl@bigpond.net.au, and I will forward them to Stacey. (I have not given up yet!) These rings are obviously very sentimental to Stacey, and represent very important stages of Stacey’s life.