Lost Wedding Ring On Honeymoon!

February 28th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Everyone likes a story with a happy ending, so I thought I should share this story, even though I was unable to help out this particular occasion. This is a story of Jono, who lost his wedding ring on his honeymoon in waist deep water at Lennox Head. Unfortunately, Lennox Head is a 10 hour drive from here, so obviously it was out of my area. Unable to find anyone with a metal detecting service in Lennox Head, Jono decided to hire a metal detector and search for himself. Below is a copy of his email..

Hi Brad, We are on the last night of our honeymoon and I realise I didn’t get back to you about the missing ring.  I took the metal detector down to the water but had a lot of trouble getting a stable reading.  I think the water and depth changes on the sea floor created problems.  It was difficult to tell what was a real signal and as I presumed the ring was deep I expected it may not give off a strong signal.  I was out there with my wife digging around and the tide had started coming back in, lapping above our knees which made it very difficult to keep searching.  Eventually I thought that it had got to the point where  I would have to give it away and as I turned for one last sweep I saw a glint of what looked to be gold on the edge of the reef.  I reached into the water and felt the shape, it was a ring, I pulled it out of the water and immediately new it was THE ring.  My wife and I couldn’t believe it, we had found it after four days of searching.  We really were overjoyed and relieved.

Nice work on finding your wedding ring on your honeymoon Jono! I can only imagine how relieved you and your new wife are :)

Many Thanks To Ann From Waverton

February 28th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

It is nice to know there are still people like Ann left in this world. Ann called me one evening after losing her silver ring whilst working in her garden. She was not sure exactly where her ring fell off, but figured it had to be somewhere in the garden area. I let Ann know I would be happy to  help her find the ring, which she mentioned was very sentimental. Then next morning Ann called with good news. She found the ring inside a garbage bag. The ring must have slid off her finger as she was putting the garden rubbish in it. I was very happy to hear Ann found her lost ring. Now this is where Ann really shows what a kind soul she is…. Ann insisted on sending me a donation for my willingness to help her. I mentioned that I could not take any money from her, as I had not actually gone out to search for her ring. But Ann would not take no for an answer. I eventually gave Ann my PO Box number, hoping she would forget to go through with her promise. But this was not the case, the following day there was a letter from Ann with a note and donation inside. Ann, if you happen to read this, thank you very very much! You really didn’t need to do this. You mentioned in our phone call that you lost a gold ring in your back yard about 50 years ago. I would really like to come over some day and search for this ring free of charge. I do not have your phone number, only your address…and I do not want to just turn up at your door step. So please, if you read this, give me a call. Otherwise I will send you a letter next week. Thanks once again! You are an incredibly generous lady!

Ring Lost Then Found In The Blue Mountains

February 14th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phonecall from Jackie about a week ago. Her daughter had lost a gold ring in the backyard of their house. Before going for a swim, Jackie’s daughter placed her towel on the fence, and then placed her ring on top of the towel. After a swim, she grabbed the towel, forgetting the ring was placed on top. The ring fell, but no one was sure where. Jackie hired a metal detector and searched the backyard for signals, but had no luck in recovering the lost ring. She finally gave up, and called me over to try and find it. Jackie and her family live in FaulconBridge, in the Blue Mountains. This is normally out of the area I service, but Jackie sounded like a nice lady on the phone, so I really wanted to help. Unfortunately my DFX metal detector is still in for repairs, so I had no choice but to use my Excalibur Underwater Detector. As it turns out, it was raining when I arrived at Jackies, so I would have been unable to use the DFX detector anyway. After being shown the area where the ring possibly dropped I got to work. After searching under some shrubs besides the pool, I moved the detector towards a grass area close to a garden. The Excalibur gave out a nice smooth loud signal which normally means Gold! I started parting the grass aside with my screw driver, and saw a glimpse of gold between the blades. There it was, the beautiful ring pictured above. After a quick 10 minute search, the ring was back in the hands of its owner. Lucky for me this was a quick job, being Valentines Day my girlfriend was not too happy I was off metal detecting. But thanks to Jackie giving me such a generous reward, i’m sure we will have a nice dinner tonight :)

Lost Rings At Umina Beach Central Coast

February 13th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Maxines Beautiful Gold Rings

I received a desperate phone call from Maxine, who lost 2 gold rings off her finger at the same time. To make matters worse, the rings we’re handed down to her by her grandmother who had passed away 6 months earlier. And to make matters worse again still, it was her passed Grandmother’s birthday the day she lost her rings! But it doesn’t stop there…Maxine’s Rings fell into a channel which lead to the ocean. Not long after the rings we’re lost, heavy rain started which caused the flowing water in the channel to increase its flow speed….cutting out a larger area in the sand. So what began as a one meter wide channel when Maxine lost the ring, had turned into a 15-20 meter wide channel by the time I arrived. This made it difficult for Maxine to remember exactly where she dropped the rings as everything had changed. The odds we’re against us, but I was determined to find Maxine’s rings…even if I found one, it would be still something for Maxine and her mother to hold onto. There was only a couple of hours of daylight left, so there was no time to waist. I began my usual grid search…and after about 1.5 hours of searching, the rain hammered down. This was not great for moral, but I was not going to give up. And thankfully I didn’t…in the middle of the pouring rain, I received a nice signal from the Excalibur. After two deep scoops, I had whatever was causing the signal. I drained the sand from the scoop in the flowing water…and there it was, Maxine’s beautiful gold diamond ring. Whilst Maxine and her mother we’re making phone calls and jumping for joy, I was looking for the second ring. I knew it had to be close! About 5 minutes later, another nice signal sounded from the Excalibur. I had found Maxine’s second ring. Maxine’s mother was understandably very emotional…they we’re both relieved to have the Rings back in their possession. A quick thank you to Maxine and her mum for such a generous reward. This photo snapped with my iPhone does not really show the full beauty of Maxine’s rings. Hopefully Maxine will send in a better photo for us to admire.

Edit: Thanks for the photos Maxine, now we can all appreciate the true beauty of your Grandma’s Rings :)

Mens & Ladies Rings Found At Shark Bay

February 10th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Whilst searching for Andrew’s lost Platinum Ring, I managed to find two other rings in the water at Shark Bay. One is a Mens White Gold Wedding Band. The Ring has two initials engraved which will hopefully help me ID the owner. The second Ring is a Ladies Gold Ring. There are no engraving’s on this Ring, besides the Hallmark…but the Ring is very unique, and the correct owner will have no troubles describing it. So if you have lost a ring at Shark Bay Vaucluse, and are able to describe the engraved initials or type of ring, please contact me at bradl@bigpond.net.au. It would be a pleasure to return these rings to their rightful owners.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring At Coogee Bay Beach

February 10th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Jeff lost his gold wedding ring in the water on the South End of Coogee Bay Beach about a week ago. Unfortunately I was unable to find Jeff’s lost wedding ring after two attempts. If anyone finds a Gold Wedding Ring on the south end of Coogee Bay beach, please contact me at bradl@bigpond.net.au. There is a reward offered for the return of Jeff’s wedding ring.

Second Time Lucky

February 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Andrew Happy To Have His Ring Back

Andrew Happy To Have His Ring Back

Andrew lost his Platinum Wedding Ring at Shark Bay Beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He felt the ring slide off his finger whilst swimming…so he had a fair idea where it could be. I arrived at Shark Bay with my Whites DFX detector which is not water proof. Unfortunately this means I can only go knee to waist deep in water. My first attempt to find Andrews wedding ring was unsuccessful, but I had not given up yet. I knew I would be purchasing a waterproof detector very soon. After purchasing the underwater Excalibur II detector, I headed back down to Shark Bay with my friend Matt. Matt is into Scuba Diving, and also has a fascination for metal detecting…so as you can imagine he makes the perfect partner for recovering under water items. While I was hunting for signals, Matt was scooping the sand with his snorkeling gear on. This proved to be a successful system, as we found Andrew’s lost Wedding Ring after about 30 minutes of hunting. A crowd of bikini clad women had gathered around, wanting to see and hold Andrews beautiful platinum wedding band. After a phone call to Andrew, he was on his way down to Shark Bay to collect his lost wedding ring. This was a great confidence booster for me, as this is the first time I have recovered a lost item underwater successfully. And to say Andrew was elated to have his wedding ring back would be a gross understatement. Andrew was incredibly appreciative of the work that had gone into recovering his lost ring, and handed me a very generous reward. I thank you kindly for this Andrew, and it is always a pleasure helping out a man of his word :)

My New Weapon In The Fight Against Lost Rings

February 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I finally cracked and bought myself a new underwater metal detector called the MineLab Excalibur II. The Excalibur is a very different machine to my Whites DFX. There is no computer or display…so trying to identify objects and their depth is a lot more difficult. But, the Excalibur has very deep depth detection, and best of all, you can get it wet! Even the ear phones are water proof. I am not a huge fan of water hunting, but things are about to get a lot easier now I have the Excalibur II in my arsenol :)

Wedding Ring & Necklace Lost At Stanwell Park Beach

February 5th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received an email from Jen stating she had lost a silver necklace with a wedding ring attached to it. And sadly, it was her mother’s wedding ring that had been lost. The wedding ring and necklace had been lost in the sand at Stanwell Park beach. Jen desperately attempted to find the lost valuables herself without any success. I mentioned  I would be more than happy to look for the lost ring/necklace, but unfortunately Jen was unable to make it down to Stanwell Park, and show me the area where she thought her Ring & Bracelet we’re lost. I asked Jen to goto Google Maps, and plot on the map where she beleives she lost the items. She quickly emailed me the treasure map, and off I went down the south coast. The $100 Call Out Fee was not an issue for Jen, as she was desperate to retrieve her mother’s wedding ring.  After studying the map that had been emailed to

Jens Treasure Map

Jen's Treasure Map

me, I found the spot where Jen had been sitting. I setup a search perimeter, and began the hunt. Much to my suprise (and Jens) I found the ring/bracelet within about 5 minutes of searching. About a minute later I received a phone call from Jen. She was calling to give me more information on where the ring/bracelet could be…when I interupted her to give her the good news. As you can imagine, Jen was more than estatic. The chances of finding an item so small, plotted on a google satellite image are very slim, but luck was with us on this day :) And thank you kindly Jen for such a generous reward.

Tiffany & Co Earring Lost At Manly

February 5th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I was unsuccessful in my search for Nicole’s lost Tiffany Diamond Earring. Nicole was unsure of the exact location she lost her earring, but is confident it fell off at either the South end of Manly Beach, or Shelly Beach. Nicole’s lost earring is made of Titanium, with an embedded diamond similar to the attached photo. If anyone happens to find Nicole’s lost earring, please contact me. Nicole is more than happy to pay a reward for its return.

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