Lost Platinum Wedding Band At Palm Beach

March 31st, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This is another story where google maps saved the day. I received a message from Mike who lost his Platinum wedding band in the sand at Palm Beach. I was sleeping at the time of Mike’s message, and did not have the chance to respond until about 3 hours later. In that time, Mike had already gone to Tandy and purchased a Metal Detector. Unfortunately the new Metal Detector Mike just bought could not find the platinum ring. As most experienced metal detectorist’s will know, Platinum gives off a low deep signal..almost similar to foil or pull tabs from aluminium cans. Whether or not the Metal Detector from Tandy discriminates these signals I am not sure…but Mike had no luck. After talking on the phone, I mentioned to Mike the sooner I get there, the greater chance I have of recovering the ring. But Mike was not a Northern Beaches local, and was back home in the Eastern Suburbs os Sydney. He was unable to meet me back at Palm Beach due to work commitments, so I asked him to plot the location he lost the ring on google maps. This method had already worked for me once before, (Read Story Here) so Mike sent through an email with the treasure map attached. I printed out the treasure map, and began the journey to Palm Beach. After arriving, and studying the map Mike had made, I was pretty sure I had found the right area. After about 5 minutes of searching, I had found Mikes Platinum Wedding band about 6/7inches deep. This ring had some weight to it, so it had sunk into the sand really fast. Also, it was in an area that had a lot of foot traffic, being an entry and exit to the beach, so it is quiet possible that peoples foot steps we’re burying the ring deeper and deeper. Mike was a VERY happy man when I called to tell him the great news :) My girlfriend returned the ring to Mike the following day. Sorry I never actually got to meet you Mike, and thank you kindly for such a generous reward!

Gold Ring Lost While Gardening In Lawson (Blue Mountains)

March 31st, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Johny on the weekend asking me to come over to find his lost gold ring.  Johny’s partner Darren, was working in the garden while wearing the ring on his little finger.  Darren eventually noticed the ring had fallen off, but was not exactly sure where. He was very confident that the ring dropped off his finger during the time he was working in the garden. I let Johny know that I would be happy to do a search  on Monday morning. After about an hour and a half drive on Monday morning, I arrived at the house. I was greeted by Darren, who showed me where he believed he had lost Johny’s gold ring. The garden wrapped around one corner of the house. When I first started searching for the lost ring, I figured this should be an easy job. But the further I moved down the garden, the more dense it became. There we’re many spots in the garden where it was impossible for me to move the metal detector coil over the surface of the ground. In fact, there we’re many parts of the garden I could not even see the ground due to dense scrubs and plants. After a good 2.5 hour search, it was time for me to call it quits. I could see the disappointment in Darren’s face that I had not found the lost ring. I really hope that one day while working on the garden, either Johny or Darren will find it amongst the plants.

Lost Wedding Ring At Palm Beach

March 30th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a some what frantic phone call from Angus… he had lost his gold wedding ring in the surf at Palm Beach (Sydney Northern Beaches). Unfortunately due to family circumstances, I was baby sitting my sister’s kids on the other side of Sydney, and was unable to help search for Angus’s ring. I managed to contact Tony, another Metal Detecting hobbyist who has just started offering his service to the public. Tony is in the Liverpool area, but stopped what he was doing to drive all the way up to Palm Beach. Unfortunately by the time Tony arrived, Angus and his wife had to leave for a wedding. So Tony could only conduct a search based on what Angus has told him. I received a message from Tony later that night, saying he was unsuccessful at finding Angus’s wedding ring. But Tony had not given up, and was heading back to Palm Beach the following day to continue the search. I decided to help Tony with the search….so while Tony was scanning the wet sand, I was in the water trying to find the ring. After another 2 hour hunt, it was time for me to call it quits. Once a ring has fallen into the surf, there is usually very little chance of recovery :( I had another job the following day at Palm Beach. It was a quick recovery, so I decided to spend another hour or so looking for Angus’s lost wedding ring again. Once again, no luck…I feel very bad for Angus, but at the same time, I hope he feels better knowing he did all he could to recover it. And had 2 different people searching for it, on two different occasions. If anyone does happen to find a gold men’s wedding ring at Palm Beach…please contact me on bradl@bigpond.net.au so I can put you in contact with Angus.

Diamond Ear Ring Lost In Grass

March 29th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This is a very interesting story. I received a phone call from Michelle on Friday night. Michelle had lost one of her beautiful white gold/diamond ear rings, which was a gift from her Fiancee. While Michelle had been talking on the phone, her big Labrador puppy was licking her ear, which caused the back of the ear ring to fall off. Michelle was unaware this had happened at the time…and went outside to do some gardening. Just as she lowered her head underneath the branch of a tree, she felt the earring drop from her ear. It then became clear to Michelle that her dog must have removed the backing, causing it to drop off. After inspecting some doggy poop, Michelle found the backing of the ear ring. So now all she needed to do was find the diamond side of the ear ring. After many unsuccessful attempts at finding the ear ring in the thick buffalo grass, Michelle decided to give me a call. I mentioned to Michelle that some times Metal Detectors are unable to detect small stud earrings. This has happened to me in the past. But because Michelle had her other ear ring, we could test it out. I brought both my metal detectors along just in case. As is turned out, the studs we’re too small for the metal detectors to recognise. Also, there we’re over hanging power lines where the earring had dropped which wasn’t helping the situation. I remembered a conversation I have had with my good friend Chris Turner from Vancouver. He mentioned a similar problem…his metal detectors we’re unable to pickup a signal on a small stud ear ring, so he ended up getting down on his hands and knees, and scraped the surface area with a screw driver. After scraping the area, he heard the ping of metal against metal…and that was how he found the ear ring. I decided to test this method…but unfortunately due to the thickness of the buffalo grass, this method did not seem to work. Since I had already driven out to Bexley (south of Sydney), I mentioned to Michelle I would search through the grass for a while just using my eyes and hands. About 10 minutes of searching the grass…I spotted the stud end of Michelle’s earring. I pulled it out from the grass roots, and there it was…that shining Diamond. I handed the diamond stud to Michelle, who was now a very VERY happy lady. After many hugs and kisses, Michelle handed me a generous reward. Lady luck was on my side for this job :)

Lost Gold Pendants In Kids Playground

March 24th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Meera and her husband we’re at a local playground with their baby when her necklace got caught on a swing. This caused some damage to the necklace, causing two gold pendants (one with an embedded diamond) to fall into the mulched surface. These pendants had significant cultural meaning to Meera and her marriage, so recovery was important. Meera and her husband tried their best to find the pendants but had no luck. So they decided to give me a call as a last resort. Unfortunately due to current family commitments, I could only arrange to start the search at night. Not that this is going to make recovery that much more difficult. I am used to hunting at night…So myself and Meera’s husband set out to the playground armed with a metal detector and torch. What I figured would be an easy job, turned out to be not so easy. After searching the entire playground, I was unable to find either one of the two pendants. When detecting around playground equipment, it is difficult to search close to the metal poles supporting the equipment. So after having no luck searching the entire playground, I began moving the mulch that surrounded the metal support poles away from the equipment. From there I began detecting the newly positioned mulch without any interference. This turned out to be a good move. After about 2.5 hours of searching, I managed to find the gold/diamond pendant in the moved mulch. Meera’s husband was shocked I was able to find it, and figured there was very little chance of recovery. I continued the search for the remaining lost pendant in the same proximety…but unfortunately had no luck at finding it. It was time to call it a night… If I am in the area again, I will have another search for the second lost pendant. These pendants are very small, so finding them is difficult. I have added a small photo of the diamond pendant I found. Once again, I appoligise for the quality of the photo from my iPhone.

Lost Heart Shaped Gold Ring Found At Beach

March 24th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I found this beautiful gold ladies ring at the same beach as the bracelet in the blog entry below. As pictured, the ring has two heart shapes with a small diamond in each heart. Once again, this is another ring without any engravings (besides the hallmark)…so if you believe you are the owner of the ring, you will have to prove it to me by either a photo, or by letting me know where and what beach the ring was lost. Until then, my girlfriend is taking good care of it :) Would be nice to reunite this  ring with it’s owner.

Lost Bracelet Found Under Water At Sydney Beach

March 24th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Sorry I have been lazy updating the site lately. Last week I managed to wake up early and catch a low tide at a beach South of Sydney. As much as I love going out to find lost items for customers, I also love getting out to the beach and hunt for myself. This is my way of relaxing. Anyway, on this particular mornings hunt, I found this interesting looking ladies bracelet under a few feet of water. Unfortunately there are no engravings on the inside of the bracelet. If you believe you are the owner of the bracelet, and can prove to me the bracelet is yours, I would be more than happy to return it :)

Gold Ring Lost At Waverton Over 30 Years Ago

March 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This is actually part 2 to an earlier story I have already posted. To summarise things, Anne called me a few weeks ago after losing her Silver Ring while working in the garden. I was booked to come out the following day. The next morning I received another call from Ann to let me know she had found her ring in the garbage bags she was filling with garden junk. As a kind gesture, Ann sent me a letter in the mail with some money. I did not have Ann’s phone number, so I was unable to call her and thank her for the kind gift. But I did have Ann’s home address, so I sent her a letter thanking her. I also remembered a part of our initial phone conversation. Ann mentioned she lost a gold ring in the same garden over 30 years ago. I wrote to Ann and asked her if I could search for the lost ring, free of charge. A few days later, I received a phone call from Ann giving me permission to search for the lost gold ring. The ring had actually been given to Ann by her grandmother. I knew it was a long shot, but it would be an honour to search for an old ring for such a kind lady. Unfortunately, this story does not have a fairytale ending. I was unable to find Ann’s lost ring. Her gardens we’re very dense, which made things difficult. But after 30 plus years, we we’re not expecting too much. After about an hour and a half of searching, Ann took me to a local cafe for a cold drink. It is always a pleasure to meet such a kind lady. As my good friend Chris Turner from Canada says, ” I LOVE MY JOB!”

Lost Mens Gold Bracelet Woodford Bay

March 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Rick last week. Rick was doing some work on the back of his boat. As he was throwing rubbish from his boat to his dingy, Rick watched helplessly as his gold bracelet fell off his wrist and went flying through the air, and into the water. Unfortunately this bracelet was very special to Rick. It was a gift from his wife over 33 years ago. And Rick also mentioned to me that he had planned on passing the gold bracelet down to his grand son, who seemed to love playing with the bracelet. The bracelet was lost in about 2-3 meters of water, so unfortunately I was unable to help out. But, Rick had already organised a diver, Josh. Josh attempted searching for the lost bracelet without the help of a metal detector. The water where the gold bracelet fell, was very murky, with a mud bottom. Josh had no luck finding the bracelet, and mentioned to Rick that he really needs the help of a metal detector. After a quick search on google for an underwater metal detector, Rick found my website. I met Rick and Josh down at Woodford Bay with my equipment, a beautiful spot near Greenwich and Lane Cove on Sydney’s North Shore. Josh did not have experience with metal detecting, but he is an expert diver. After a quick metal detecting lesson, Josh was under water, searching for Rick’s lost bracelet. After a good 3 hour search, Josh came up empty handed. I still had one plan up my sleeve. My scuba diving friend Matt was available on the weekend, and willing to head down to Woodford bay in an attempt to find Rick’s gold bracelet. Matt is still learning the art of metal detecting, which is actually a lot more complex than one would think. Finding a signal is easy, but digging up what is causing that signal 3 meters under water, with zero visibility is not an easy feat. I was unable to meet Matt and Rick on the weekend, so Matt picked up my metal detecting gear and gave it his best. I am not sure how long the hunt lasted, but unfortunately Matt was unable to find Rick’s bracelet either. So after 3 attempts, the gold bracelet still sits at the bottom of Woodford Bay. I really feel for Rick, who desperately wanted his Bracelet back on his wrist. But I am sure Rick feels a sense of closure knowing he did everything physically possible to retrieve the lost bracelet. I have not given up on Ricks bracelet yet. When I am unable to find a customers lost item, I return in my spare time to continue the search. I am hoping to get back down to Woodford Bay some time in the future to continue searching for Rick’s Gold Bracelet.

Lost Silver Bracelet Found At Brighton-Le-Sands Beach

March 9th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

While hunting Brighton-Le-Sands Beach recently, I found what is most likely a men’s silver bracelet. As pictured, the bracelet is quite large, and fits very loosely around my wrist. I am guessing the owner was a larger person. There is only one small engraving on the clasp. If you have lost a silver bracelet at Brighton Beach, and can prove this by identifying the small engraving, have a photo, or can tell me exactly where on Brighton Beach the bracelet was lost…I will greatfuly return the lost bracelet back to you.

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