Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer

April 29th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This is my new weapon in the fight against lost jewellery. It is called the Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer. What is a pinpointer?? A pinpointer basically helps pin point a target I have identified with the metal detector. Although the metal detector can narrow down an approximate area where the target is , it can still be quite difficult recovering that target. With the Vibra Probe 580, I know exactly where the target is by swiping the pinpointer over it. The closer it gets to the target, the more it vibrates. I took it for a test run last night at a local park. I can’t beleive I did not buy one of these earlier! It makes recovery so much easier. More information on the Vibra Probe 580 here

Wedding & Engagement Ring Lost At Soccer Oval

April 29th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

The weather in Sydney is getting cooler, and soccer season has begun. I received a phone call from Felicity who lost both her Wedding and Engagement ring on a soccer field at Lane Cove. It is horrible enough losing one ring, but to lose both rings must have been a gut wrenching feeling for Felicity. I really felt for her as these two rings represented a very important part of her life. For safety reasons, all players are required to remove their rings before a soccer game. Felicity removed her rings and put them in her mobile phone pouch. After the game was finished, Felicity recalled using her mobile phone. It was possible the rings could have fallen whilst removing the phone from its pouch. After searching her bag house and car, Felicity decided to call me to search the area where the rings could have dropped from the pouch. I arrived to the job a little early, and noticed Felicity had put up signs around the park offering a reward for the return of her lost rings. I knew it would be a long shot finding Felicity’s rings, as it can be difficult finding a lost ring when you have an idea where it dropped. But I remained positive and began my search in the area Felicity believed the rings could have dropped. The area was very noisy, with lots of signals coming from bottle caps and other rubbish. Almost every swing I did gave off one or two signals which is very frustrating. But the rings could not be very deep yet, so it was just a matter of investigating the surface signals. Much to my surprise, after about 1.5 hours of searching, I found Felicity’s wedding ring hidden in the grass. This lifted my confidence, I was sure the engagement ring must have been close by. After about an other hour or so of searching, I was unable to find the engagement ring. I mentioned to Felicity I was sorry, but I will come back tomorrow and continue the search. Felicity was very grateful that I was able to find her wedding ring, and gave me a generous reward. I went back the following day and did another 3 hour search for the engagement ring, but once again no luck. I have a feeling two things may have happened… either someone has found the ring, or the lawn cutting machine has hit the ring and launched it somewhere else. If anyone happens to find a white gold engagement ring at Blackman Park Lane Cove, please contact me so I can organise its return to Felicity. Hopefully photos of the lost ring will be coming soon.

Wedding Ring Lost At Soccer Oval

April 25th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a text message from David on Thursday night. He had lost his wedding ring  soccer training at a park in Enfield Sydney. David was so  desperate to find his white gold wedding ring that he drove his car onto the oval so he could search at night with the head lights on. After speaking to David, he decided he would have one more search the following morning in day light. I received a phone call the following morning, unfortunately David had no luck finding the large gold ring in the grass area he believed it had fell. I grabbed my gear and was on my way to Enfield near Burwood, Sydney.  After finding the park, I asked David a million questions about where the ring could have dropped. He had a feeling he felt it drop in an area where he and his soccer team had left their bags for soccer practice. He did not really notice the ring missing until he was walking back to his car. I started searching this area to start with…unfortunately there was a large storm water drain running underneath the area where David thought the ring may have dropped. This made my detector go crazy, even with power reduced to a very low setting. The area that I could not cover with the detector, I just had to search visually. After a solid 3.5 hour search, I was about to call it a day. My back was starting to give out, but I was not content with my search, especially the interference I was getting from the storm water drains and the sprinkler system. I decided to change to a smaller coil on my metal detector. Changing to a smaller coil means each sweep covers less surface area, but it is good for getting in and around noisy areas. The detector was immediately more stable with the smaller coil on. I went back to the drain area where I had troubles detecting earlier with the large coil. About 15 minutes later, I found Davids chunky white gold wedding band hiding beneath the grass blades. This made me extremely happy! To be honest, in my own mind I had given up hope of finding the ring. Especially since David was not sure exactly where it had dropped. And also after almost 4 hours of searching, my body was telling me it was time to quit. I met up with David later on that night,  he was very pleased to have his beautiful white gold wedding band back on his finger. David, thank you so much for such a generous reward.. I really appreciate it!

Lost Keys Recovered At Maroubra Beach

April 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call yesterday from a gentleman who had lost his keys at Maroubra Beach. Before he went for a surf, he buried his keys in shallow sand, in a spot he figured he would remember. But when he returned, he was unable to locate where he buried the keys. After an hour of digging around, he decided to ask the Surf Life Saving club if there was anything they could do to help. Maroubra beach is the only beach I have delivered my promo leaflets to so far, so after a quick phone call I was on my way to find the lost keys. This was actually my first job at recovering keys. I always figured my services may be to expense to find keys. But when you think about it, the time and cost of getting new keys for the home and car, or changing locks can get very expensive. So a $50 call out fee, and me doing all the work to find them sounds like a better option :) Anyway, after about an half hour of grid searching the area…the keys we’re back in the owners hands. I apologize for not remembering the name of the gentleman who lost his keys…he had a very strong French accent which made it hard for me to understand.

Lost Gold Watch Found At Balmoral Beach

April 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I managed to go out for a treasure hunt on Friday, which is very rare these days since I started offering my services to the public. I went to my local beach, Balmoral. Besides finding the usual bottle caps, pulltabs and coins, I managed to find this beautiful men’s gold watch in the  sand. If you are the owner of this watch, and can prove you are the owner by either identifying the brand, or providing a photo/receipt of the watch…I would be very happy to return it to you.

Lost Gold Dog Pendant At Castle Hill Dog Training Park

April 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Lyn last week. Lyn and her daughter breed show dogs..and unfortunately Lyn’s daughter lost two gold pendants while showing her dog at a competition. A friend noticed her necklace hanging open after returning to the marquee. I went out that evening to try and find the two gold pendants, as it wouldn’t be long before the ground keepers cut the grass. Unfortunately after about two hours of searching, I was unsuccessful in locating either of the two charms. I would have liked to search for longer as there was a large area to cover. But the dog trainers decided it was time to cut the lights, so I ended my search. The following morning I had to fly to Queensland, so I was unable to continue my I asked my friend Tony from Metal Detector Services if he was interested in having a look. Tony went for a hunt the following morning but had no luck locating the lost pendants either. If anyone happens to find these pendants in the grass at the Castle Hill dog training park, please contact me so I can return them to Lyn. I am sure she would be happy to pay a reward for their return.

Lost Bracelets Found At Maroubra Beach

April 6th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Wendy lost her two beautiful sterling silver bracelets while playing volley ball at Maroubra Beach. She put the bracelets in her pocket before starting the game, but after finishing the she noticed they we’re no longer in her pocket. When I arrived, people were already playing on the particular volley ball court Wendy was playing on… but they kindly moved to allow me to scan this court. After checking the volley ball court perimeter, I did not find Wendy’s bracelets. I began searching on the outer edges of the volley ball court which is where Wendy would have been to retrieve the ball when it went out of bounds. I eventually found Wendy’s bracelets about 15 meters away from the court perimeter. The smile on Wendy’s face when I returned her bracelets said more than words could say :)

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring At Freshwater Beach

April 6th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

My friend asked me the other day, why do you post the unsuccessful jobs on your website. Wouldn’t this turn away possible business?? This could be the case, I really don’t know for sure, but at the same time I will continue posting the jobs I have been unsuccessful at recovering. I want people to know I am not a miracle man, and I cannot find ‘every’ lost item. I received a phonecall from Graham last week. He had lost his Platinum Wedding Ring. Unfortunately in this particular case, Graham had no idea where the Ring had actually fallen off. He was swimming at Freshwater beach near Harbord. He recalls feeling the ring on his finger after having a swim. The last time he noticed the ring was while walking to the Kiosk. It wasn’t until he and his wife we’re at dinner that night, he noticed the ring was missing. I warned Graham that it is hard enough to find someones ring when they have an idea where it fell off, but when you don’t have an idea…it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But most of the time, people need to feel they have done all they can to find their lost ring. It gives them a sense of closure. So I mentioned to Graham I would be happy to search for his lost wedding ring. We squared off an area where Graham spent the day on the beach, including his walking path to the Kiosk. On this particular day, there was another treasure hunter at the beach with his metal detector. Graham asked him kindly to join in on the hunt. The more surface area we covered the better. Any how, after a good 2/3 hour search, we had no luck at finding Graham’s lost platinum wedding band. If anyone happens to find a lost wedding ring at Freshwater beach, please contact me at and i will forward your details to Graham. I am sure he would be happy to pay you a generous reward.