Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Garden Mulch

May 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Today I drove out to Kingsgrove, south west of  Sydney to search for a lost wedding ring. I received a call from Dawn who mentioned her husband noticed his wedding ring missing after a day of gardening. Dawn and her husband have been married for 38 years, so of course the ring holds a considerable amount of sentimental value. After meeting Dawn and her cute puppy Charlie, I began searching the garden. The garden was covered in fresh mulch, which seemed to be the obvious place to start my search. After about 5 minutes of scanning over the mulch, I received my first nice signal that could indicate gold. Finding the signal in the mulch turned out to be harder than expected, so it was time to bust out the new vibrating Pin Pointer. The Pin Pointer lived up to its name, and pointed me to the exact location of the signal. And there it was in my hand, a shiny gold wedding ring. Dawn was very happy to have the wedding ring back in her possession.

Car Keys Lost At Rushcutters Bay Park

May 18th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I spent Sunday afternoon searching for lost car keys at Rushcutters Bay Park. Ms Rowell had been walking her dogs through the park, and noticed her key was missing when she returned to her car. Unfortunately Ms Rowell did not have a spare key, and Volvo mentioned it would take at least 6 weeks to issue a new key from Sweden. We retraced the walk Ms Rowell and her dogs had taken the previous day, and I used the metal detector in area’s of grass which we’re thick enough to hide a large key. After a couple of hours searching, we gave up the hunt. It was more than possible someone had picked up the key. If anyone does happen to find a Volvo key at Rushcutters Bay Park, please contact me asap.

Lost Gold Ruby Bracelet

May 15th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Jill lost her beautiful Ruby Gold bracelet which was a 25th wedding anniversary gift from her ex-husband. Not sure exactly where the bracelet dropped, Jill called me to search her backyard. The day Jill noticed the bracelet missing, she had been gardening…and had also been playing tennis earlier on. I organised to meet Jill at her house in the beautiful suburb of Mosman, on Sydney’s lower north shore. Just as I arrived at Jill’s house, I received a phone call. Jill had found the bracelet lying on some pavers in her yard. As keen as I was to hunt for Jill’s bracelet, I was very happy that it was now back into her possesion :)

Gold Ring Dropped Off Balcony

May 15th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte yesterday. Charlotte was on her balcony hanging clothes out to dry, when her gold ring slipped off her finger and into the garden below. The ring was given to Charlotte by her mother, so she was keen to find it. After a quick drive out to Macquarie Park, I met with Charlotte and she described what had happened. The garden was quite dense with plants and bushes, but Charlotte mentioned she would rip them all out if it meant recovering the ring. I started with a quick visual inspection, to see if I could see the ring on the surface. I then grabbed the metal detector and scanned an area in the garden which lined up with the balcony above. As luck would have it, the very first signal I received was Charlotte’s gold ring. After spending 6 hours and not finding anything on my last job, this was a welcome relief :)

Gold Diamond Pendant Lost In Grass

May 15th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Last week I received a phone call from Anna. Anna was doing boot camp with a group of people at St Le0nards Park, North Sydney. While running up and down a grass incline, Anna pulled at her shirt which caused her necklace to break. Her gold/diamond pendant dropped into the grass, never to be seen again. The boot camp group and trainer got down on their hands and knees and searched the area where the necklace had snapped. Unfortunately, even with all that man power…the pendant was not recovered. I met Anna at the park later that night, and began searching the area with my metal detector. After about a 4 hour grid search of the area, I was unable to find the Pendant :( I decided to have one last try the following morning, hoping the day light would help. I ran into Anna’s personal trainer, who put me in the exact area where the necklace had snapped. But once again, after another 2 hour search I was unsuccessful in locating Anna’s gold pendant. So what happened to Anna’s Pendant?? I really don’t know how this one got away. I am thinking either someone has picked it up, or there was not enough gold content in the pendant for my metal detector to find it. If anyone does happen to find a gold pendant with a diamond at St Leonards Park, North Sydney, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Anna.

Locating Covered Bore Holes

May 11th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Ian last week. Ian is a lecturer at the University of New South Wales. He was planning on taking his class to visit some bore holes at Astrolabe Park near Kensington Sydney. It had been some time since the metalic covers on the bore holes had been opened…and grass had grown over them. This was an unusual job for me, as I am normally on the hunt for jewellery…but I told Ian I would be more than happy to help him out. I met Ian’s colleague Bryce the next morning at Astolabe Park. Bryce had maps of where the bore holes should be located, so this made things easier. The hunt for the first bore hole turned out to be a little more difficult than expected. But after about a 30 minute search I received a signal which caused an overload error on my detectors display. After parting some grass to the side, the first bore hole had been found. Now there we’re still about 4 or 5 holes to go. But as it would happen, the following holes we’re a lot easier to find with the map. So after about an hour, all the holes we’re found and my job was done :)

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered In Back Yard

May 4th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from David this morning. He had this misfortune of losing his wedding ring for the second time. First time he recovered the ring himself, but this time he was having no luck. He was 95% sure he lost the ring in his back yard while pushing his kids on a swing. But he did not actually feel the moment the ring fell off his finger. I drove out to Roseville, just north of Chatswood on Sydney’s Upper North Shore. David was at work at the time, but his wife showed me the area the ring could have fallen. There was a lot of thick grass where David’s wedding ring could have been hiding.  I began my usual grid pattern in the area David was pushing the swing. I then worked my way down to a wire fence. I was receiving lots of signals, but non of them was the ring. I decided to start searching the other side of the swing and work my way up towards the house. It wasn’t long after that I received a nice smooth sound from my detector. I checked the depth on the display..and it indicated 0.5 inchs deep. I thought cool, this could be Davids wedding ring. I lifted a large leaf which was covering the signal area…and there it was, David’s gold wedding band. It had fallen into an indentation in the grass. The photo attached is in the exact spot I found the ring. David’s wife was very pleased the ring was back in their possession :)

Ring Lost Playing Basketball In Back Yard

May 3rd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Althea had the misfortune of losing her late father’s wedding ring while playing basketball at a friends house. While playing with the basketball, Althea felt the ring slip from her finger…but did not hear or see the ring land. As always, I was happy to come out and help Althea look for the ring. After a short drive to Newtown in Sydney’s inner west, I met up with Althea and her partner, and we entered her friends back yard. Straight away I noticed most of the small yard was paved. There was really only a few places the ring could have been, either in one of two gardens…in a pot plant, or over the fence. I began my search by moving the pot plants, and basically looking under everything the ring could have possibly rolled under. I then began scanning the garden which was closest to where Althea was standing when the ring fell off. This garden was very thick with plants and shrubs, so swinging the detector in there was impossible without damaging plants. I kind of jabbed away with the detector covering the areas of the garden I could access. When I realised I was only really covering a small percentage of the garden with the detector, I decided to use my hand held pinpointer to get into the hard to reach areas of the garden. Unfortunately I was not having any luck. After about an hour of hunting, I was talking to Althea about the possibility of searching the neighbours back yard. Althea continued searching the thick garden while I ran the pinpointer over another garden. Not long after that, Althea yelled out found it! She had managed to find her late father’s wedding ring without the use of any equipment! The ring had fallen into the base of a plant in the dense garden. We we’re all incredibly happy that Althea had her ring back. I actually felt guilty accepting the call out fee from Althea, as she was the one who had found the ring.

Althea, it was really great meeting you and your friends yesterday. You are really nice people, and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with you guys. And if you ever want a job as a treasure hunter, let me know! :)

There Are Still Good People Left In This World

May 3rd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I just wanted to briefly mention a phone call I received over the weekend. The call was from a lady by the name of Lancell (sorry if I have got this wrong)..her husband lost his wedding band at Sydney Park. He figured he may have lost it in a large sand pit while he was playing with his kids. I mentioned to Lancell I would love to help find the ring, but I would probably be a while as I was at Palm Beach, which is about an hours drive to Sydney Park which I believe is in St Peters. Anyway, I received another phone call from Lancell about 20 minutes later, her husband had found his wedding ring at the bottom of the kids pram. Lancell apologised profusely for interrupting my day (which she hadn’t) and wanted to send me some money for the inconvenience. Obviously, I did not allow her to do this…but I found it refreshing to know that there are still nice honest people out there :)

Lost Gold Ring Recovered At Turramurra Sydney

May 3rd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Caroline on the weekend requesting my services. Caroline’s son had cut his finger, and was washing his hands under the garden tap. As he was flicking his hands in an attempt to dry off the water, his custom made ring fell off his finger. The ring was made from spare links taken from Caroline’s gold bracelet. This ring is obviously special, so Caroline and her son we’re desperate to get it back. So I drove up to the beautiful northern suburb of Sydney, Turramurra. I must admit, I sometimes dread garden jobs because trying to swing a metal detector between plants and thick scrub is almost impossible. But Caroline’s garden was very open, so covering the area was no hassle. I began my search, looking in the area close to where the ring would have fallen. After about 15-20 minutes of searching the obvious areas, it was time to search the lawn that ran parallel to the road. This was a fair distance from where the ring fell off, but you just never know where rings

Gift From Caroline, Threepence Coins

Gift From Caroline, Threepence Coins

can bounce to. After about another 5-10 minutes of searching the lawn, I found the lost ring. Caroline was both happy yet surprised at how far away the ring had landed. After paying me a generous reward for recovering the gold ring, Caroline mentioned she had a bag of old predicimal coins that she would like to give me. She had read on my website that I collect old coins. Caroline, THANK YOU so much for such a generous gift and reward. This really made my day!