Gold Ring Lost In Backyard Grass

June 28th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

After spending many hours digging sludge out of a drain searching for Chen’s lost ring, my next job was a welcome relief. I received a phone call from Bernice who had lost a section of her 3 part ring whilst hanging clothes in her backyard. She managed to find two parts of the ring in the grass below, but the final part of the ring had remained elusive. I drove out to Gordon to meet Bernice, who then showed me the area of grass the other parts of her ring we’re recovered. As luck would have,  the second swing of my detector I received a nice signal. After checking the depth indicator on the metal detector, it indicated the signal was 2 inches deep. It is unusual for an item that had recently been lost to sink that far down. But I decided to inspect the signal anyway. Turns out the grass was quite thick, and Bernice’s ring had dropped right to the roots of the grass. Bernice watched me retrieve the ring, and mentioned she would never have found it that deep in the grass. Once again Bernice, it was nice meeting you and your little puppy Roxy! And thank you kindly for a reward even though it was a fast job.

Lost Platinum Ring at Sydney Fish Markets

June 27th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This is not an ordinary story, but then again most recovery jobs I encounter are unique to some extent. I received a phone call from Chen who had lost his wedding ring. With the poor reception of our mobile phones, and me struggling with Chen’s accent…this was a classic case of lost in translation. Anyway, from what I understood from the phone call was that Chen had lost his wedding ring at the fish markets in Pyrmont Sydney. I had heard him mention the word (water and drink) so I figured his ring must have rolled into the harbour. So I arrived at the Sydney Fish Markets and met Chen in my wet suit ready to start searching the harbour for his lost ring. But as it turns out, Chen had led me not towards the harbour, but towards a drain in the car park area. When Chen was exiting his car, he felt his ring slide off his finger, and heard what sounded like a splash. He did not see exactly where the ring dropped, but figured with the splashing sound it fell down the drain. After removing the drain covers, I began searching for Chen’s lost platinum ring. Unfortunately in this situation, my metal detecting equipment was totally useless. The drain was lined with metal, so signals we’re constant. So I began to search for the ring the old fashioned way, with my bare hands. To make things worse, the drain was filled with black sludge which did not smell pleasant. After spending two hours running my fingers through the sludge searching for Chen’s ring I have up hope. I mentioned to Chen the only way to be sure the ring is in the drain is to shovel out all the sludge, then filter the ring out with water (which would be quite a laborious job). Chen had come to terms with ring being lost..but I was not about to give up without a fight. I spoke to my good friend Tony from Metal Detector Services. I told him the situation, and he mentioned he would be happy to join me on the hunt for Chen’s lost platinum ring. We went back to the Fish Markets at around 1am. This was the best time to hunt as during the day the car park is full, and we could not be able to access the drains. Anyway, Tony got to work removing all the drain covers with his tools. Then we began scooping the sludge into buckets. Once the buckets we’re full we walked down to the wharf, and began filtering the buckets with water. It was almost like we we’re panning for gold, but in this case Platinum. Anyway to cut a long story short, the hard work paid off. We found Chen’s Platinum wedding ring which was now a black colour. After washing it off, there was no mistaking this was Chen’s beautiful platinum ring. I called Chen later that morning to explain the great news. I could tell over the phone that Chen was a VERY happy man. In his own mind the ring was gone, and to hear it had been recovered was a great feeling. As a sign of respect, Chen bought me a huge 1 Litre beer at the Lowenbrau the following night. It was a pleasure to meet you Chen! And I want to thank Tony from Metal Detecting Services again. Without his help I would never have found Chen’s Ring. I owe you a beer or 3.

Google Maps Saves The Day (Again!)

June 18th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Some recoveries can be long and tedious. It is not unusual for me to spend up to 6 hours searching for some body’s lost precious item. And then there are jobs where recovery time can take minutes. And this story is of the later. I received a phone call from Owen who lost his beautiful Platinum wedding ring while playing soccer at a park in Sydney. Due to work commitments, Owen was unable to meet me at the location, but I had him send me a google map satellite image of where he had been playing soccer. He actually felt the ring fall off his finger, but finding it in the thick grass was impossible. So I printed out the treasure map, and made my way to the park. On arrival, the weather was not looking to good, so I was hoping this would be a quick one. I looked at the map, and found the area Owen had circled. Literally after a few seconds of searching i received a target which read zero inches under ground. I start parting the grass with my fingers, and there it was. Owen’s precious Platinum wedding band. Just as I got back to the car, the rain started pouring down. It was a close call! Owen was excited that I had recovered his lost wedding ring, and gave me a very generous reward. Thank you so much Owen, and it was a pleasure to meet you!

Wedding Ring Lost At Sea

June 18th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Rachel earlier on this week. Her husband Michael noticed his wedding ring was no longer on his finger. When tracing back the days events, there we’re two highly probable locations where the ring may have dropped. Michael had been on a chartered fishing boat in Botany Bay. On the boat Michael was gutting fish from an ice bucket and throwing them into the ocean. As you all know, fingers shrink in the cold…so there is good possibility Michael’s ring slipped off and is somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. The other possibility is the ring was lost while Michael was gardening earlier that day. Rachel asked me to come and check that the ring was not in the garden. I headed south so Sylvania in Sutherland Shire, and began to search the back garden area for Michael’s wedding ring. Unfortunately after checking the area several times, I was unable to locate the lost wedding ring. At least this gives Rachel and Michael piece of mind that the ring is not just hiding in the backyard.

Wedding Ring Lost In Grass On Football Oval

June 12th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Michael last Friday morning. Michael had lost his wedding ring while playing football at an oval in Engadine, about an hour drive south of Sydney. Fortunately for me, Michael felt the ring fall off his finger as he was passing the ball…so he had an idea of the area the ring could have dropped. Being a public area, I told Michael I would be there as soon as I could. I organised to meet Michael’s wife Kim at the football oval that evening. I had Tony from Metal Detecting Services with me from the previous job, and he said he would be happy to help out again with this particular job. Kim showed us the area her husband believed his lost gold wedding band to be, and we got straight to work. Tony began to cover one half of the search area, while I hunted the other. To be honest, I figured this job would take 20 minutes at most with both of us covering the area. But as it turned out we spent almost 2 hours searching before I stumbled upon the lost ring. The ring was actually a good distance from the area Kim showed us, which is often the case. We we’re both very happy to return the Ring to Kim and get back into our warm cars. Once again, I want to thank Tony from Metal Detector Services for helping out with this job. If it wasn’t for you I would probably have been in the freezing cold for another 2 hours.

Lost Wedding Ring At Newport Part II

June 12th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

A few blog entries back, I mentioned a search I did for Sky’s lost wedding ring at Newport. There we’re many setbacks with this job, first being the low hanging power lines above the search area…then there was the steel re-inforced concrete driveway which caused the metal detector to go crazy…not to mention a very steep decline which could have caused the ring to roll anywhere. Anyway, being the stubborn person I am, I went back for a second search for Sky’s lost ring. (at no extra cost of course) But this time I came equipped with my friend Tony from MetalDetectorServices, and also a Vibra Probe pinpointing device with a 4 inch coil. I thought this time round we may find the lost Ring. But as it turned out, even with the extra man power and equipment, we we’re unable to find Sky’s lost wedding ring.  I really hate to give up searching for someones lost sentimental item, but I feel I have done my best with this job. I want to thank Tony from Metal Detector Services for his help on this job. Tony did a great job considering the conditions we we’re dealing with.

Lost White Gold Wedding Ring

June 8th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This morning I drove out to Berkshire, near Richmond North/West of Sydney. My mission was to retrieve a wedding ring which was lost in the backyard of Meridith’s beautiful home. Meridith had actually felt both her rings fall off as she flicked her hand, but she was only able to find one of the lost rings. Meridith mentioned to me she was thinking of buying a metal detector on eBay to help find the ring before stumbling upon my website. It was a good thing she found me, as the area where the rings dropped was above reinforced concrete. The steel in the concrete was making the detector go crazy even at a low power level. Since I was having no luck stabilizing the detector above the concreted area, I decided to search to the edges of the concrete where grass could be hiding a ring. The first signal I received was Meridith’s beautiful white gold wedding ring. Meridith gave me a big hug and was happy to have her wedding ring back in possession. And considering the last two jobs I had been on where unsuccessful, my confidence was now back :)

Signet Ring Lost In Garden

June 8th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Last week I was called out to West Pymble to search for a lost gold signet ring. Caroline (apologies if I have the name wrong,  having a mental blank) noticed the ring missing from her finger. The ring was actually passed down to Caroline by her father in law. Unfortunately, Caroline was not 100% sure when or where she lost the ring, but called me over to search her yard and garden anyway. The day she noticed the ring was missing, Caroline had also been in a friends car, and also to the gym. I gave the garden and yard a good 2 hour plus search, but unfortunately I was not able to find the lost signet ring. The one positive to come out of this story, Caroline was in the process of having the ring duplicated by a jeweller. So she took some nice photos of the ring before it was lost. I really hope some day I will receive a call from Caroline to say she has found the ring.

Lost Wedding Ring At Newport

June 2nd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

On Monday morning I drove up the northern beaches to Newport, near Mona Vale. The day before I had received a phone call from Sky, who had lost her grandmother’s wedding ring. The wedding was on a necklace Sky had been wearing. After doing some gardening, Sky noticed her necklace had snapped, and was laying on the driveway. But unfortunately the wedding ring was no where to be seen. When Sky showed me the area the ring was lost, I thought this should be a quick job. But as it turned out, my equipment was rendered almost useless due to low hanging power lines above the area the ring was lost. I used my metal detector the best I could in a very unstable state…then decided to use my pinpointer as a last resort. After spending a good 3 hours searching for the ring, I decided to call it a day. My friend Matt has a handheld pinpointer which I believe would work in these conditions. I have not given up on Sky’s lost wedding ring yet.

Rings & Necklace Found At Maroubra Beach

June 2nd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

The weather has been horrible here in Sydney for the past 2 weeks, which has resulted in a reduction of call outs. This is both good and bad…bad for my business, but good for my hobby. It has given me the chance to go out on a recreational treasure hunt. Myself and Tony from Metal Detector Services managed to have a good hunt at Maroubra Beach. The beach had been ravaged by the storms, with much of the sand blown up against the beach wall. The removed layers of sand gave our metal detectors the opportunity to reach deeper areas than normal. This resulted in us finding many lost rings. Some that looked like they had been lost for a very long time. We must have pulled close to 20 rings out in total. I have attached a photo of the 11 rings I found on the second day of hunting. If you have lost a ring at Maroubra beach in the past, and you have a photo of it..please send it to me and I will see if myself or Tony have found it.