Gold/Diamond Wedding Ring Lost At Waterloo

July 21st, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This is quite an amazing story. Last night I was at Waterloo helping Brian search for his wife’s lost wedding ring. The previous night, she had removed her wedding and engagement ring before boot camp training, and placed the rings in a pocket within her bag. When walking back to her apartment block, she removed the keys from her bag. We are guessing it was at this point the wedding ring fell out of the pocket and onto the ground below. Brian’s wife recalled hearing something drop, but could not remember exactly where she was when this happened. To make recovery more difficult, the ring was dropped on a foot path area which gets lots of foot traffic. Anyway, I searched the grass and gardens to the side of the path. After about an hour of searching and many bottle caps later, no wedding ring to be found. I mentioned to Brian there is a good chance someone could have picked the ring up due to the amount of people walking in this area. Just as we we’re about to give up hope, I said to Brian I am just going to scan one level deeper, away from the you never know how far a ring can roll. My stubbornness turned out to be a blessing. As I was still searching, a gentleman asked Brian what we we’re looking for. Brian mentioned we we’re searching for his wife’s wedding ring. The gentleman said he had found a ring in that same area the night before. After describing the lost ring, we had a match! The man was a tourist from Turkey, and happily returned the ring to Brian. The chances of us being there at the exact moment the man walked by is very freakish. If we had of left 5 minutes earlier, or I could not get out to do the search until the following morning, we would probably have never ran into the honest man who had found the ring. As one could imagine, Brian and his wife are very relieved to have the ring back in their possession.

Diamond Wedding Band Lost In Nepean River

July 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I have not had much luck with my last couple of recovery attempts, which is not a great thing for my confidence. I am stubborn, and really hate to give up hope on a search…I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but it does make me feel defeated. But unfortunately, failure is often the nature of the service I provide. A couple of weeks ago a gentleman by the name of Damian lost his wedding ring in the Nepean River, near Penrith west of Sydney. This was the first time Damian’s wedding ring had ever slipped off his finger, and in this particular instance he happened to be standing on a jetty with the Nepean River below. Damian watched as his wedding ring dropped in the water, and his brother-in-law jumped straight in and began searching for the ring. After a quick phone call to his Wife, Damian had his wetsuit and joined in on the search. There we’re two major problems Damian and his brother-in-law encountered. One, the water was freezing cold. In fact we measured the water temperature at 12.5 degrees. The other problem was the bottom of the river was full of weeds. So visibility was virtually zero. After removing some weeds and searching, Damian and his brother-in-law gave up. Damian found my services on the Internet and decided to give me a call. The following Saturday myself and diving friend Matt headed west to the Nepean River. Matt geared up, and began searching the bottom of the Nepean for Damian’s Ring. After a bone chilling hour plus search, Matt was cold and exhausted. He found many items below, but unfortunately no gold/diamond wedding ring. I could tell Damian was disappointed, yet appreciative of Matt’s efforts at the same time. We we’re not about to give up on Damian yet. I really wanted to join in the underwater search myself…and after a call to Matt’s diving partner Alan, I had the thumbs up to borrow his diving equipment. On Sunday we we’re back at the Nepean river..this time both geared up ready to search. Damian had also meshed up some baskets so we could pull out the weeds to make our search easier. After clearing some weeds, Matt and I we’re both underwater, hunting for Damian’s elusive wedding ring. Visibility was horrible, to the point I could not see my hand infront of me. We we’re basically working blind, operating purely on sound from the under water metal detector..and the vibrations of our pinpointers. After about an hour plus of searching and removing copious amounts of rubbish, I finally had Damian’s large gold wedding ring in my hand. The search was finally over, and Damian was a VERY happy man. I want to thank Damian for being patient with the search process, and helping out where ever he could. And of course, thank you kindly for a generous reward. I also want to thank Matt, without your help I would never have been able recovered the ring. And also a special thank you to Alan for lending me your diving equipment. It is very much appreciated!

Wedding Ring Lost At Macquarie Park

July 17th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

After receiving a phone call from Tom on Monday morning, I found myself driving to Macquarie Park, a suburb close to Ryde in Sydney. My mission…. to recover Tom’s lost gold wedding Ring. He had lost it on the Saturday night while partying at a friends house. He was visiting from Cairns, and was obviously desperate to find it before going home to his wife. Tom had been in the bushes behind the house searching for fire wood. He recalls hanging off a tree branch, slipping and falling down into the bushes. When Tom arrived back to the house he realised the ring was missing. Because it was night, he did not bother searching for the ring until the following day. Unfortunately Tom and his friends had no luck in locating the ring. When I arrived, I noticed this was going to be a tough job. The area was on a very steep slope, and was covered in dense bush and trees….making it impossible to swing the metal detector coil. I spent a good 2 hours searching for the ring, but unfortunately I was unable to find it. I am really baffled as to where the ring is. As difficult as the terrain was, I feel I covered the area thoroughly. Tom, I am sorry I was not able to recover your wedding ring :( It was a pleasure meeting you and your friends. I really do hope the ring turns up some day soon!

Lost Wedding Ring Somewhere On Property

July 11th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Earlier on in the week I drove out to Freemans Reach (Near Windsor North West of Sydney) to help Daniel find his wedding ring. Daniel lives on quite a large property where he and his wife breed race horses. The day Daniel lost his wedding ring, he had been performing various activities on different parts of the property. He actually had his wedding ring in his top pocket for safe keeping, but later that night he realised the ring was no longer in his pocket. To make a long story short, Daniel and I retraced his steps for that day..and I scanned the areas where the ring could have dropped. After many hours of searching, I was unable to locate Daniel’s lost wedding ring with my metal detector. As with all my unsuccessful jobs, I am hoping one day to receive a phone call from Daniel to tell me he found the ring.

Diamond Earrings Lost At Soccer Oval

July 5th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Similar picture, iPhone photo did not turn out well

Similar picture, iPhone photo did not turn out well

Last night I drove out to a sports oval at Maroubra to help Amanda find her lost Diamond Earrings. Before her soccer game began, Amanda removed her Diamond Earrings and asked her friend to take care of them. Her friend put them in her pocket for safe keeping while Amanda played soccer. Unfortunately after the game was over, the earrings were no longer in her friend’s pocket. They obviously fell out while she was watching the game from the side line. After 4 people searched over an hour for the lost earrings, Amanda decided it was time to call me. I could not make it out to the Oval until night, but that turned out to be a blessing. After about an hour of searching the side line, I spotted a reflection from the light of my head lamp. I figured it was just another alluminum pull tab, and scanned the metal detector over the area. Oddly enough, there was no signal. This made me curious, so I pulled out my pinpointer and scanned area again. Once again, no signal. I got down close to the area and started parting the grass to the side. And there they were! Two beautiful diamond earrings! As it turns out, there was not enough gold content in the earrings to set off the metal detector, or the pinpointer.  It was just lucky that I had been there at night with the LED head lamp. I doubt I would have had any chance of finding the earrings in day light. Amanda (and her friend) we’re very happy to have the earring’s back. And Amanda, thank you kindly for a generous reward.

Lost Then Found – Platinum Wedding Ring

July 3rd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Yesterday I was called out to help David find his lost Platinum Wedding Ring. David was exercising in an area of grass close to the Sydney CBD. He was not aware of the exact moment the wedding ring slipped off his finger, but figured it could have happened when he was removing boxing gloves. When something is lost in a public accessible area, the quicker I get there the higher probability I have of recovery. After a short drive across the Harbour Bridge, I picked up David in the City and he directed me to the area he was exercising. Just as I was beginning to grid search the area, David had already beat me to it. He found the ring hiding in grass not very far from the area I was about to search. As one could imagine, David was a happy man. It was a pleasure meeting you David, and thank you kindly for a generous reward even though I was not the one who found your wedding ring :)