Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at Freshwater Beach?

August 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I got a call from Andrew earlier on in the week. Andrew had been swimming in the water close to the rock pool at Freshwater Beach, Harbord. When he arrived home from his swim, he noticed his platinum wedding ring was no longer on his finger. This horrible feeling had him head back to the spot he was swimming earlier that day. After searching the area to no avail, he decided to give me a call. As it turned out, Andrew was flying out to Japan that night to see his wife. He had not yet told her that the ring had been lost. Over the phone, Andrew described the area to me where the ring may have dropped. The following morning I noticed a message on my phone, Andrew’s flight to Japan had been cancelled due to maintenance problems. So I drove out to Freshwater Beach and met up with Andrew who showed me where he had been swimming. After searching the rocky area and water for 2 hours, I gave up on the search. I figured the ring could have been washed anywhere, and was planning to come back with my friend Tony another day. Later on that day, I received a call from Andrew. He said he was planning on going back to the rocks, but this time with a ring tied to some fishing line. He wanted to try and replicate what could have happened to his wedding ring. When he was searching through the box, he surprisingly found his platinum wedding ring! Turns out Andrew briefly went through this same box after he got back from his swim. This was great news. Andrew could now fly to Japan to see his wife, with the wedding ring now on his finger :)

“Ring Finder” Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered At Car Yard

August 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

iPhone Photo Does Ring No Justice

Around a month ago I received a phone call from Krystal, who found my website on google searching for a ring finder. She was calling on behalf of a work colleague who had lost his Platinum wedding ring. They we’re not sure where the ring was lost, but mentioned that it is most likely lost somewhere in the Car Yard they work at. I mentioned to Krystal that using a metal detector in a car yard would probably be a waist of time, as it is difficult to detect on concrete and around steel cars. Anyway, another month goes by and Krystal calls again. They would like me to come out to the car yard and check the grassed area where the sales guys remove the flags each night. No problems, I packed my gear and drove out to Jamisontown (near Penrith) west of Sydney. When I arrived, I met with Krystal, then Frank who was the gentleman who lost the ring. Frank was fairly confident the ring must have dropped somewhere in the grass area when he was packing up the flags one night. Unfortunately it was quite a large area to cover. I started my search along the fence line, which is where Frank reached over to grab the flags. Because the fence was metal, I was unable to move the metal detector too close without it spluttering. After searching the entire fence line, I decided to grab a stick and start sweeping the leaves and foliage away from the metal fence. Once this was done, I completed another search along the fence line hoping to cover everything I had swept away from the metal fence. After many rubbish signals, I finally found a Platinum ring hiding amongst a bunch of leaves. This was of course Frank’s wedding ring. The ring had been lost for a month and a half, so as one could imagine Frank was a very happy man to have it back! It was a pleasure meeting Krystal, Frank and the crew at Mazda Penrith. Always an honour to help out such nice and friendly people :)

Lost and Found, Wedding Ring In Backyard

August 10th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I always find it amazing how Rings can hide in even the most conspicuous of places. I drove out to Marrickville yesterday to help Andrew find his lost white gold wedding ring. Actually, to be precise, I was looking for half of Andrew’s wedding ring. It was a two piece ring which fell off Andrews finger when throwing a ball to his dog. Andrew found one half, but had no luck in locating the second half. When I arrived, I noticed the area where Andrew had lost the ring had good visibility. There was only small patches of grass where the ring could possibly hide. As I looked around the area, I was thinking surely the Ring could not be there…perhaps it launched over the fence and into the neighbour’s backyard. Anyway, I turned on the Metal Detector and began scanning the area where the other half of the ring was found. A few minutes later, I received a good signal in a grass patch, right next to a wooden garden perimeter. As I parted the grass to the side, I saw Andrew’s gold wedding ring sitting in a crack between the grass and the wood. I want to thank Andrew for a generous reward, even though it was a quick recovery.