Gold Diamond Ring Lost At Maroubra Beach

November 21st, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Yesterday I was checking my phone messages and I seemed to have missed a phone call from a gentleman by the name of John. According to the voice message John had left, his good friend Lisa lost her wedding ring whilst body boarding in the surf at Maroubra Beach. After returning the phone  call to John, I was honest with him and mentioned recovery of lost rings in the surf are very difficult. In fact, from memory I have only ever successfully recovered one ring in the surf. John was aware that the chances of recovery we’re low, but as always I was up for the challenge. After arriving at Maroubra Beach later that afternoon, I began asking Lisa questions about how she lost the ring. I thought she may have been conscious of the exact moment the ring fell off her finger, but unfortunately this was not the case. Although, she was 100% confident she had the ring on while in the water, and by the time she left the water the ring was gone. The only positive to this whole situation was the ring was lost at high tide, and by the time I arrived the tide was low. I had John and Lisa engrave markings in the sand as to the approximate area Lisa had been body boarding. Since the tide was low, I started my search in the deeper area first…slowly working my way back to the shore line. Being a warm day, the beach was very crowded…and as always people continuously approached me asking what I was looking for. As luck would have it, the beach was incredibly clean. After about an hour of slowly griding the wet water with the metal detector I only received 2 decent signals. One being a pull tab, and the other a bottle cap. By the time I was in ankle deep water I was able to cover more ground without being pounded by waves. Not long after, the underwater metal  detector picked up a nice loud solid signal. I plunged the scoop into the sand and detected the same hole again. No more signal.. Cool I retrieved the signal in one scoop. After emptying the scoop full of sand I began searching with my fingers for what was creating the signal. I was a little disappointed when I caught a glimpse of silver in my eye. I was hoping for a gold wedding band. But after picking up this silver sand covered object, I realised it was definitely a ring! Not only was it a ring, it was a huge ring! The kind of ring that could choke an elephant!  I went back to my car and called Lisa. I asked her what the ring looked like, and she described the exact ring! A huge white gold ring, with a large diamond in the middle, and smaller diamonds curling around the band. I could hear the excitement in Lisa’s voice on the phone, and received a big hug when returning her ring. This is one of the perks of the job :) It was a pleasure to meet Lisa and John, and thanks for putting up with all my questions before the start of the search.

Metal Detector Not Needed This Time :)

November 20th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a voice message from Jo who lost her wedding ring somewhere in her backyard. She had wet hands at the time, and when she flicked her hands the ring went flying off her finger and into the night. The next morning Jo and her sons tried searching for the ring. The ring happened to be a Georg Jensen two piece ring. Jo managed to find one half of the ring in the swimming pool, but unfortunately the other half of the ring remained elusive. As always, I mentioned to Jo I would be happy to help her find the lost ring (well half of it)… I arrived at Jo’s house and she pointed me in the direction of where the ring had fallen off. Before I even had the chance to start the search, Jo spotted the ring sitting on top of the Spa Bath cover. Jo felt rather embarrassed about the whole situation and apologised profusely for waisting my time. I let her know it was not a problem, and this is not the first and last time this will happen. It is just the nature of the job, and at the end of the day the most important thing is the ring is no longer lost :) Although it was breif, it was a pleasure meeting you Jo.

Time Capsule Lost At School

November 20th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

This morning I received a phone call from Melissa, who is a former student of Haberfield Primary school. Melissa and some former students have been searching for a Time Capsule they buried over 35 years ago! They we’re hoping with the use of a Metal Detector, I would be able to help them locate the lost time capsule. I mentioned I would be happy to come out and help. I arrived at the School and was greeted by Melissa, the school Principal and a few former students who we’re actually there on the day the capsule was buried. But predictably things had changed a lot in the past 35 years. New trees, new basketball court, even an entry road into the school had since disappeared! The students we’re only 8 years old when they buried the Capsule, so they we’re not exactly sure of the location. They recall inserting a Coke Can in the Capsule, which would be the only way I could find it with the metal detector. I began to scan the area they felt it might be buried, only to find out that the area was scattered with junk. Every swing of the detector would send off 3 or more signals. And to make matters worse there was a huge Electricity box near by which was interfering with both my detectors. While the former students tried to recall the burial position, I continued poking around the area…listening for deep targets. After more discussions we decided it was impossible to locate the time capsule using a metal detector. Melissa is going to contact the ABC and go through the old video archives. Apparently where was video footage at the time the school originally buried the capsule. Hopefully this footage will help identify the exact area the capsule was buried. Melissa is very determined to find the lost time capsule, and I am hoping she will keep me up to date with how things go.