Platinum Wedding Ring Lost Off Boat

December 26th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Last week I packed up my Scuba and Metal Detecting gear and followed Simon to a secluded location somewhere near Clontarf. The previous day Simon had jumped off his friends boat for a swim and felt his wedding ring slip off his finger to the bottom of the water. Water depth was around 3 meters, so it was almost impossible for Simon to swim to the bottom and search for the ring. The following day Simon and I swam out to the area where the ring had fallen. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the water was clear so I had high hopes of finging Simon’s wedding ring. I dropped the lead weight with rope attached to it and began my 360 degree grid search of the area. After having no luck, I moved the weights and rope to another area Simon had mentioned he may have been when the ring dropped. Another search of this area and I was out of air. It is always a horrible feeling coming out of the water empty handed, but unfortunately this is a part of the job. Simon and his wife we’re very grateful for the effort I put into searching for the wedding ring. It was a pleasure to meet you guys, and I am going to organise another visit to this spot with my diving friend Matt.

Lost Wedding & Engagement Rings At Clontarf Reserve

December 22nd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

On Sunday afternoon I received a call from Denise. Denise was having a bad day…not only did she manage to lose her wedding ring, but her engagement ring too! I felt really bad for Denise, and told her I would be on my way to the reserve the rings we’re lost after dinner. Denise’s husband Daniel was still at the park searching the area with a torch. When I called Daniel to see how he was going, I heard the beeping of a metal detector. Someone had kindly loaned Daniel a Metal Detector when they saw him searching frantically for the lost rings. I arrived at the park not long after, and Daniel showed me the area they had been sitting earlier that day. Denise had picked up her young kids, and taken them to the toilet block which was about a 50 plus meter walk from the picnic area they we’re located. It was a possibility the rings fell off while Denise was carrying the kids. I began my slow grid search from the toilet block back towards the area they had been sitting. Halfway through my search, Daniel returned the loan Metal Detector and the globe in his torch broke. Feeling worn out from many hours of searching, Daniel went home while I continued searching. After about 3 hours of slowly grid searching the area, I had finally made it back to the area Denise had been sitting that day. I must admit, I had given up hope by now. What grass was left in the area was not very thick, and the chances of someone eyeballing two gold rings on the ground was very probable. A reflection from my LED headlamp in the distance led me to a tree close by. The reflection turned out to be coming from what looked like a small diamond, but with no ring attached to it. I wondered in my mind if this was a part of Denise’s engagement ring? I decided to search the surrounding area… and to my surprise, after a nice solid signal I looked down with my light and there we’re two gold rings lying next to each other. I picked up the rings and noticed no Diamonds we’re missing from Denise’s engagement ring. It was just coincidence that I found the other diamond, which turned out to be a good thing as it led me to the area Denise’s rings we’re dropped. Although it was getting close to midnight, I decided to give Daniel a call. I am sure he and Denise would sleep better knowing I had found the rings. Denise and Daniel we’re incredibly happy to hear the great news, and I am meeting with Daniel tomorrow to return the rings :)

Lost Bar Mitzvah Ring At Wangi Wangi Beach

December 22nd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Jordon lost his Bar Mitzvah ring while swimming somewhere at Wangi Wangi beach. Jordan’s mother Jo called me and asked if I could help. Unfortunately Jordon did not feel when or where the ring fell off his finger, but recalls spending time in two locations on the day it was lost. The two possibilities we’re when he jumped of a jetty into the water, or when he was at a nearby beach throwing sand and rocks. I mentioned to Jo that finding a lost ring in the water is difficult as it is, but when you don’t know exactly where the ring has dropped makes things even more impossible. But miracles do happen, and Jo and Jordan wanted to feel like they have given recovery of the ring its best shot. I was not familiar with Wangi Wangi, which turned out to be a 2 hour drive north of Sydney. I picked up my commercial diving friend Nathan on the way. Once we arrived at Wangi Wangi, Jordan showed us the areas he had been on the day he lost the ring. Nathan started searching the Jetty area, while I searched the beach. After a couple of hours searching, both Nathan and I we’re unable to find Jordan’s missing ring. Although Nathan did manage to find two rings (without the use of an underwater metal detector), but unfortunately none of these we’re Jordan’s. If you do happen to find a large gold ring at Wangi Wangi beach, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Jordan and Jo.

Car Keys Lost At Concord Horse Paddock?

December 22nd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Caroline lost the keys to her BMW and contacted me to help her find them. For safe keeping, Caroline put the keys in her bra, but by the time she had fed her horse and returned to the car the keys we’re no longer there. I searched all the obvious places, for example where Caroline would have to bend over to get through fences. After these spots we’re searched, we retraced what Caroline did that day. After 2 hours of searching in the scorching heat, Caroline’s car keys we’re no where to be found.

Lost And Found Engagement Ring At Manly Beach

December 14th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Brent and his Fiance Kristy we’re enjoying a beautiful day at Manly beach on Sunday morning. Kristy removed her diamond engagement ring while she applied sunscreen. Around the same time, the life guards asked Brent and Kristy to move positions as the Nippers we’re about to start their events in the sand. Kristy had rested the engagement ring on her leg, and was totally sidetracked when being asked to move location. It wasn’t until about an hour later Kristy realised she had lost the ring. To make matters worse, the nippers we’re running up and down the area Kristy and Brent we’re sitting. So it was difficult for them to search the area, and the Nippers could have been pushing the ring deeper into the sand. By the time I arrived at the beach, the Nippers had finished up…and Brent did a great job to try and keep the area clear for me to do my search. And anyone familiar with Manly beach on a hot summer weekend will appreciate this is quite a task! Brent showed me the area they had been sitting earlier on that morning, and I began my grid search. After my run of bad luck lately, I was more determined than ever to find Kristy’s lost ring. After about 15 minutes of a very slow grid search, I received a first signal. The signal was very similar to that of a 10 cent coin, but I also know that gold registers a similar signal. I began combing the sand with my hands and exposed what looked like a thousand shining diamonds :) By this time, most of the people in the surrounding area knew I was searching for Kristy’s engagement ring. After a hug from Kristy, surprisingly other people who we’re watching me came up to congratulate me. Brent was putting more money in the parking meter when I found the ring, so he got a nice surprise when he arrived back. I want to thank Brent and Kristy for their honesty. They had no money on them at the time, and true to their word, they transferred a reward direct to my bank account. Was a pleasure to meet you guys!

Lost Rings In Sydney Park St Peters

December 14th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

After a quick phone call from Melanie, I was on my way to Sydney Park at St Peters (Inner West of Sydney). Melanie had been playing around in the park and decided to put her wedding and engagement ring in her pocket for safe keeping. After she had finished her activities, she reached into her pockets only to find both rings we’re missing. I mentioned to Melanie I would hop in the car and meet her at the park ASAP. Two rings sitting in the grass of a busy park would get picked up in no time. About 30 minutes later I arrived at the park and met Melanie and her husband. Melanie mentioned to me she had both good and bad news. The good news being her husband found the rings in the grass with a flash light. And the bad news being I had driven out there for no reason hehe. Melanie and her husband obviously felt bad that I had driven out there on a Sunday night, and offered me more money than my regular call out fee. I could not accept the extra money as I was not the one who found the rings. My primary concern was that Melanie had her rings back on her finger. I told Melanie and her husband there is no reason to feel bad. This has happened many times before, and is just a part of the job I love :)

A Run Of Bad Luck

December 10th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Early on in the week I was reading a post from my friend Billy in Western Australia. Billy offers a similar service to myself in the Perth/WA region (Lost Treasure). He mentioned that in his last 5 searches he has come up empty handed for his customers. I felt bad for him, knowing this frustration first hand. I myself had been having lots of luck recently, recovering clients rings underwater which I thought I would never find. But this week my luck has changed. My last 5 jobs have finished with my tail between my legs. Why am I mentioning failures for potential customers to see? Wouldn’t this be bad for business?? Perhaps…but I just want to make it clear that I am mortal. I cannot find every lost item. But I can assure you of this… every job is important to me. I am stubborn and take each and every search as a personal challenge. When I can’t find the lost item, I am just as disappointed as my customers.

This is the breakdown for the week…

Lost Ring In Water At Shark Bay: Jamie lost his grandfather’s wedding ring whilst swimming at Shark Bay at Vaucluse. After a 2 hour underwater search in the area Jamie beleived the ring to have dropped, I came out of the water empty handed. Jamie was visiting from the UK, and will be back home by now. But if anyone does happen to find an 18k Wedding Ring at Shark Bay Vaucluse, please contact me! Jamie is willing to pay a reward for its return.

Lost Engagement Ring Coogee Beach: Elizabeth lost her white gold diamond engagement ring while swimming in chest deep water at the north end of Coogee Beach. I spent the afternoon searching for it without any luck. Please, if any metal detector guys do manage to find an engagement ring that matches this description, please contact me so I can put you in contact with Elizabeth. She is happy to pay a generous reward for its return.

Lost Wedding Ring Shelly Beach: Simon lost his wedding ring while swimming on the rocks side of Shelly Beach. I made two attempts at searching for this ring but to no avail. This area is very common with snorklers and divers. If anyone has managed to pick up a wedding ring, that is half gold/half silver joining together in a wave pattern, please contact me. As always, a reward is offered for the return of this ring.

Lost Gold Bracelet HomeBush: Sree beleives he may have lost his gold bracelet while throwing flowers off his balcony into the garden below. I searched the garden area best I could for a couple of hours, and was unable to find the bracelet :(

Lost Diamond Stud Earring Concord: Natalie lost her Diamond Stud earring while hanging clothes on the line. She felt it fall off and searched the grass area with no luck. My Metal Detectors struggle picking up stud earrings, which means I spend the search on my hands and knees, combing the grass with my pinpointing device. Natalie’s husband came out and mentioned he had since mowed the lawn. Anyway after 2 hours plus searching, I had no luck finding the earring.

Engagement Ring Lost At Manly Beach

December 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Sunday afternoon I received a call from Steve. His fiance had lost her diamond engagement ring earlier on in the day at Manly beach. She removed the ring to apply suncream, and lost track of its where abouts from there. I arrived at Manly beach a couple of hours later and began my hunt for the lost ring. As always, it is difficult to remember where you we’re sitting at a beach. Especially when the life guards are constantly moving flags and signs. Steve and his relatives put me in a position they believed to be sitting earlier on in the day. I began a very slow grid search of the area, but no luck in locating the ring. After about 2 hours of searching and extending the search perimeter, I finally found the beautiful white gold diamond ring. I received lots of handshakes and hugs from Steve and his family. I really love my job! :)

Puppy Licks Diamond Earring Off Ear!

December 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

On the weekend I got a call from Pauline who had lost one of her diamond earrings. She was in the backyard playing with her dog when it began to lick her ear. Pauline realised the earring was no longer on her ear, and thought her puppy may have swallowed it. After a visit to the vet, and keeping an eye on her doggy droppings the earring was no where to be found. Gold stud earrings are normally difficult to find as there is not a lot of metal content in them. The metal detector has troubles detecting them. When I arrived at Pauline’s, I asked for the other earring so I could check if my detector would pick it up in Jewellery mode. Unfortunately there was no response from the detector. After a little tuning and changing the detector to gold prospecting mode I was able to get a signal from the remaining earring. I began hunting the area Pauline was when the earring came off. After 2 hours of searching and digging up scraps of metal, I was unable to locate the lost diamond earring. What went wrong with this recovery? We will never know for sure, but possible scenarios are puppy did indeed swallow the earring. Another thing that had me concerned was the lawn had been mowed after the earring was lost. Pauline, it was a pleasure meeting you and your puppies. I am very sorry I was unable to find your earring.

Ring Salvage With Underwater Metal Detector

December 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Last week I received a phone call from commercial diver Nathan. He had been asked to search for a lost diamond ring which was dropped in the water somewhere near Cottage Point. The ring’s owner, Edwina, was thinking clearly at the time she lost the ring…dropping a bag of sinkers in the water to mark the area. Edwina and her relatives had spent many hours searching for the ring to no avail. Nathan knew the chances of recovery without the use of an underwater metal detector would be very slim, so he called me to help out. After a boat ride to the location, Sarah (Edwina’s Sister) showed us the area the ring was lost. Much to my surprise the water was crystal clear, and the bottom was beautiful white sand. Sarah jumped in the water and located the bag of sinkers which marked the are of the lost ring. Nathan and I geared up and began the hunt. About 5 minutes into the search I received a nice solid signal from the metal detector. I begin to fan the sand away with my hand, revealing a beautiful gold/diamond ring. I returned the ring to Sarah who was one happy lady! The ring had been passed down from Edwina/Sarah’s grandmother, so it was one of those things that cannot be replaced. I want to thank Sarah and her family for a generous reward. And also thanks to Nathan who co-ordinated the entire recovery. I am sure we will continue working together in the future :)