New Wedding Ring Lost at Clontarf

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

This would have to have been the most freakish job I have had to date. Peter lost his new wedding ring in shallow water at a harbour side beach in Clontarf. I am fairly familiar with the beach at Clontarf, and thankfully it is not a surf beach. But I explained to Peter that from my experience when a ring has been lost in the water, especially when you don’t know where¬† it fell off, it is always going to be difficult to recover. When I arrived at the beach, Peter had made some perimeter markings in the sand as a guide. I turned on my detector to begin what I figured would be a long slow grid search. First sweep of the detector and I receive a sweet loud signal. Plunge the scoop into the sand, and out pops Peters shining gold wedding ring! I think I was just as shocked as Peter! It is rare to pull a ring out of the shallows so quickly. Both Peter and myself couldn’t believe our luck! If only all my jobs we’re this successful! :)

Wedding Ring Dropped In Mosman Bay Wharf

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Adrian was fishing at Mosman Bay Wharf as he watched his wedding ring slip off his finger and into the harbour. Unfortunately at the time of Adrian’s phone call, I was moving house and had my scuba gear packed away in boxes. I mentioned to Adrian I would probably not be able to help until the following week, but I could tell by the desperation in Adrian’s voice he wanted someone in the water searching for the ring ASAP. After many phone calls to dive shops, Adrian called me back mentioning he was not able to find anyone willing to help him. Feeling sorry for Adrian, I put my move on hold and found the boxes my scuba gear we’re packed in. I met Adrian at Mosman Wharf the following afternoon. The unfortunate thing for me was the location the ring was lost, being right where the Sydney Ferry’s come in to pickup passengers. Not only is this dangerous, but I believe it is also illegal to dive in such a spot. But since the ring dropped so close to the wall, I decided to jump in anyway and give it my best. The water was a lot deeper than I expected, and as always in the harbour, visibility was no so good. The area where the ring had dropped had a very difficult ground surface. It was on a very steep angle, and consisted of jagged rock. It was almost impossible to detect the bottom of this location with any efficiency. Most of the time I was searching by sight, but unfortunately after an hour of searching, my air levels we’re low and it was time to come back up. Adrian was disappointed I did not recover his wedding ring, but at the same time realised it was a long shot.

Lost Gold Watch At Pymble

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I drove out to Pymble in the hope of finding Lyn’s lost gold ladies watch. This is one of those stories where the watch was on Lyn’s wrist at the start of the day, but by the end of the day it was no longer there. After retracing her steps, Lyn figured the most obvious place for the watch to be hiding would be in her gardens. Both Lyn and her family had checked the area thoroughly with no luck. I too spend a good 2 hours searching for the watch to no avail. Fingers crossed that the watch does turn up one day. It is not unusual for them to reappear in the most unusual places.

Blind Man Loses His Wedding Ring!

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Another fulfilling day helping Alan from Doonside, a lovely blind man who lost his wedding ring while throwing a stick to his guide dog. After his family searched the house and backyard for the missing ring, they asked me to come over and help out with my metal detecting equipment. Alan was fairly confident his wedding ring flew off his finger while throwing a stick to his trusty Labrador guide dog. After lots of affection from Alan’s dog, I got to work scanning the backyard. About an hour went by and I had pretty much covered the entire back yard. Things we’re not looking promising, so I decided to start over again. This time playing closer attention to the grass near the concrete footpath. As most of you would know, concrete sometimes contains metal re-inforcements which cause the metal detector to beep. As it turned out, Alan’s ring was sitting in the grass very closely to the metal concrete reinforcement which was masking out the signal of a gold ring. Alan was happy to have the wedding ring back on his finger, and mention he would be getting it re-sized after losing weight. Was great meeting Alan and his best friend :)

59 Year Old Wedding Ring Lost In Yard

June 26th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

This is a story of 2 men, and a lost wedding ring. John Taylor is a Hawkesberry Barrister who spotted his friend Terry frantically searching the front yard. John stopped his car and asked Terry if he needed any help? Terry mentioned he had lost his wedding ring, a ring he had been wearing for 59 years. Terry had given up hope finding the ring, but John being the persistent and generous man he is decided to hire a metal detector from Kenards. They spent some time searching for the lost ring with the hire detector, but we’re overwhelmed with the constant signals the detector was picking up. John, still not giving up hope did some research on the Internet and found my website. After a quick phone call I told him I would be happy to help out. We organised a day and I drove out to Windor (about an hour plus drive north west of Sydney)… This is where I met Terry and Nancy, a lovely couple who had been married for almost 60 years. After meeting the couple in person, this made me want to find their lost wedding ring even more. Terry was not sure where the ring had dropped off his finger, as he had spent time in various places throughout his front and back yard. I asked Terry, if he had to guess a spot where he feels the ring might be, where would it be?? He mentioned a spot in the garden where he had been pulling out the roots of an old palm tree. I started detecting that particular area, and in about 1 minute I had pulled Terry’s wedding ring out of the dirt. Terry and his wife Nancy we’re rightfully happy to have the ring back in their possession. The local Windsor paper published an article on the story which John kindly mailed to me :) I love my job!

Lost Omega Watch Manly Beach

June 25th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Jenny had this misfortune of losing her Omega Dive watch while swimming at Manly Beach. This was a situation where Jenny entered the water with her watch on, and left the water with it off. She was not sure exactly where the watch had fallen, but spent most of her time in the area plotted in the photo above. I spent over two hours scanning the area with my water detector, but I had no luck in locating Jenny’s watch. If anyone has happened to pickup an Omega watch similar to the on pictured, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Jenny. Jenny has offered a generous reward for its return.