Lost Gold/Diamond Signet Ring Morrison Park Putney

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Tracey called me with the sad news that she lost 2 rings. One she managed to find in her handbag, but the other ring which had been handed down from her late grandmother was still missing. She had spent the day at Morrison Park soccer oval, and had been sitting in various spots. Tracey wasn’t 100% sure if this was indeed where she lost the ring, but wanted me to have a look anyway. Unfortunately afters spending over 3 hours searching the oval, I came up empty handed. Please, if anyone does happen to find a gold/diamond signet ring at Morrison Park at Putney, please contact me. Tracey is offering a reward for its return.

Ring Lost In Sand At Cronulla Beach

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

David was digging around in the sand at Cronulla Beach when he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger. David mentioned he wasn’t  going to waist his time searching for the ring in the sand, as he knew the chances of finding it without the use of a metal detector we’re slim. Myself and 7 year old nephew drove down to Cronulla beach to attempt to find David’s lost wedding ring. As it turns out, this would be a very quick job. David pointed to the area he lost the ring, I started searching with the metal detector. The first signal received was David’s missing ring. Got to love this job! :)

Metal Detector Hire Richmond

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Since starting this business in 2008, I have had quite a few jobs in the Richmond area. Richmond is about an 80 minute drive north west of Sydney. I always enjoy driving to Richmond, seeing the farms makes you feel you have escaped the city chaos and entered the country. So when I received a phone call from Daniel to come to Richmond to search for his wedding ring I did not hesitate to say yes! Daniel was fairly certain he lost his wedding ring while laying down new grass in his backyard. After arriving at Daniel’s home, he showed me the new grass that had been laid. It was not a very large area, maybe 30 x 10 meters of grass at the most. After getting a couple of signals not worthy of investigation, I heard a nice ping, similar to the sound of a 50 cent coin. I pushed the pin pointer into the grass to find exactly where the signal was coming from. Trying not to ruin Daniel’s new grass, I parted it gently until pulling a gold ring out of the soil. Daniel, was a pleasure meeting you :)

Wedding Ring Lost In Coogee Garden

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I got a phone call from Kim in Coogee. Kim figured he may have lost his wedding ring while working in the garden. I told him I would be happy to come over with my metal detecting equipment and help. First thing I noticed when arriving at Kim’s house was the power lines directly above the garden. Even after turning the power settings to a minimum, the proximity of the electrical interference was too much for my trusty detector. I decided to try my underwater detector instead, this seems to be more stable around electrical interference. It too was very unstable, but more usable than the other detector. Thankfully Kim’s wedding ring did not put up too much of a fight, about 10 minutes later I found the ring sitting on top of the soil under a plant.

Lost Ring Copacabana Central Coast

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I got an email from Paul asking if I would drive up to the Copacabana on the Central Coast to search for his lost wedding ring. The ring fell off his finger from the balcony in his backyard. Paul was away in New Zealand, but his dad showed me the area where they believed the ring to be. I searched the entire backyard twice without any luck. Next to the garden pond were some very thick and dense bushes. Getting the detector into those bushes was proving impossible. But I knew the ring had to be in there as it was no where else in the backyard. Paul’s dad had given up hope and went home. Being the stubborn person I am, I told him I was not giving up yet, and would search for another hour. I was beginning to get frustrated and began jabbing the coil of the metal detector into the bushes. For the faintest fraction of a second I heard a sound. I reached in the area I heard the sound with my pin pointing device and started poking around. The pin pointer started flashing so I swapped the pin pointer with my hand and started feeling around, and felt the unmistakable shape of a ring. Was time to call Paul’s dad with the good news :)

Metal Detector Services At Picton & The Oaks

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I had two jobs on this day, both of them for ladies named Glenys, and both of them in a similar area (Picton and The Oaks).. First job was for Glenys at Picton. She had managed to lose her ring but was not really sure when or where. Her daughter found me on the internet, and asked if I could search the yards for the lost ring. Unfortunately after spending around 2 hours searching the backyard, compost heap, and front yard, I gave up empty handed.

The second job for the day was for Glenys at (The Oaks). Glenys and her husband breed Dressage Horses, and these horses can be very valuable. Glenys asked me to use my metal detector to find and remove and metal nails from the paddock of her prized horses. A large nail into the hoof of a horse can be very expensive to treat. I managed to find a jar full of nasty nails in the paddock.

Wedding Ring Not Found At Artarmon

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I drove out to Artamon on Sydney’s North Shore to find a ring that had gone missing. Rosyln suspects her toddler picked up the ring and placed it somewhere. I searched for the ring in the yards around the house with no luck. We also searched some areas inside the house without any success. Hopefully some day Roslyn’s wedding ring will turn up :) I have a good feeling it will..

Wedding Ring Lost in Graveyard (Ryde)

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Ring Lost At Field Of Mars Cemetery Ryde

I received a phone call from Annie, a very polite lady who had lost her late father’s ring while visiting his grave at the Field Of Mars Cemetery at Ryde. Annie was throwing flowers off an embankment into the bushes below. While doing so, her dad’s gold ring fell off her fingers and into the bushes below. This proved to be a tough job, with the ring being much further away than expected. Thanks to Annie’s mum who was able to meet me at the Cemetery, and  was also very excited and emotional to have her husbands ring back in possession.

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered In Croydon Backyard

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Lost Wedding Ring at Croydon (Sydney’s Inner West)

Madelaine lost her wedding ring somewhere in her backyard.

From memory this ended up being a quick 15 minute job, with her beautiful diamond wedding ring found hiding in the grass.

Madelaine, it was great meeting your family, and thank you kindly for a reward even though this was an simple job, it is very much appreciated.