About Me

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Hi, my name is Brad. I am a 36 yearold male from Newtown in Sydney Australia. I make a living from Internet Marketing.
When I was a young child, my grandmother showed me her old pre-decimal coins which she had collected and saved. She asked me to keep them, and look after them. I was obsessed with those old coins. I would carry them around with me, and look at them most days. As I became older and Grandma passed away, I put the coins in storage and forgot about them. That was until 2008, when I was going through my old junk and found the coins. This triggered my fascination with the old  pre-decimal coins again. I started researching the different types of coins on the Internet, and stumbled upon a metal detecting forum. On this forum, an Australian metal detector hobbyist had posted photos of a handful of pre-decimal coins he found on the beach with his metal detector. I needed a new hobby in my life, and I instantly knew what that hobby would be…metal detecting! I ordered myself a White DFX Metal Detector from the United States. The DFX is the Bentley of the Whites Metal Detector range. And I must admit, it took me a good month or two to learn how to use it effectively. I almost gave up in frustration numerous times, but I am happy I stuck with it. On my first couple of treasure hunts, I was lucky enough to find some pre-decimal coins. The feeling I experienced when I digging up my first coin was indescribable. I knew then and there that I had most likely found a hobby for life.
Since owning my Metal Detector, there has barely been a week go by where I have not used it. I normally go hunting 2-3 times a week. The most common item I find Metal Detecting is bottle caps, and ring pull tabs. After that, I find current decimal coins. When I am having a very lucky day, I will find a pre-decimal coin, a ring, or another piece of jewellery.
Once the word spread amongst my friends that I owned a metal detector, the requests to recover lost items began coming in fast. It was through this that I realised there is a market for recovering lost precious and sentimental items. I decided it was time to make my hobby a business. Early in 2009, I put up a couple of ads on an Internet classifieds website. And almost immediately the jobs poured in. The gratification I feel when reuniting people with a lost engagement or wedding ring is indescribable. Not only do I enjoy metal detecting itself, but I enjoy the happiness I bring to people when I find their lost sentimental item. As we all know, losing something special is the worst feeling in the world. That feeling deep in your stomach when you first realise you have lost something of importance is horrible. Well, it is now my job to reverse that horrible feeling :)