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There are a few details I need to know about your lost item before I come out to search for it. Please answer these questions the best you can when contacting.

What Am I Looking For? : Example, Ring, Watch, Bracelet, Pendant etc ..
Where Was The Item Lost? : Example Garden, Beach/Sand/Water, Park, Backyard etc..
When Was The Item Lost? : How long ago? Date/Time?
Address Contact Location?: Please provide details of the location your item was lost?

Please Note: If you have lost your item at the beach or public accessible area, time is critical. The sooner I get there the better chance I have of recovery. Remember that the sand is constantly moving. Also, the longer the item is lost, the more more chance someone else has of finding it. I always put beach and public area  jobs as a high priority.

Surf /Wave Beaches: I find it very difficult searching for lost items lost in water at beaches with breaking waves. It is almost impossible for me to grid search an area whilst getting hammered by the swell. I prefer not to do these searches, but I am happy to search shallow knee/waist deep water, and wet sand. Historically my recovery rate in the Surf is very low, but I have managed to recover a few items thus far.

Under Water Detecting: I am a certified Scuba Diver with experience at recovering items lost underwater. If you have lost an item underwater such as a ring/jewellery/boat anchor/propellor etc please feel free to contact me.

***********PLEASE NOTE*************

I am now located overseas. Please contact Tony from on 0457870000.




or email

If I am on a job (especially Scuba) I will not be able to answer my phone. Please leave a voice message and I will return your call ASAP.

Kind Regards
Brad Lovell