Lost Gold Ring Recovered At Turramurra Sydney

May 3rd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Caroline on the weekend requesting my services. Caroline’s son had cut his finger, and was washing his hands under the garden tap. As he was flicking his hands in an attempt to dry off the water, his custom made ring fell off his finger. The ring was made from spare links taken from Caroline’s gold bracelet. This ring is obviously special, so Caroline and her son we’re desperate to get it back. So I drove up to the beautiful northern suburb of Sydney, Turramurra. I must admit, I sometimes dread garden jobs because trying to swing a metal detector between plants and thick scrub is almost impossible. But Caroline’s garden was very open, so covering the area was no hassle. I began my search, looking in the area close to where the ring would have fallen. After about 15-20 minutes of searching the obvious areas, it was time to search the lawn that ran parallel to the road. This was a fair distance from where the ring fell off, but you just never know where rings

Gift From Caroline, Threepence Coins

Gift From Caroline, Threepence Coins

can bounce to. After about another 5-10 minutes of searching the lawn, I found the lost ring. Caroline was both happy yet surprised at how far away the ring had landed. After paying me a generous reward for recovering the gold ring, Caroline mentioned she had a bag of old predicimal coins that she would like to give me. She had read on my website that I collect old coins. Caroline, THANK YOU so much for such a generous gift and reward. This really made my day!

Lost Bracelet Found Under Water At Sydney Beach

March 24th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Sorry I have been lazy updating the site lately. Last week I managed to wake up early and catch a low tide at a beach South of Sydney. As much as I love going out to find lost items for customers, I also love getting out to the beach and hunt for myself. This is my way of relaxing. Anyway, on this particular mornings hunt, I found this interesting looking ladies bracelet under a few feet of water. Unfortunately there are no engravings on the inside of the bracelet. If you believe you are the owner of the bracelet, and can prove to me the bracelet is yours, I would be more than happy to return it :)

Lost Silver Bracelet Found At Brighton-Le-Sands Beach

March 9th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

While hunting Brighton-Le-Sands Beach recently, I found what is most likely a men’s silver bracelet. As pictured, the bracelet is quite large, and fits very loosely around my wrist. I am guessing the owner was a larger person. There is only one small engraving on the clasp. If you have lost a silver bracelet at Brighton Beach, and can prove this by identifying the small engraving, have a photo, or can tell me exactly where on Brighton Beach the bracelet was lost…I will greatfuly return the lost bracelet back to you.