Lost Engagement Ring Found Central Coast

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

I received a call from Taryn who lost her Diamond engagement ring somewhere in her front yard. After a 2 hour drive to Ourimbah on the Central Coast, I found Taryn’s home, and the garden which had devoured the engagement ring. What I figured would be a 15 minute job turned into a 2 hour plus battle. To the point where Taryn was cutting down plants to make the search easier. In the end, it was my trusty little pin pointer that found the ring hiding in deep inside the middle of blade plant.

Taryn it was a pleasure meeting you, and a good feeling returning your engagement ring where it belongs, on your finger :)

Large Gold Ring Lost At Balmoral Beach

March 10th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I am currently working on a job trying to find a large gold ring which was lost in about 2 meters of water at Balmoral Beach. The ring is incredibly sentimental to the owner. The area the ring was lost is in a spot where many people swim each morning. If by any chance a swimmer has picked up a LARGE gold ring, please get in contact with me ASAP. The owner is willing to pay a large reward for its return. In the search for the gold ring, I did manage to find a silver ring with a green rock. If you beleive you are the owner of this ring, please contact me.

Lost Wedding Ring Clovelly Beach

February 23rd, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I am currently searching for a White Gold Wedding ring at Clovelly Beach. The ring was lost Monday Feb 22nd, while Dave was swimming from the steps. (not the beach) The ring has an engraving of a small tear drop on the inside. The inside is polished, while the outside has a dusty look. The ring is quite large, and could have been spotted by scuba divers or snorkelers. If anyone has managed to pick up a ring matching this description, please please contact me ASAP! The return of this ring is incredibly important to Dave as his wife recently passed away. I will continue the search for this ring until it is found.

While searching for Dave’s wedding ring, I managed to find 3 other rings in the process. 2 of them are gold wedding bands, and the other silver. If anyone has lost a ring at Clovelly Beach which looks like the rings in the photos, please contact me so I can organise their return.

Rings Lost And Found Shelly Beach Manly

February 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Derek had this misfortune of losing his wedding ring while in a swimming event at Shelly Beach Manly. Apparently there was up to 4000 people in this event, so things we’re very hectic at the start of the race when Derek felt his wedding ring get knocked off his finger. A few days later Derek gave me a call asking if there is anything I can do to help? He believed he was in about chest deep water when the ring fell, but this was at low tide. I mentioned to him that rings lost in water are always difficult to find, but I was more than happy to give it my best shot. I grabbed my scuba gear and underwater metal detector and met Derek at Shelly Beach. It was a beautiful summer day, and the water was clear and calm which made the job enjoyable. After 3 hours of scanning the area Derek felt the ring might be, we had no luck locating his ring. I was able to find 3 other rings, and Derek eyeballed a gold wedding band just sitting at the bottom of the water. So we ended up with 4 rings in total, just not the correct ring :( If you believe you are the owner of the rings in the photo above, please contact me as I would love to return these to their rightful owners. If anyone does happen to find a plain white gold wedding band at Shelly Beach, please contact me.

Rings & Necklace Found At Maroubra Beach

June 2nd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

The weather has been horrible here in Sydney for the past 2 weeks, which has resulted in a reduction of call outs. This is both good and bad…bad for my business, but good for my hobby. It has given me the chance to go out on a recreational treasure hunt. Myself and Tony from Metal Detector Services managed to have a good hunt at Maroubra Beach. The beach had been ravaged by the storms, with much of the sand blown up against the beach wall. The removed layers of sand gave our metal detectors the opportunity to reach deeper areas than normal. This resulted in us finding many lost rings. Some that looked like they had been lost for a very long time. We must have pulled close to 20 rings out in total. I have attached a photo of the 11 rings I found on the second day of hunting. If you have lost a ring at Maroubra beach in the past, and you have a photo of it..please send it to me and I will see if myself or Tony have found it.

Lost Heart Shaped Gold Ring Found At Beach

March 24th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I found this beautiful gold ladies ring at the same beach as the bracelet in the blog entry below. As pictured, the ring has two heart shapes with a small diamond in each heart. Once again, this is another ring without any engravings (besides the hallmark)…so if you believe you are the owner of the ring, you will have to prove it to me by either a photo, or by letting me know where and what beach the ring was lost. Until then, my girlfriend is taking good care of it :) Would be nice to reunite this  ring with it’s owner.

Lost Mens Tribal Ring Found At Balmoral Beach

March 9th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I am looking for the owner of a lost mens silver ring I found while metal detecting at Balmoral Beach near Mosman. The ring is very large, and heavy, and has what looks like a tribal pattern embossed on it. Please contact me if you believe you are the owner of this ring. If you are able to describe the inside engravings, where on Balmoral beach the ring was lost, or have a photo wearing this ring..I will be happy to return it. Sorry, but I need to be very careful when returning rings. I need to be 100% sure I am returning the ring to the correct owner. Unfortunately we live in a world where not everyone is totally honest.

Two Piece Square Ring Found At Brighton-Le-Sands Beach

March 9th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I went for a treasure hunt the other day at Brighton-Le-Sands beach, just south of Sydney Airport. Since starting this website, and offering my services to the public, I do not get out as much as I would like. It happened to be a cloudy day, and the beach was almost empty. The tide was extremely low due to the full moon, so I decided to see what treasures lie beneath the water. I managed to dig up two very strange rings in the one scoop. When I first saw the Rings in the scoop, I thought they we’re pieces of metal that a bolt would screw into. I was almost about to put them in the junk pile when I noticed what looked like a small diamond on one side of this strange square shaped object. After a closer look, I noticed an engraved hallmark on the inside of the ring. These Rings must have been under water for some time, as they had turned a copper like colour. After taking them home, and cleaning them up…they are looking a lot better. Because they are very unique rings, so I am hoping some day I will reunite them with their right full owner. If you believe these are your lost square rings, and can identify the engravings..or even have a photo wearing the rings, please contact me. It would be an honour to return these very unique rings.

Lost Silver & Gold Ring At Shelly Beach

March 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I went for a treasure hunt a few nights ago with my friend Matt. We managed to dig up many different things including two sets of keys, a mobile phone, a Disney pendant, two lead weights, lots of coins including an old penny, and two rings. Matt is already working on finding the owner of the lost mobile phone and keys, so now it is my turn to find the lost owners of the two rings. One is a ladies silver ring (as pictured), and the other is a men’s gold wedding band. If you have lost a ring at Shelly beach near Manly, and they look like the the photo above..please contact me. If you are able to describe the engravings or prove the ring is yours, I will happily return it :)

Lost Ring Found At Shell Cove – Rosherville Reserve

March 4th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

After spending the entire day in front of the computer working, I decided to hop in the car and do some treasure hunting at a beach I always thought was named Chinamans Beach. But after looking at google maps, seems the real name is Shell Cove. After about an hour of hunting and relaxing at this beautiful cove, I found someone’s lost Silver/Torquoise Ring in the sand (as pictured). If you are the owner of this ring, and you can identify the engraving, I would be very happy to return the ring to you. Please contact me bradl@bigpond.net.au.

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