Pandora Charms Beads Lost In Grass

May 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Kate had the misfortune of losing her Pandora Charms in the grass of her front yard. With a quick movement of her wrist, the safety latch on her Pandora Bracelet broke and the charms flew everywhere. Kate managed to find some of the pandora charms herself, some of them we’re found some distance away, but there we’re still 4 beads which remained elusive in the thick grass. Kate called me over to search for her lost pandora charms with my metal detector. This job was a little tricky as a couple of the charms contained very little gold content, which my metal detector does not like. About 40 minutes after beginning the search, all of Kates Pandora Charms we’re back in her possesion :)

A Run Of Bad Luck

December 10th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Early on in the week I was reading a post from my friend Billy in Western Australia. Billy offers a similar service to myself in the Perth/WA region (Lost Treasure). He mentioned that in his last 5 searches he has come up empty handed for his customers. I felt bad for him, knowing this frustration first hand. I myself had been having lots of luck recently, recovering clients rings underwater which I thought I would never find. But this week my luck has changed. My last 5 jobs have finished with my tail between my legs. Why am I mentioning failures for potential customers to see? Wouldn’t this be bad for business?? Perhaps…but I just want to make it clear that I am mortal. I cannot find every lost item. But I can assure you of this… every job is important to me. I am stubborn and take each and every search as a personal challenge. When I can’t find the lost item, I am just as disappointed as my customers.

This is the breakdown for the week…

Lost Ring In Water At Shark Bay: Jamie lost his grandfather’s wedding ring whilst swimming at Shark Bay at Vaucluse. After a 2 hour underwater search in the area Jamie beleived the ring to have dropped, I came out of the water empty handed. Jamie was visiting from the UK, and will be back home by now. But if anyone does happen to find an 18k Wedding Ring at Shark Bay Vaucluse, please contact me! Jamie is willing to pay a reward for its return.

Lost Engagement Ring Coogee Beach: Elizabeth lost her white gold diamond engagement ring while swimming in chest deep water at the north end of Coogee Beach. I spent the afternoon searching for it without any luck. Please, if any metal detector guys do manage to find an engagement ring that matches this description, please contact me so I can put you in contact with Elizabeth. She is happy to pay a generous reward for its return.

Lost Wedding Ring Shelly Beach: Simon lost his wedding ring while swimming on the rocks side of Shelly Beach. I made two attempts at searching for this ring but to no avail. This area is very common with snorklers and divers. If anyone has managed to pick up a wedding ring, that is half gold/half silver joining together in a wave pattern, please contact me. As always, a reward is offered for the return of this ring.

Lost Gold Bracelet HomeBush: Sree beleives he may have lost his gold bracelet while throwing flowers off his balcony into the garden below. I searched the garden area best I could for a couple of hours, and was unable to find the bracelet :(

Lost Diamond Stud Earring Concord: Natalie lost her Diamond Stud earring while hanging clothes on the line. She felt it fall off and searched the grass area with no luck. My Metal Detectors struggle picking up stud earrings, which means I spend the search on my hands and knees, combing the grass with my pinpointing device. Natalie’s husband came out and mentioned he had since mowed the lawn. Anyway after 2 hours plus searching, I had no luck finding the earring.

Lost Gold Ruby Bracelet

May 15th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Jill lost her beautiful Ruby Gold bracelet which was a 25th wedding anniversary gift from her ex-husband. Not sure exactly where the bracelet dropped, Jill called me to search her backyard. The day Jill noticed the bracelet missing, she had been gardening…and had also been playing tennis earlier on. I organised to meet Jill at her house in the beautiful suburb of Mosman, on Sydney’s lower north shore. Just as I arrived at Jill’s house, I received a phone call. Jill had found the bracelet lying on some pavers in her yard. As keen as I was to hunt for Jill’s bracelet, I was very happy that it was now back into her possesion :)

Lost Bracelets Found At Maroubra Beach

April 6th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Wendy lost her two beautiful sterling silver bracelets while playing volley ball at Maroubra Beach. She put the bracelets in her pocket before starting the game, but after finishing the she noticed they we’re no longer in her pocket. When I arrived, people were already playing on the particular volley ball court Wendy was playing on… but they kindly moved to allow me to scan this court. After checking the volley ball court perimeter, I did not find Wendy’s bracelets. I began searching on the outer edges of the volley ball court which is where Wendy would have been to retrieve the ball when it went out of bounds. I eventually found Wendy’s bracelets about 15 meters away from the court perimeter. The smile on Wendy’s face when I returned her bracelets said more than words could say :)

Lost Mens Gold Bracelet Woodford Bay

March 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Rick last week. Rick was doing some work on the back of his boat. As he was throwing rubbish from his boat to his dingy, Rick watched helplessly as his gold bracelet fell off his wrist and went flying through the air, and into the water. Unfortunately this bracelet was very special to Rick. It was a gift from his wife over 33 years ago. And Rick also mentioned to me that he had planned on passing the gold bracelet down to his grand son, who seemed to love playing with the bracelet. The bracelet was lost in about 2-3 meters of water, so unfortunately I was unable to help out. But, Rick had already organised a diver, Josh. Josh attempted searching for the lost bracelet without the help of a metal detector. The water where the gold bracelet fell, was very murky, with a mud bottom. Josh had no luck finding the bracelet, and mentioned to Rick that he really needs the help of a metal detector. After a quick search on google for an underwater metal detector, Rick found my website. I met Rick and Josh down at Woodford Bay with my equipment, a beautiful spot near Greenwich and Lane Cove on Sydney’s North Shore. Josh did not have experience with metal detecting, but he is an expert diver. After a quick metal detecting lesson, Josh was under water, searching for Rick’s lost bracelet. After a good 3 hour search, Josh came up empty handed. I still had one plan up my sleeve. My scuba diving friend Matt was available on the weekend, and willing to head down to Woodford bay in an attempt to find Rick’s gold bracelet. Matt is still learning the art of metal detecting, which is actually a lot more complex than one would think. Finding a signal is easy, but digging up what is causing that signal 3 meters under water, with zero visibility is not an easy feat. I was unable to meet Matt and Rick on the weekend, so Matt picked up my metal detecting gear and gave it his best. I am not sure how long the hunt lasted, but unfortunately Matt was unable to find Rick’s bracelet either. So after 3 attempts, the gold bracelet still sits at the bottom of Woodford Bay. I really feel for Rick, who desperately wanted his Bracelet back on his wrist. But I am sure Rick feels a sense of closure knowing he did everything physically possible to retrieve the lost bracelet. I have not given up on Ricks bracelet yet. When I am unable to find a customers lost item, I return in my spare time to continue the search. I am hoping to get back down to Woodford Bay some time in the future to continue searching for Rick’s Gold Bracelet.