No Luck With These Hunts..

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

I always like to post the jobs I do not find to give my future customers a realistic perception that not all ends well. 

Lost Wedding Ring Leichardt

Nigel lost his platinum wedding ring in his backyard at Leichardt. I searched the area the best I could with no result. The grass was very long in the back yard making the search a little difficult. I asked Nigel to call me back when he clipped the grass. Anyway I recently got a call from Nigel saying he found the ring inside the house. This is great news :)

Lost Set Of Keys Manly Beach

Evan lost a set of keys on the Harbour side of Manly beach. I spent a couple of hours scanning the area he had been at the time the keys we’re lost, but the keys we’re no where to be seen.

Ring Lost In Back Yard Epping North

Monica lost her wedding ring somewhere in the backyard at Epping. I searched high and low for this ring with no joy. I hope some day this ring turns up.

Lost Wedding Ring Fairlight Rock Pool

Crosby lost his wedding ring while swimming in the rock pool at Fairlight. I managed to find a gold wedding ring in the area Crosby’s ring had dropped, but unfortunately this was not the right ring. If anyone does happen to find a gold wedding ring, with silver edging on both sides in the Fairlight rock pools,¬†please contact me. Crosby is offering a reward for its return.

Lost Large Silver Ring Rose Bay

Ian from Rose Bay asked me to help search for a lost family airloom. His daughter had lost the ring while swimming at night in the shallow waters of Rose Bay. Unfortunately with this job it was difficult to put me in the area where they beleived the ring to be lost. I covered as much ground as possible with no success.

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Manly Beach

Sadly Pip lost her diamond engagement ring at Manly beach. She was in knee deep water at the time. I searched for the ring at low tide for about 3 hours without any success. As always, if anyone finds a diamond engagement ring in the Manly area, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Pip.

Lost Large Gold Wedding Ring Balmoral Beach

Steve lost a large gold wedding ring in the bathers area of Balmoral Beach. Not exactly sure where the ring was lost, I did a search of the area a few days after the ring was lost. Unfortunately I gave up empty handed. Please contact me if you have found a large gold wedding ring at Balmoral Beach.

Lost BMW Car Access Key Balmoral Beach

Hank lost his BMW lozenger shaped car access key on the bathers pavillion end of Balmoral Beach. These keys are very expensive to replace, so if anyone has picked up a BMW access key, please contact me so I can return this key to Hank.

Lost Keys At Terry Hills School

March 3rd, 2010 by Brad Lovell

On the weekend I was called out to Kinma Primary school at Terry Hills to help Andre search for his lost keys. I had Tony from Jewellery Rescue with me, so I figured with both of us covering the area we would have this job wrapped up very quick. Andre lost the keys while spraying weeds at the school. Myself and Tony covered the area Andre had been spraying weeds for 3 plus hours, with no luck. How could a large set of keys just vanish like that? If anyone does happen to pickup a set of keys (with a blue keyring) in or near Kinma Primary/Preschool, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Andre.

Lost Car Keys At Narrabeen Beach

January 6th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Has anyone found a set of car keys at Narrabeen Beach? I spent a couple of hours in late Decemeber searching for a set of keys, which included key/remote for the car, key ring with garage door controller too. These are a large bunch of keys, so someone has most likely spotted them sitting in the sand and picked them up. If anyone does manage to find them, please contact me so I can put you in contact with the owner.

Car Keys Lost At Concord Horse Paddock?

December 22nd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Caroline lost the keys to her BMW and contacted me to help her find them. For safe keeping, Caroline put the keys in her bra, but by the time she had fed her horse and returned to the car the keys we’re no longer there. I searched all the obvious places, for example where Caroline would have to bend over to get through fences. After these spots we’re searched, we retraced what Caroline did that day. After 2 hours of searching in the scorching heat, Caroline’s car keys we’re no where to be found.

Car Keys Lost At Rushcutters Bay Park

May 18th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I spent Sunday afternoon searching for lost car keys at Rushcutters Bay Park. Ms Rowell had been walking her dogs through the park, and noticed her key was missing when she returned to her car. Unfortunately Ms Rowell did not have a spare key, and Volvo mentioned it would take at least 6 weeks to issue a new key from Sweden. We retraced the walk Ms Rowell and her dogs had taken the previous day, and I used the metal detector in area’s of grass which we’re thick enough to hide a large key. After a couple of hours searching, we gave up the hunt. It was more than possible someone had picked up the key. If anyone does happen to find a Volvo key at Rushcutters Bay Park, please contact me asap.

Lost Keys Recovered At Maroubra Beach

April 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call yesterday from a gentleman who had lost his keys at Maroubra Beach. Before he went for a surf, he buried his keys in shallow sand, in a spot he figured he would remember. But when he returned, he was unable to locate where he buried the keys. After an hour of digging around, he decided to ask the Surf Life Saving club if there was anything they could do to help. Maroubra beach is the only beach I have delivered my promo leaflets to so far, so after a quick phone call I was on my way to find the lost keys. This was actually my first job at recovering keys. I always figured my services may be to expense to find keys. But when you think about it, the time and cost of getting new keys for the home and car, or changing locks can get very expensive. So a $50 call out fee, and me doing all the work to find them sounds like a better option :) Anyway, after about an half hour of grid searching the area…the keys we’re back in the owners hands. I apologize for not remembering the name of the gentleman who lost his keys…he had a very strong French accent which made it hard for me to understand.