Gold Chain Lost At Shelly Beach Manly

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

I received a call from Karen, her mother had lost a gold herringbone chain (which was given to her by her late sister) at Shelly beach. I met up with Karen and her mother that night while the tide was low, and began searching for the chain. Now I have heard in the past that metal detectors have trouble picking up gold chains. Especially detectors such as mine with largish coils. But since the chain was relatively thick, i figured it shouldn’t be a problem. I turned out to be wrong… I tested the metal detector on another gold chain that Karen’s mother was wearing, and silence. I mentioned to the ladies I cannot charge you for this search, as I am not equipped for the job. But while I was already there, I did not want to give up, and even if I could hear the faintest of targets I might luck it. I gave Karen my pin pointing device which still faintly worked on gold chains, and off she went on her hands and knees searching for the chain. About 30 minutes later I heard the ladies screaming, they had managed to find the chain with the pinpointer! This is an amazing feat, and Karen’s mother was incredibly overwhelmed with emotion. It could not have happened to a nicer pair of ladies. Karen, if you ever want a job finding lost Jewellery let me know ūüėõ

Wedding Ring & Necklace Lost At Stanwell Park Beach

February 5th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received an email from Jen stating she had lost a silver necklace with a wedding ring attached to it. And sadly, it was her mother’s wedding ring that had been lost. The wedding ring and necklace had been lost in the sand at Stanwell Park beach. Jen desperately attempted to find¬†the lost valuables herself without any success. I¬†mentioned¬† I would be more than happy to look for¬†the lost¬†ring/necklace, but unfortunately Jen was unable to make it down to Stanwell Park, and¬†show me the area where she thought¬†her Ring & Bracelet we’re lost.¬†I asked Jen to goto Google Maps, and plot on the map where she beleives¬†she lost the¬†items.¬†She quickly emailed me the treasure map, and off I went down the south coast.¬†The $100 Call Out Fee was not an issue for Jen, as she was desperate to retrieve her mother’s wedding ring. ¬†After studying the map that had been¬†emailed to

Jens Treasure Map

Jen's Treasure Map

me, I found the spot where¬†Jen had been sitting. I setup a search perimeter, and began the hunt. Much to my suprise (and Jens) I found the ring/bracelet within about 5 minutes of searching. About a minute later I received a phone call from Jen. She was calling to give me more information on where the ring/bracelet could be…when I interupted her to give her the good news. As you can imagine, Jen was more than¬†estatic. The chances of finding an item so small, plotted on a google satellite image are very slim, but luck was with us¬†on this day¬†:) And thank you kindly Jen for such a generous reward.