Gold Diamond Pendant Lost In Grass

May 15th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Last week I received a phone call from Anna. Anna was doing boot camp with a group of people at St Le0nards Park, North Sydney. While running up and down a grass incline, Anna pulled at her shirt which caused her necklace to break. Her gold/diamond pendant dropped into the grass, never to be seen again. The boot camp group and trainer got down on their hands and knees and searched the area where the necklace had snapped. Unfortunately, even with all that man power…the pendant was not recovered. I met Anna at the park later that night, and began searching the area with my metal detector. After about a 4 hour grid search of the area, I was unable to find the Pendant :( I decided to have one last try the following morning, hoping the day light would help. I ran into Anna’s personal trainer, who put me in the exact area where the necklace had snapped. But once again, after another 2 hour search I was unsuccessful in locating Anna’s gold pendant. So what happened to Anna’s Pendant?? I really don’t know how this one got away. I am thinking either someone has picked it up, or there was not enough gold content in the pendant for my metal detector to find it. If anyone does happen to find a gold pendant with a diamond at St Leonards Park, North Sydney, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Anna.

Lost Gold Dog Pendant At Castle Hill Dog Training Park

April 19th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Lyn last week. Lyn and her daughter breed show dogs..and unfortunately Lyn’s daughter lost two gold pendants while showing her dog at a competition. A friend noticed her necklace hanging open after returning to the marquee. I went out that evening to try and find the two gold pendants, as it wouldn’t be long before the ground keepers cut the grass. Unfortunately after about two hours of searching, I was unsuccessful in locating either of the two charms. I would have liked to search for longer as there was a large area to cover. But the dog trainers decided it was time to cut the lights, so I ended my search. The following morning I had to fly to Queensland, so I was unable to continue my I asked my friend Tony from Metal Detector Services if he was interested in having a look. Tony went for a hunt the following morning but had no luck locating the lost pendants either. If anyone happens to find these pendants in the grass at the Castle Hill dog training park, please contact me so I can return them to Lyn. I am sure she would be happy to pay a reward for their return.

Lost Gold Pendants In Kids Playground

March 24th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Meera and her husband we’re at a local playground with their baby when her necklace got caught on a swing. This caused some damage to the necklace, causing two gold pendants (one with an embedded diamond) to fall into the mulched surface. These pendants had significant cultural meaning to Meera and her marriage, so recovery was important. Meera and her husband tried their best to find the pendants but had no luck. So they decided to give me a call as a last resort. Unfortunately due to current family commitments, I could only arrange to start the search at night. Not that this is going to make recovery that much more difficult. I am used to hunting at night…So myself and Meera’s husband set out to the playground armed with a metal detector and torch. What I figured would be an easy job, turned out to be not so easy. After searching the entire playground, I was unable to find either one of the two pendants. When detecting around playground equipment, it is difficult to search close to the metal poles supporting the equipment. So after having no luck searching the entire playground, I began moving the mulch that surrounded the metal support poles away from the equipment. From there I began detecting the newly positioned mulch without any interference. This turned out to be a good move. After about 2.5 hours of searching, I managed to find the gold/diamond pendant in the moved mulch. Meera’s husband was shocked I was able to find it, and figured there was very little chance of recovery. I continued the search for the remaining lost pendant in the same proximety…but unfortunately had no luck at finding it. It was time to call it a night… If I am in the area again, I will have another search for the second lost pendant. These pendants are very small, so finding them is difficult. I have added a small photo of the diamond pendant I found. Once again, I appoligise for the quality of the photo from my iPhone.