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January 1st, 2012 by Brad Lovell

Unfortunately I am not able to recover everyone’s lost treasures. Jessie lost a sentimental gold pendant in the water at Gymea Bay whilst kayaking with her dog. Both Jessie and the dog fell in the water, along with the gold pendant. I searched the area with my scuba gear with no succcess.

Kylie lost her special large gold ring on the north end of Maroubra beach. I met Kylie and her partner who showed me the area they had been sitting when the ring was lost. Unfortunately Kylie contacted me a week after it was lost. I scanned the area with no luck. If someone has found a large gold ladies ring on the north side of Maroubra Beach, please contact me!

Lost Diamond Ring Birubi Beach

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Sadly, on the 29th of December Jaya lost her Diamond Wedding Ring at Birubi beach, Port Stephens. She was sitting in the area arrowed below. Her husband held the ring while Jaya went for a swim. After that they are not exactly sure what happened. Her husband went for a walk, possibly with the ring still losely around his finger. It was not until they got back to Sydney they realised the ring was gone. I drove up to Birubi Beach to search the area Jaya and her family had spent the day. After 3 hours of searching the ring was no where to be found. If anyone has picked up a ring at Birubi beach, can you PLEASE contact me on 0413727410 so I can put you in contact with Jaya. She is more than happy to pay a reward for the return of her wedding ring. I believe it is a white gold ring with a square cut diamond?? (Jaya please correct me if I am wrong).

No Luck With These Hunts..

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

I always like to post the jobs I do not find to give my future customers a realistic perception that not all ends well. 

Lost Wedding Ring Leichardt

Nigel lost his platinum wedding ring in his backyard at Leichardt. I searched the area the best I could with no result. The grass was very long in the back yard making the search a little difficult. I asked Nigel to call me back when he clipped the grass. Anyway I recently got a call from Nigel saying he found the ring inside the house. This is great news :)

Lost Set Of Keys Manly Beach

Evan lost a set of keys on the Harbour side of Manly beach. I spent a couple of hours scanning the area he had been at the time the keys we’re lost, but the keys we’re no where to be seen.

Ring Lost In Back Yard Epping North

Monica lost her wedding ring somewhere in the backyard at Epping. I searched high and low for this ring with no joy. I hope some day this ring turns up.

Lost Wedding Ring Fairlight Rock Pool

Crosby lost his wedding ring while swimming in the rock pool at Fairlight. I managed to find a gold wedding ring in the area Crosby’s ring had dropped, but unfortunately this was not the right ring. If anyone does happen to find a gold wedding ring, with silver edging on both sides in the Fairlight rock pools,¬†please contact me. Crosby is offering a reward for its return.

Lost Large Silver Ring Rose Bay

Ian from Rose Bay asked me to help search for a lost family airloom. His daughter had lost the ring while swimming at night in the shallow waters of Rose Bay. Unfortunately with this job it was difficult to put me in the area where they beleived the ring to be lost. I covered as much ground as possible with no success.

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Manly Beach

Sadly Pip lost her diamond engagement ring at Manly beach. She was in knee deep water at the time. I searched for the ring at low tide for about 3 hours without any success. As always, if anyone finds a diamond engagement ring in the Manly area, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Pip.

Lost Large Gold Wedding Ring Balmoral Beach

Steve lost a large gold wedding ring in the bathers area of Balmoral Beach. Not exactly sure where the ring was lost, I did a search of the area a few days after the ring was lost. Unfortunately I gave up empty handed. Please contact me if you have found a large gold wedding ring at Balmoral Beach.

Lost BMW Car Access Key Balmoral Beach

Hank lost his BMW lozenger shaped car access key on the bathers pavillion end of Balmoral Beach. These keys are very expensive to replace, so if anyone has picked up a BMW access key, please contact me so I can return this key to Hank.

Lost Gold/Diamond Signet Ring Morrison Park Putney

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Tracey called me with the sad news that she lost 2 rings. One she managed to find in her handbag, but the other ring which had been handed down from her late grandmother was still missing. She had spent the day at Morrison Park soccer oval, and had been sitting in various spots. Tracey wasn’t 100% sure if this was indeed where she lost the ring, but wanted me to have a look anyway. Unfortunately afters spending over 3 hours searching the oval, I came up empty handed. Please, if anyone does happen to find a gold/diamond signet ring at Morrison Park at Putney, please contact me. Tracey is offering a reward for its return.

Metal Detector Services At Picton & The Oaks

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I had two jobs on this day, both of them for ladies named Glenys, and both of them in a similar area (Picton and The Oaks).. First job was for Glenys at Picton. She had managed to lose her ring but was not really sure when or where. Her daughter found me on the internet, and asked if I could search the yards for the lost ring. Unfortunately after spending around 2 hours searching the backyard, compost heap, and front yard, I gave up empty handed.

The second job for the day was for Glenys at (The Oaks). Glenys and her husband breed Dressage Horses, and these horses can be very valuable. Glenys asked me to use my metal detector to find and remove and metal nails from the paddock of her prized horses. A large nail into the hoof of a horse can be very expensive to treat. I managed to find a jar full of nasty nails in the paddock.

Wedding Ring Not Found At Artarmon

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I drove out to Artamon on Sydney’s North Shore to find a ring that had gone missing. Rosyln suspects her toddler picked up the ring and placed it somewhere. I searched for the ring in the yards around the house with no luck. We also searched some areas inside the house without any success. Hopefully some day Roslyn’s wedding ring will turn up :) I have a good feeling it will..

Wedding Ring Dropped In Mosman Bay Wharf

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Adrian was fishing at Mosman Bay Wharf as he watched his wedding ring slip off his finger and into the harbour. Unfortunately at the time of Adrian’s phone call, I was moving house and had my scuba gear packed away in boxes. I mentioned to Adrian I would probably not be able to help until the following week, but I could tell by the desperation in Adrian’s voice he wanted someone in the water searching for the ring ASAP. After many phone calls to dive shops, Adrian called me back mentioning he was not able to find anyone willing to help him. Feeling sorry for Adrian, I put my move on hold and found the boxes my scuba gear we’re packed in. I met Adrian at Mosman Wharf the following afternoon. The unfortunate thing for me was the location the ring was lost, being right where the Sydney Ferry’s come in to pickup passengers. Not only is this dangerous, but I believe it is also illegal to dive in such a spot. But since the ring dropped so close to the wall, I decided to jump in anyway and give it my best. The water was a lot deeper than I expected, and as always in the harbour, visibility was no so good. The area where the ring had dropped had a very difficult ground surface. It was on a very steep angle, and consisted of jagged rock. It was almost impossible to detect the bottom of this location with any efficiency. Most of the time I was searching by sight, but unfortunately after an hour of searching, my air levels we’re low and it was time to come back up. Adrian was disappointed I did not recover his wedding ring, but at the same time realised it was a long shot.

Lost Gold Watch At Pymble

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I drove out to Pymble in the hope of finding Lyn’s lost gold ladies watch. This is one of those stories where the watch was on Lyn’s wrist at the start of the day, but by the end of the day it was no longer there. After retracing her steps, Lyn figured the most obvious place for the watch to be hiding would be in her gardens. Both Lyn and her family had checked the area thoroughly with no luck. I too spend a good 2 hours searching for the watch to no avail. Fingers crossed that the watch does turn up one day. It is not unusual for them to reappear in the most unusual places.

Lost Omega Watch Manly Beach

June 25th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Jenny had this misfortune of losing her Omega Dive watch while swimming at Manly Beach. This was a situation where Jenny entered the water with her watch on, and left the water with it off. She was not sure exactly where the watch had fallen, but spent most of her time in the area plotted in the photo above. I spent over two hours scanning the area with my water detector, but I had no luck in locating Jenny’s watch. If anyone has happened to pickup an Omega watch similar to the on pictured, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Jenny. Jenny has offered a generous reward for its return.

Large Gold Ring Lost at the Copacabana Beach

April 8th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Sadly on Australia day back in January, Liza lost her very large gold wedding ring after being dumped by a wave at the Copacabana Beach. Liza was visiting her son from South Africa at the time. Unfortunately when Liza’s son Bernard called me to search for the ring, my under water metal detector was in for repairs. Many months later, Liza contacted me via email to ask if I could search for the lost ring. Because so much time had passed by, and the ring was lost in the surf I mentioned to Liza there was very little chance of finding the ring. But as a way of getting closure, Liza asked me to search the area for the ring anyway. I drove up the central coast to the beautiful Copacabana Beach and met Liza’s son Bernard, who showed me the approximate area of where the ring was lost. Strangley enough, after 2 hours of searching the area at low tide, I did not receive one single target! This rarely ever happens…there is always at least a coin or bottle cap to dig up. If anyone has managed to find a “Large” gold ring at the Copacabana Beach, please contact me as this ring means a lot to Liza.

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