There Are Still Good People Left In This World

May 3rd, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I just wanted to briefly mention a phone call I received over the weekend. The call was from a lady by the name of Lancell (sorry if I have got this wrong)..her husband lost his wedding band at Sydney Park. He figured he may have lost it in a large sand pit while he was playing with his kids. I mentioned to Lancell I would love to help find the ring, but I would probably be a while as I was at Palm Beach, which is about an hours drive to Sydney Park which I believe is in St Peters. Anyway, I received another phone call from Lancell about 20 minutes later, her husband had found his wedding ring at the bottom of the kids pram. Lancell apologised profusely for interrupting my day (which she hadn’t) and wanted to send me some money for the inconvenience. Obviously, I did not allow her to do this…but I found it refreshing to know that there are still nice honest people out there :)