Please contact Tony from jewelleryrescue.com.au on 0457870000.

REWARD FEE (OPTIONAL): Many of my customers have told me I am selling myself too cheap. For as little as $100 (for jobs within 20kms of Sydney CBD), it can be normal to spend over an hour each way stuck in Sydney traffic, up to 2 hours plus detecting time, not to mention petrol and toll costs. How do I stay in business? The way I stay in business is through an optional reward fee.

About Reward Fee: The reward fee is only optional, and is NOT expected! There is no wrong or right reward fee amount. Some jobs literally take 5 minutes to complete. Others can take many hours and visits in tough conditions. I leave it up to the customer to decide if I deserve a reward for my work.

What does the call out fee include? The call out fee covers travel to your location, petrol, tolls, up to 2 hours of search time. This does not mean I am watching the clock. Finding your lost item is my “primary” concern…It is not unusual for me to spend well beyond 2 hours searching when needed.

*Land Detecting: – Includes jobs that only involve searching dry land, such as gardens, parks, beach sand etc. Metal Detector used for such jobs is Whites DFX or Minelab Explorer SE. (this detector can not be used under water or in the rain)

*Water Detecting: – Items lost in shallow water require the use of my underwater metal detector, the Minelab Excalibur II.

*Scuba Detecting: – Items lost in water up to 18 meters deep, require use of Scuba Equipment plus the Minelab Excalibur II. Depending on conditions, some jobs will require the assistance of a safety diver.

Please use http://www.whereis.com.au to calculate how far your lost item is located from Sydney CBD. The Call Out Fee is applicable even if I am unable to find your lost item.

Recovery Fee For Insurance Companies:

Recovery fee for insurance companies is 20% of the insured value of lost item.

Can I Just Rent Your Metal Detector?

No. I do not rent out any of my equipment. Please note, to rent a metal detector from a place like Kennard’s Hire or Bunnings is around $60 per day. As for the quality of the detector you hire, well this is pot luck. By using my services, you avoid the hassles of driving around Sydney to pickup and drop off your rental metal detector. I drive to you. I use state of the art metal detecting equipment from both MineLab and Whites. And most importantly, you don’t have to worry about learning how to use a metal detector. You have access to the services of an experienced metal detector operator who is very friendly and passionate about recovering your lost valuables.