Lost Wedding & Engagement Ring Recovered At Umina Beach

January 7th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

After an unsuccessful search for two wedding rings at Whale Beach, my confidence was at an all time low. Being the stubborn person I am, I take each and every job personally…and when I can’t recover the lost item for my customer I feel like I have let them down. Earlier on in the day I had received a phone call from Kylie. Kylie managed to lose both her wedding and engagement ring in knee deep water at Umina Beach (near Gosford on the central coast). So with my tail between my legs, I drove north towards Gosford. By the time I arrived at Umina Beach it was around 9:30pm, well and truly dark. I eventually found Kylie and her husband searching the beach for the rings. I had Kylie mark off a large area in the sand and mentioned to her I would search between these two marks and into the water. Without waisting any time, I began a slow tedious north-south search with my underwater metal detector. About an hour went by and things we’re not looking promising. But the one positive aspect of this search was the beach was very clean. The only signals I had received in over an hour we’re 20c coins. Not one piece of rubbish. Getting close to two hours of searching, I was getting close to completing the search in the area Kylie had marked. Had she put me in the wrong spot? Had the rings been washed away? Many thoughts we’re going through my mind, but I was determined to redeem myself after an unsuccessful day at Whale Beach. Not long after, I received a loud blast through my earphones. I gently pushed the scoop into the sand, and recovered the target. That target happened to be Kylie’s gold diamond engagement ring. Kylie was jumping up and down for joy, hugging both myself and her husband. My job was not over yet, I still had to find the wedding ring. About one swing of the metal detector from the where the engagement ring was, I managed to recover Kylie’s wedding ring as well. This was a great end to a not so great day. I want to thank Kylie and her husband for being patient with me, and for a generous reward :)

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  1. Jasmyn Says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for keeping me informed regarding looking for my ring. Although this search did not end as a success story, I appreciated your efforts when I was having a panic (under the calm exterior!). The most important thing however is that I have my husband. He is the true treasure.

    Hopefully, one day, my ring will be found.

    Thanks and regards

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