Recent Finds

January 1st, 2012 by Brad Lovell

Frank from Alexandria noticed his beloved Gold Emerald ring missing after a day of gardening. The ring was found after approximately an hour of removing plants from pots and searching the soil. Thanks to Frank and his wife for inviting me to join the family for dinner. Was a pleasure to meet you all!

Belinda from Petersham lost both her wedding and engagement ring in her back yard. Belinda felt the rings coming off, and knew the direction they fell but was unable to find them in the grass and garden area. I managed to find Belinda’s wedding ring, then 10 minutes later I found the engagement ring hiding in a plant.

Claire from Scotland lost her 45 year old wedding ring whilst playing with a ball in the shallows of Balmoral Beach. After an approximate 40 minute search and digging up lost of scrap metal, I noticed a large gold wedding band at the bottom of my scoop. After many hugs from Claire and her husband I was certain I had recovered the right ring :)

Suzy from North Bondi called me to assist in the search for her daughter’s lost engagement ring. The ring was last sighted in Suzy’s backyard whilst her young granddaughter played with it. Thankfully the diamond wedding ring was found quickly hiding in the grass and dirt.

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