Metal Detector Services At Picton & The Oaks

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I had two jobs on this day, both of them for ladies named Glenys, and both of them in a similar area (Picton and The Oaks).. First job was for Glenys at Picton. She had managed to lose her ring but was not really sure when or where. Her daughter found me on the internet, and asked if I could search the yards for the lost ring. Unfortunately after spending around 2 hours searching the backyard, compost heap, and front yard, I gave up empty handed.

The second job for the day was for Glenys at (The Oaks). Glenys and her husband breed Dressage Horses, and these horses can be very valuable. Glenys asked me to use my metal detector to find and remove and metal nails from the paddock of her prized horses. A large nail into the hoof of a horse can be very expensive to treat. I managed to find a jar full of nasty nails in the paddock.

Blind Man Loses His Wedding Ring!

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Another fulfilling day helping Alan from Doonside, a lovely blind man who lost his wedding ring while throwing a stick to his guide dog. After his family searched the house and backyard for the missing ring, they asked me to come over and help out with my metal detecting equipment. Alan was fairly confident his wedding ring flew off his finger while throwing a stick to his trusty Labrador guide dog. After lots of affection from Alan’s dog, I got to work scanning the backyard. About an hour went by and I had pretty much covered the entire back yard. Things we’re not looking promising, so I decided to start over again. This time playing closer attention to the grass near the concrete footpath. As most of you would know, concrete sometimes contains metal re-inforcements which cause the metal detector to beep. As it turned out, Alan’s ring was sitting in the grass very closely to the metal concrete reinforcement which was masking out the signal of a gold ring. Alan was happy to have the wedding ring back on his finger, and mention he would be getting it re-sized after losing weight. Was great meeting Alan and his best friend :)

Platinum Ring Recovered In Back Yard

March 10th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Last week I got a call from Alex who lost his platinum wedding band in his backyard at Greenwich (a suburb close to St Leonards on Sydney’s lower North Shore). Alex was hanging a tarp on the clothes line when he felt the ring slip off his finger. After many hours of searching for the lost wedding ring, Alex decided to call for my services. I figured this should be a 5 minute job, but as it turns out I would be very wrong. The moment I turned on my metal detector, the thing went crazy. I couldn’t work out why? I was looking around for power lines, and figured their could be underground power cables. After tuning the detector so it was somewhat usable, I finally worked out why it was spluttering. Not far away was a 170 meter tall television transmission tower. This was playing havoc with my equipment. I searched the area for about 3 hours with no success. Greenwich is only a 5 minute drive from my house, so I mentioned to Alex I would come back the following day. Next day I arrived and began the search again. We figured the ring had fallen into the leaves of some small trees near Alex’s clothes line. I had spent the previous day shaking the trees, and trying to swipe the detector through the leaves for a signal. That night Alex also tried searching the trees with a torch, looking for any reflection from the platinum ring. By the time I reached the tree line, I received a signal on the ground. After investigating the signal, there is was. Alex’s elusive platinum wedding ring! It was definitely not in that spot the previous day… perhaps the ring dropped from the leaves after Alex’s search the previous night? Anyway, I called Alex with the good news, his lost platinum wedding ring was no longer lost :)

Toddler Loses Wedding & Engagement Ring In Yard

March 2nd, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Last week I was called out to Waroonga, a beautiful suburb about 50 minutes north of Sydney. Belinda had noticed both her wedding and engagement rings missing, and was told by her daughter that her one and a half year old toddler was last seen playing with the rings in the front yard. After an extensive search for the rings, Belinda decided it was time to call me in for the job. Belinda was in the process of having her yards excavated so I needed to find these rings before they we’re lost forever. Both Belinda and her daughter pointed me to the area that little Jack was last seen playing with the rings. After beginning my search in the obvious areas, I decided to grid search the entire front yard to no avail. This was confusing, how far could a 18 month year old boy throw two rings? I asked Belinda if I could check the backyard, which was half excavated. After about 10 minutes of searching the backyard, I recieved a signal with the metal detector within inches of where old grass had been dug out, and new soil laid. I couldn’t believe it, it was Belinda’s wedding ring. As I bent down to pick it out of the dirt, I eye balled the diamond engagement ring hiding not far beside it. Both the rings we’re sitting withing inches of where the bulldozer had stopped digging. This was definitely Belinder’s lucky day! As you can see by the smile in the photos, Belinda was incredibly happy and relieved to have her sentimental rings back on her finger. Belinda, thank you so much for your honesty and kind reward! It was also nice meeting yourself, kids and Fudge the Labrador :)

Hiding Wedding Ring Found With Metal Detector

February 10th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Yesterday I drove out to Castlecrag to meet Heidi. Heidi’s husband had lost his white gold wedding ring somewhere in the backyard. The area was covered with lots of trees grass and leaves, places where heavy gold sinks and dissapears. Heidi’s husband had an idea where the ring may have dropped, so I began searching the area. After a few false signals, I received a nice loud sound which is very similar to a $2 coin. After moving some leaves and grass away, there it was..a shining white gold wedding band. I want to thank Heidi for a kind reward even though it was only a 10 minute recovery. After some of the exhausting searches I have performed recently, it was pleasant to have a fast and hassle free job :)

Gold Ring Lost In Backyard Grass

June 28th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

After spending many hours digging sludge out of a drain searching for Chen’s lost ring, my next job was a welcome relief. I received a phone call from Bernice who had lost a section of her 3 part ring whilst hanging clothes in her backyard. She managed to find two parts of the ring in the grass below, but the final part of the ring had remained elusive. I drove out to Gordon to meet Bernice, who then showed me the area of grass the other parts of her ring we’re recovered. As luck would have,  the second swing of my detector I received a nice signal. After checking the depth indicator on the metal detector, it indicated the signal was 2 inches deep. It is unusual for an item that had recently been lost to sink that far down. But I decided to inspect the signal anyway. Turns out the grass was quite thick, and Bernice’s ring had dropped right to the roots of the grass. Bernice watched me retrieve the ring, and mentioned she would never have found it that deep in the grass. Once again Bernice, it was nice meeting you and your little puppy Roxy! And thank you kindly for a reward even though it was a fast job.

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring

March 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Nicola who had the misfortune of losing her very expensive diamond engagement ring. A matter of fact, Nicola did not even realise her engagement ring was missing…this was brought to her attention by a very observant friend. After tracing back her steps, Nicola beleived the last time she noticed the ring on her finger was on Monday, and realised it was missing on Wednesday. She called me on the Friday to help her find it. The problem with this particular job was, Nicola has no idea where it may have dropped. The only clue was Nicola and her husband had been ripping up grass in their yard the weekend prior. The ring may have fallen off while doing this, but Nicola had a slight recollection of seeing the ring on her finger the Monday after pulling up the grass. I mentioned on the phone that there is very little chance of me finding the ring without knowing the general vicinity of where it was lost, but I was happy to help search the yard anyway. At least by doing this, it would make Nicola feel at ease that her ring is not lost in her yard. So off I headed to Matraville in Sydneys South-Eastern suburbs. I began the search in Nicola’s back yard. After finding lots of scrap metal, and a couple of coins I moved to the front yard to search where Nicola had been doing some weeding. Unfortunately after about an hour and a half of searching, I was unable to find Nicola’s lost engagement ring. I am hoping with time, Nicola will find the lost ring somewhere in her home or car. Nicola, it was a pleasure meeting you, your husband and little girl. I am sorry I was unable to find your engagement ring. Please let me know if the ring ever shows up.

Ring Lost Then Found In The Blue Mountains

February 14th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phonecall from Jackie about a week ago. Her daughter had lost a gold ring in the backyard of their house. Before going for a swim, Jackie’s daughter placed her towel on the fence, and then placed her ring on top of the towel. After a swim, she grabbed the towel, forgetting the ring was placed on top. The ring fell, but no one was sure where. Jackie hired a metal detector and searched the backyard for signals, but had no luck in recovering the lost ring. She finally gave up, and called me over to try and find it. Jackie and her family live in FaulconBridge, in the Blue Mountains. This is normally out of the area I service, but Jackie sounded like a nice lady on the phone, so I really wanted to help. Unfortunately my DFX metal detector is still in for repairs, so I had no choice but to use my Excalibur Underwater Detector. As it turns out, it was raining when I arrived at Jackies, so I would have been unable to use the DFX detector anyway. After being shown the area where the ring possibly dropped I got to work. After searching under some shrubs besides the pool, I moved the detector towards a grass area close to a garden. The Excalibur gave out a nice smooth loud signal which normally means Gold! I started parting the grass aside with my screw driver, and saw a glimpse of gold between the blades. There it was, the beautiful ring pictured above. After a quick 10 minute search, the ring was back in the hands of its owner. Lucky for me this was a quick job, being Valentines Day my girlfriend was not too happy I was off metal detecting. But thanks to Jackie giving me such a generous reward, i’m sure we will have a nice dinner tonight :)