Lost Diamond Ring Birubi Beach

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Sadly, on the 29th of December Jaya lost her Diamond Wedding Ring at Birubi beach, Port Stephens. She was sitting in the area arrowed below. Her husband held the ring while Jaya went for a swim. After that they are not exactly sure what happened. Her husband went for a walk, possibly with the ring still losely around his finger. It was not until they got back to Sydney they realised the ring was gone. I drove up to Birubi Beach to search the area Jaya and her family had spent the day. After 3 hours of searching the ring was no where to be found. If anyone has picked up a ring at Birubi beach, can you PLEASE contact me on 0413727410 so I can put you in contact with Jaya. She is more than happy to pay a reward for the return of her wedding ring. I believe it is a white gold ring with a square cut diamond?? (Jaya please correct me if I am wrong).

Wedding & Engagement Ring Lost In Lagoon

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

It’s horrible enough to lose one sentimental ring, but Susan had the misfortune of losing both her wedding and engagement rings while swimming in a lagoon at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast. I have recovered rings in lagoons before, but I had no idea just how large this lagoon was until I arrived. Susan and her husband recalled the area they had been swimming, which turned out to be a massive area to cover under water. To be honest my immediate thoughts of recovery we’re slim to none, but I had a job to do and got to work. Grid searching underwater is a very slow process, slightly overlapping with each pass. The one positive about this particular situation was the lagoon was very clean. If I had to keep stopping to recover junk signals this job would have taken a couple of days. After a handful of coins and bottle caps and a stainless steel mens ring, I received a signal which sounded like a low grown. This is a signature tone of foil, pull tabs, and sometimes small gold rings. And what made me even more excited about this signal was there we’re two of them in close proximity. I knew it had to be the rings. It took a couple of attempts to scoop the signal, but there it was..first ring recovered, the diamond engagement ring. Sitting next to it was the second deep tone signal, this had to be the wedding band. One more scoop, and I had both rings. It had been a very slow 2 hour search, but it had paid off. I took the rings back to Susan and her husband and asked if these looked familiar? Both of them we’re very excited, with Susan giving me a big hug. I love this job! It was a pleasure meeting you guys, and thank you very kindly for such a generous reward!

Gold Chain Lost At Shelly Beach Manly

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

I received a call from Karen, her mother had lost a gold herringbone chain (which was given to her by her late sister) at Shelly beach. I met up with Karen and her mother that night while the tide was low, and began searching for the chain. Now I have heard in the past that metal detectors have trouble picking up gold chains. Especially detectors such as mine with largish coils. But since the chain was relatively thick, i figured it shouldn’t be a problem. I turned out to be wrong… I tested the metal detector on another gold chain that Karen’s mother was wearing, and silence. I mentioned to the ladies I cannot charge you for this search, as I am not equipped for the job. But while I was already there, I did not want to give up, and even if I could hear the faintest of targets I might luck it. I gave Karen my pin pointing device which still faintly worked on gold chains, and off she went on her hands and knees searching for the chain. About 30 minutes later I heard the ladies screaming, they had managed to find the chain with the pinpointer! This is an amazing feat, and Karen’s mother was incredibly overwhelmed with emotion. It could not have happened to a nicer pair of ladies. Karen, if you ever want a job finding lost Jewellery let me know 😛

Metal Detector Hire South Curl Curl

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Steve lost his large gold wedding ring while playing ball in the shallow waters of South Curl Curl Beach. We organised to meet up at low tide for a search. I always get nervous when a ring is lost in the surf, but since the ring was lost at high tide, the odds we’re working with us. Steve marked off an area he had been playing in the surf, and I began a tight search of the area. About 30 minutes into the search I found Steve’s large wedding ring in my scoop. Understandably Steve and his wife we’re very excited to get the ring back. I am sure I have returned close to 100 rings by now, and that rewarding feeling you get never goes away :)

New Wedding Ring Lost at Clontarf

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

This would have to have been the most freakish job I have had to date. Peter lost his new wedding ring in shallow water at a harbour side beach in Clontarf. I am fairly familiar with the beach at Clontarf, and thankfully it is not a surf beach. But I explained to Peter that from my experience when a ring has been lost in the water, especially when you don’t know where  it fell off, it is always going to be difficult to recover. When I arrived at the beach, Peter had made some perimeter markings in the sand as a guide. I turned on my detector to begin what I figured would be a long slow grid search. First sweep of the detector and I receive a sweet loud signal. Plunge the scoop into the sand, and out pops Peters shining gold wedding ring! I think I was just as shocked as Peter! It is rare to pull a ring out of the shallows so quickly. Both Peter and myself couldn’t believe our luck! If only all my jobs we’re this successful! :)

Lost Omega Watch Manly Beach

June 25th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Jenny had this misfortune of losing her Omega Dive watch while swimming at Manly Beach. This was a situation where Jenny entered the water with her watch on, and left the water with it off. She was not sure exactly where the watch had fallen, but spent most of her time in the area plotted in the photo above. I spent over two hours scanning the area with my water detector, but I had no luck in locating Jenny’s watch. If anyone has happened to pickup an Omega watch similar to the on pictured, please contact me so I can put you in touch with Jenny. Jenny has offered a generous reward for its return.

Large Gold Ring Lost at the Copacabana Beach

April 8th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Sadly on Australia day back in January, Liza lost her very large gold wedding ring after being dumped by a wave at the Copacabana Beach. Liza was visiting her son from South Africa at the time. Unfortunately when Liza’s son Bernard called me to search for the ring, my under water metal detector was in for repairs. Many months later, Liza contacted me via email to ask if I could search for the lost ring. Because so much time had passed by, and the ring was lost in the surf I mentioned to Liza there was very little chance of finding the ring. But as a way of getting closure, Liza asked me to search the area for the ring anyway. I drove up the central coast to the beautiful Copacabana Beach and met Liza’s son Bernard, who showed me the approximate area of where the ring was lost. Strangley enough, after 2 hours of searching the area at low tide, I did not receive one single target! This rarely ever happens…there is always at least a coin or bottle cap to dig up. If anyone has managed to find a “Large” gold ring at the Copacabana Beach, please contact me as this ring means a lot to Liza.

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered At Manly Beach

March 21st, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Last night I received a phone call from Alex. He had been playing volley ball the previous day at Manly Beach, and lost his wedding ring while diving for the ball. Knowing Manly beach is constantly hunted by other metal detector guys, I told Alex I would finish my dinner and head straight out there. Alex showed me the area he had been playing volley ball, and the direction he believed the ring to fall. We squared off a search area with a large safety  buffer, and began the search. After an hour of slowly covering an extended area I was starting to worry. But there was one positive sign, I was getting lots of targets including coins…which is an indication that the area has not already been hunted out by another metal detector man (or lady). It was time to begin searching the other side of the volley ball area. Although Alex did not beleive the ring was dropped in this area, you just never know where rings can end up. After about 5 minutes of searching the new area, I got a nice strong signal which would normally indicate a 50 cent coin. This signal can also indicate a large gold ring. After locating the target with my pinpointer, I caught a glimpse of gold between the sand. This glimpse of gold was indeed a gold wedding ring. I handed the ring to Alex who right away said that was his wedding ring. After a quick text message to his wife, I took this photo of a relieved Alex and the ring with my iPhone.

Sentimental Wedding Ring Lost at South Curl Curl Beach

March 21st, 2010 by Brad Lovell

On Friday afternoon I met up with Danielle at South Curl Curl beach. The previous day Danielle’s brother had lost his wedding ring (which was passed down from a late relative) in about knee deep water. I mentioned to Danielle that finding a ring in the surf is always difficult, and the chances of recovery are always low. Danielle and her brother decided to call me out anyway, so at low tide I began the search. The surf was a little rough, with a strong current making a deep channel near where the ring was lost. I spent about 2 hours searching the area where the ring was dropped, and also the bottom of the channel in case the ring had been washed into it. Besides a couple of bottle caps and a $2 coin, there was no sign of the lost gold wedding band. I recently discovered there are a few metal detecting guys who read my blogs, and try finding the rings I was unsuccessful at recovering. I have made this easier by providing a treasure map above as to where this ring was lost. Danielle mentioned the ring is just a plain gold wedding band, about 40/50 years old. There we’re no engraving besides the hallmark. If anyone does find a ring that matches this description, please contact me on 0413727410 so I can put you in contact with Danielle.

Diamond Ring Lost In Sand At Balmoral Beach

March 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

A few days back I received a call from Anthony, who’s wife Myer had managed to lose her engagement ring somewhere at Balmoral Beach. Myer removed the ring to apply suncream, and at some point the ring has fallen in the sand. A passer by noticed the distressed couple searching for the ring and found my website on his iPhone. An hour later I was down at Balmoral Beach about to search for Myer’s lost diamond engagement ring. The couple had been sitting in 2 locations throughout the day, and remembered the path that they walked which was a good thing. We started the search in the position they had spent most of the time sitting, and both Myer and Anthony had a feeling it was in this area. After Anthony circled off a search area in the sand, I began detecting and digging any and every signal. After digging a few old bottle caps, and a 5 cent coin I received a very faint crackly signal. I have learned not to ignore these signals anymore as thin gold engagement rings can do this. When digging up diamond rings in dry sand, I do not use a scoop encase it knocks out the diamond. So I pushed my pinpointing device into the sand until I was right above the signal. After pushing some sand away I knew right away I had found Myer’s engagement ring. It doesn’t matter how many times I recover a lost ring, the feeling you get when you see a beautiful diamond ring sparkling in your hand is a great feeling. And it feels even better when you return the ring to the owner and see the smile on their face. Anthony and Myer, it was a pleasure meeting you guys :)

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