Platinum Wedding Ring Lost At Avalon Beach

March 10th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from Hailey who asked me to search for her husbands lost Platinum Wedding Ring at Avalon Beach. The ring fell of his finger, in about waist deep water infront of the Avalon Beach surf club. I tried searching for the ring with my underwater metal detector but had no luck locating it. If any other metal detector guys do manage to find a Platinum Ring at Avalon beach, please get in contact with me.

Platinum Wedding Ring Lost At Manly Yacht Club

March 2nd, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Alex had this misfortune of dropping his wedding ring on the decking of the Manly Yacht Club. Somehow by sheer chance, the wedding ring managed to fall down a small crack between the wood decking, and into the water below. Alex mentioned that at the time the ring dropped, it was high tide and about 5 ft deep. I met Alex at low tide, and he showed me exactly where the ring had dropped through the crack. I figured this would be an easy 5 minute job, but as it turns out I would be very wrong. The area where Alex’s wedding ring had dropped, just happened to be an underwater junk yard! There was so much metal in area the ring dropped that trying to use the metal detector become frustrating. My only option was to start digging every signal, even signals I knew we’re not platinum. I just needed to get this junk metal out of the way. After close to two hours of digging I was exhausted. I had removed a huge amount of metal, but none of this metal happened to be the precious metal Platinum. Being frustrated, and knowing the ring had to be close by, I mentioned to Alex I would attempt a second search free of charge. This time I came with more man power, Tony from Jewellery Rescue. Both myself and Tony spend another 2 hours digging without any luck. If any other metal detector guys happen to find a Platinum wedding ring under the Manly Yacht Club, please contact me. Alex is happy to pay a reward.