Lost Wedding Ring Retrieved At Belrose

May 19th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

This morning I drove out to Belrose to help Taleen recover her husbands lost wedding band. I have had many jobs in the past where the ring was actually thrown in the heat of an argument. Now this is very common, and is nothing to be a shamed of. But many customers are too embarrassedto tell me until I start retracing what actually happened. Not Taleen, she told me exactly what happened, and admitted to being extra emotional at the time. In the heat of the moment, Taleen threw her husbands wedding ring out of the car door onto the road side. Once things had cooled down, Taleen and her husband went to retrieve the thrown ring with no luck. They then hired a metal detector and tried searching for the ring, but the ring remained elusive.  So Taleen decided to call me to see if I could help. I spent a good 45 minutes searching for the ring in a grassy area on the side of the road. Unfortunately the ring had landed above an underground pipe, which was causing the detector to block signals when swiping over the ring. I was very relieved to finally pull the lost ring out of the grass roots. This whole ordeal had really stressed Taleen out. As you can imagine, Taleen was extremelyexcited to have her husbands wedding ring back in her hands. Taleen it was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you kindly for such a generous reward :)

Gold Chain Lost At Shelly Beach Manly

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

I received a call from Karen, her mother had lost a gold herringbone chain (which was given to her by her late sister) at Shelly beach. I met up with Karen and her mother that night while the tide was low, and began searching for the chain. Now I have heard in the past that metal detectors have trouble picking up gold chains. Especially detectors such as mine with largish coils. But since the chain was relatively thick, i figured it shouldn’t be a problem. I turned out to be wrong… I tested the metal detector on another gold chain that Karen’s mother was wearing, and silence. I mentioned to the ladies I cannot charge you for this search, as I am not equipped for the job. But while I was already there, I did not want to give up, and even if I could hear the faintest of targets I might luck it. I gave Karen my pin pointing device which still faintly worked on gold chains, and off she went on her hands and knees searching for the chain. About 30 minutes later I heard the ladies screaming, they had managed to find the chain with the pinpointer! This is an amazing feat, and Karen’s mother was incredibly overwhelmed with emotion. It could not have happened to a nicer pair of ladies. Karen, if you ever want a job finding lost Jewellery let me know 😛

Metal Detector Hire South Curl Curl

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Steve lost his large gold wedding ring while playing ball in the shallow waters of South Curl Curl Beach. We organised to meet up at low tide for a search. I always get nervous when a ring is lost in the surf, but since the ring was lost at high tide, the odds we’re working with us. Steve marked off an area he had been playing in the surf, and I began a tight search of the area. About 30 minutes into the search I found Steve’s large wedding ring in my scoop. Understandably Steve and his wife we’re very excited to get the ring back. I am sure I have returned close to 100 rings by now, and that rewarding feeling you get never goes away :)

Ring Lost In Sand At Cronulla Beach

July 14th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

David was digging around in the sand at Cronulla Beach when he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger. David mentioned he wasn’t  going to waist his time searching for the ring in the sand, as he knew the chances of finding it without the use of a metal detector we’re slim. Myself and 7 year old nephew drove down to Cronulla beach to attempt to find David’s lost wedding ring. As it turns out, this would be a very quick job. David pointed to the area he lost the ring, I started searching with the metal detector. The first signal received was David’s missing ring. Got to love this job! :)

Wedding Ring Not Found At Artarmon

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I drove out to Artamon on Sydney’s North Shore to find a ring that had gone missing. Rosyln suspects her toddler picked up the ring and placed it somewhere. I searched for the ring in the yards around the house with no luck. We also searched some areas inside the house without any success. Hopefully some day Roslyn’s wedding ring will turn up :) I have a good feeling it will..

Wedding Ring Lost in Graveyard (Ryde)

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Ring Lost At Field Of Mars Cemetery Ryde

I received a phone call from Annie, a very polite lady who had lost her late father’s ring while visiting his grave at the Field Of Mars Cemetery at Ryde. Annie was throwing flowers off an embankment into the bushes below. While doing so, her dad’s gold ring fell off her fingers and into the bushes below. This proved to be a tough job, with the ring being much further away than expected. Thanks to Annie’s mum who was able to meet me at the Cemetery, and  was also very excited and emotional to have her husbands ring back in possession.

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered In Croydon Backyard

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Lost Wedding Ring at Croydon (Sydney’s Inner West)

Madelaine lost her wedding ring somewhere in her backyard.

From memory this ended up being a quick 15 minute job, with her beautiful diamond wedding ring found hiding in the grass.

Madelaine, it was great meeting your family, and thank you kindly for a reward even though this was an simple job, it is very much appreciated.

Blind Man Loses His Wedding Ring!

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Another fulfilling day helping Alan from Doonside, a lovely blind man who lost his wedding ring while throwing a stick to his guide dog. After his family searched the house and backyard for the missing ring, they asked me to come over and help out with my metal detecting equipment. Alan was fairly confident his wedding ring flew off his finger while throwing a stick to his trusty Labrador guide dog. After lots of affection from Alan’s dog, I got to work scanning the backyard. About an hour went by and I had pretty much covered the entire back yard. Things we’re not looking promising, so I decided to start over again. This time playing closer attention to the grass near the concrete footpath. As most of you would know, concrete sometimes contains metal re-inforcements which cause the metal detector to beep. As it turned out, Alan’s ring was sitting in the grass very closely to the metal concrete reinforcement which was masking out the signal of a gold ring. Alan was happy to have the wedding ring back on his finger, and mention he would be getting it re-sized after losing weight. Was great meeting Alan and his best friend :)

59 Year Old Wedding Ring Lost In Yard

June 26th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

This is a story of 2 men, and a lost wedding ring. John Taylor is a Hawkesberry Barrister who spotted his friend Terry frantically searching the front yard. John stopped his car and asked Terry if he needed any help? Terry mentioned he had lost his wedding ring, a ring he had been wearing for 59 years. Terry had given up hope finding the ring, but John being the persistent and generous man he is decided to hire a metal detector from Kenards. They spent some time searching for the lost ring with the hire detector, but we’re overwhelmed with the constant signals the detector was picking up. John, still not giving up hope did some research on the Internet and found my website. After a quick phone call I told him I would be happy to help out. We organised a day and I drove out to Windor (about an hour plus drive north west of Sydney)… This is where I met Terry and Nancy, a lovely couple who had been married for almost 60 years. After meeting the couple in person, this made me want to find their lost wedding ring even more. Terry was not sure where the ring had dropped off his finger, as he had spent time in various places throughout his front and back yard. I asked Terry, if he had to guess a spot where he feels the ring might be, where would it be?? He mentioned a spot in the garden where he had been pulling out the roots of an old palm tree. I started detecting that particular area, and in about 1 minute I had pulled Terry’s wedding ring out of the dirt. Terry and his wife Nancy we’re rightfully happy to have the ring back in their possession. The local Windsor paper published an article on the story which John kindly mailed to me :) I love my job!

Wedding Ring Lost At Rugby Oval

May 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Shane was in the middle of a Rugby game when he felt his wedding ring slip from his finger. Somehow Shane managed to get the game to stop, whilst he and the other players searched for the ring in the thick grass. With no luck, Shane borrowed a Metal Detector from a friend and attempted searching for the ring himself. Many people (myself included) figure Metal Detecting is simple, you just swing the detector, and when you hear a beep you have found your target. I found out the hard way that it is not that simple. Many things can cause your detector to beep including mineralisation in the ground, hot rocks, iron, rubbish such as bottle caps, scrap metal, foil, pull tabs, nails, electrical interference etc etc. As an operator, you need to know how to interpret each sound. If you attempt searching for every signal you hear, you could spend an entire day searching a very small noisy area. Shane had no luck with the metal detector he borrowed and called me over to join the search. After an hour drive, I made it to Sylvania Waters.. (south of Sydney). Shane showed me the area he was standing when he lost the ring. Literally after 30 seconds of searching I had recovered Shanes wedding ring. Ater the frustration of searching with his football team and the loan metal detector, Shane was very relieved and thankful that I had found his lost wedding ring.

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