Wedding & Engagement Ring Lost In Lagoon

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

It’s horrible enough to lose one sentimental ring, but Susan had the misfortune of losing both her wedding and engagement rings while swimming in a lagoon at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast. I have recovered rings in lagoons before, but I had no idea just how large this lagoon was until I arrived. Susan and her husband recalled the area they had been swimming, which turned out to be a massive area to cover under water. To be honest my immediate thoughts of recovery we’re slim to none, but I had a job to do and got to work. Grid searching underwater is a very slow process, slightly overlapping with each pass. The one positive about this particular situation was the lagoon was very clean. If I had to keep stopping to recover junk signals this job would have taken a couple of days. After a handful of coins and bottle caps and a stainless steel mens ring, I received a signal which sounded like a low grown. This is a signature toneĀ of foil, pull tabs, and sometimes small gold rings. And what made me even more excited about this signal was there we’re two of them in close proximity. I knew it had to be the rings. It took a couple of attempts to scoop the signal, but there it was..first ring recovered, the diamond engagement ring. Sitting next to it was the second deep tone signal, this had to be the wedding band. One more scoop, and I had both rings. It had been a very slow 2 hour search, but it had paid off. I took the rings back to Susan and her husband and asked if these looked familiar? Both of them we’re very excited, with Susan giving me a big hug. I love this job! It was a pleasure meeting you guys, and thank you very kindly for such a generous reward!

Its not always smiles :(

January 31st, 2010 by Brad Lovell

The last handful of jobs have proved to be very challenging. It is always sad for both me and my customer when I am unable to find their lost items.. below are some searches that we’re unsuccessful

  • Sarah lost her engagement ring at Bondi Beach. She felt her ring come off in about chest deep water. I mentioned to Sarah my underwater detector is currently away for repairs, and perhaps asking one of the underwater metal detecting guys at Bondi Beach for help. (Bondi Beach is being detected almost 24 hours a day) Sarah contacted Tony from Jewllery Rescue who faced the same problem as me, no underwater detector. I ended up driving to Miners Den at Parramatta and hiring an Excalibur 800 water proof metal detector. We met at Bondi Beach that night in the low tide. There was a fierce electrical storm happening so the beach was almost empty. I spent about 1.5 hours searching the area Sarah had been swimming. After digging up the usual coins and pull tabs while getting smashed by the surf, Tony attempted to brave the night sea. After more searching and having the earphones removed from his head by waves time after time, Tony too gave up after giving it his best. Sarah’s ring is lost in a difficult position, too deep for up right detecting, and too rough for scuba diving. The ring is a mens gold signet with the letters “ACK” engraved.
  • Paula lost her diamond engagement ring at a lagoon at Narrabeen. So far I have made two attempts searching for this ring. First time it didn’t take long at all to realise I needed to use scuba gear. Second time I came back with Scuba Gear and my hired detector. The hired detector stopped working so I scanned the bottom just using my pinpointer and eye sight. I plan on going back to search for Paula’s engagement ring once I get my metal detector back from repairs.
  • Amanda lost a ring that was a gift from her boyfriend while fishing near Richmond. She felt that the ring may have fallen off as she cast her fishing rod. She did say she heard a strange splash and was not sure what it was. We could not decide if this could have been her ring as her hand would have been clenched around the rod when casting. I searched the water anyway, but unfortunately came up empty handed.
  • Joey lost her engagement ring at a beach near the Bouddi Bouddi national park on Australia Day. She had spent the day playing cricket on the sand, and swimming in the water. At the end of the day she realised her ring was no longer on her finger. I searched the sand where they had been playing cricket, then hopped in the water at low tide trying to find her engagement. After many hours of trying, we gave up hope of finding Joey’s lost ring.
  • After reading the story in media regarding me finding Layne Beachley’s lost engagement ring, Linda decided to give me a call to see if I could help her. Linda actually lost her gold ring over a year ago, possibly while gardening in her backyard. She and her husband hired a metal detector but did not manage to find anything. I drove up to Avalon to meet Linda, and basically searched her entire backyard for the ring. I did manage to find a lot of things, but her gold ring was not one of them :(