Lost Diamond Ring at Clontarf

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Belinda lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while swimming in netted area of Clontarf Beach. She was throwing a ball around and realised later on the ring was no longer on her finger. I met with Belinda and her husband Alan the next night at low tide. Unfortunately the water was around neck deep, which made recovering targets difficult. After about 2 hours of searching, I began to get cold and called it a night. But I was not going to give up on Belinda and Alan, I knew the ring had to be somewhere in the netted area. The next day, there was an even lower tide, so I went back for attempt two. This time I weighed myself down with about 20 lbs of lead to make recovering/digging easier in the deeper water. After about an hour of searching for the second time, I found a sparkling diamond ring sitting in my scoop. Hope it was the right ring, I showed it to Alan. The smile on Alan’s face answered my question, this was indeed Belinda’s lost engagement ring. Alan and Belinda, it was great to meet you guys, and thank you kindly for a generous reward.

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered At Manly Beach

March 21st, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Last night I received a phone call from Alex. He had been playing volley ball the previous day at Manly Beach, and lost his wedding ring while diving for the ball. Knowing Manly beach is constantly hunted by other metal detector guys, I told Alex I would finish my dinner and head straight out there. Alex showed me the area he had been playing volley ball, and the direction he believed the ring to fall. We squared off a search area with a large safety  buffer, and began the search. After an hour of slowly covering an extended area I was starting to worry. But there was one positive sign, I was getting lots of targets including coins…which is an indication that the area has not already been hunted out by another metal detector man (or lady). It was time to begin searching the other side of the volley ball area. Although Alex did not beleive the ring was dropped in this area, you just never know where rings can end up. After about 5 minutes of searching the new area, I got a nice strong signal which would normally indicate a 50 cent coin. This signal can also indicate a large gold ring. After locating the target with my pinpointer, I caught a glimpse of gold between the sand. This glimpse of gold was indeed a gold wedding ring. I handed the ring to Alex who right away said that was his wedding ring. After a quick text message to his wife, I took this photo of a relieved Alex and the ring with my iPhone.

Gold Ring Lost And Found Freshwater Beach

March 10th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Tuesday I was called out to Freshwater Beach to search for Dan’s lost gold ring. Dan had placed the ring on his t shirt, and when lifting his shirt the ring had fallen somewhere in the sand. Dan had an idea where the ring was, but frustratingly could not find it in the loose sand. About an hour after Dan’s phone call, I arrived at Freshwater Beach and found where Dan was sitting. He showed me the spot he believed the ring to be. After about 3 minutes of searching, I received a nice clear signal from my metal detector which was  in the gold signature range. With the use of my pin pointing device, I was able to locate the signal which was indeed Dan’s lost gold ring. After some of the tricky and difficult jobs I have had lately, it was nice to have a quick efficient recovery :) Dan, thanks so much for your honesty and quick internet payment. Very much appreciated.

Lost And Found Engagement Ring At Manly Beach

December 14th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Brent and his Fiance Kristy we’re enjoying a beautiful day at Manly beach on Sunday morning. Kristy removed her diamond engagement ring while she applied sunscreen. Around the same time, the life guards asked Brent and Kristy to move positions as the Nippers we’re about to start their events in the sand. Kristy had rested the engagement ring on her leg, and was totally sidetracked when being asked to move location. It wasn’t until about an hour later Kristy realised she had lost the ring. To make matters worse, the nippers we’re running up and down the area Kristy and Brent we’re sitting. So it was difficult for them to search the area, and the Nippers could have been pushing the ring deeper into the sand. By the time I arrived at the beach, the Nippers had finished up…and Brent did a great job to try and keep the area clear for me to do my search. And anyone familiar with Manly beach on a hot summer weekend will appreciate this is quite a task! Brent showed me the area they had been sitting earlier on that morning, and I began my grid search. After my run of bad luck lately, I was more determined than ever to find Kristy’s lost ring. After about 15 minutes of a very slow grid search, I received a first signal. The signal was very similar to that of a 10 cent coin, but I also know that gold registers a similar signal. I began combing the sand with my hands and exposed what looked like a thousand shining diamonds :) By this time, most of the people in the surrounding area knew I was searching for Kristy’s engagement ring. After a hug from Kristy, surprisingly other people who we’re watching me came up to congratulate me. Brent was putting more money in the parking meter when I found the ring, so he got a nice surprise when he arrived back. I want to thank Brent and Kristy for their honesty. They had no money on them at the time, and true to their word, they transferred a reward direct to my bank account. Was a pleasure to meet you guys!

Lost Rings In Sydney Park St Peters

December 14th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

After a quick phone call from Melanie, I was on my way to Sydney Park at St Peters (Inner West of Sydney). Melanie had been playing around in the park and decided to put her wedding and engagement ring in her pocket for safe keeping. After she had finished her activities, she reached into her pockets only to find both rings we’re missing. I mentioned to Melanie I would hop in the car and meet her at the park ASAP. Two rings sitting in the grass of a busy park would get picked up in no time. About 30 minutes later I arrived at the park and met Melanie and her husband. Melanie mentioned to me she had both good and bad news. The good news being her husband found the rings in the grass with a flash light. And the bad news being I had driven out there for no reason hehe. Melanie and her husband obviously felt bad that I had driven out there on a Sunday night, and offered me more money than my regular call out fee. I could not accept the extra money as I was not the one who found the rings. My primary concern was that Melanie had her rings back on her finger. I told Melanie and her husband there is no reason to feel bad. This has happened many times before, and is just a part of the job I love :)

Ring Salvage With Underwater Metal Detector

December 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Last week I received a phone call from commercial diver Nathan. He had been asked to search for a lost diamond ring which was dropped in the water somewhere near Cottage Point. The ring’s owner, Edwina, was thinking clearly at the time she lost the ring…dropping a bag of sinkers in the water to mark the area. Edwina and her relatives had spent many hours searching for the ring to no avail. Nathan knew the chances of recovery without the use of an underwater metal detector would be very slim, so he called me to help out. After a boat ride to the location, Sarah (Edwina’s Sister) showed us the area the ring was lost. Much to my surprise the water was crystal clear, and the bottom was beautiful white sand. Sarah jumped in the water and located the bag of sinkers which marked the are of the lost ring. Nathan and I geared up and began the hunt. About 5 minutes into the search I received a nice solid signal from the metal detector. I begin to fan the sand away with my hand, revealing a beautiful gold/diamond ring. I returned the ring to Sarah who was one happy lady! The ring had been passed down from Edwina/Sarah’s grandmother, so it was one of those things that cannot be replaced. I want to thank Sarah and her family for a generous reward. And also thanks to Nathan who co-ordinated the entire recovery. I am sure we will continue working together in the future :)

Lost Gold Ring Recovered At Manly Beach

October 21st, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received an email last week titled Lost Ring. The email was from Marty who lost his mothers wedding ring at Manly Beach. I did not read Marty’s email until around 3am, but asked him to contact me as soon as he was awake. Manly beach is a very busy and popular beach, meaning there are lots of other metal detectorists hitting the beach each day. Next morning at around 9am Marty called requesting my services. I quickly packed my gear and drove down to Manly beach which is only about a 20 minute drive away. Marty showed me the area he was sitting on the beach, and I started my slow and steady grid search. The first signal I received sounded nice and loud, but turned out to be a ring pull from an aluminium can. Then another ring pull…then about 5 minutes later, a gold wedding band :) I want to thank Marty for a generous reward for what turned out to be a quick and easy job.

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered In Back Yard

May 4th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

I received a phone call from David this morning. He had this misfortune of losing his wedding ring for the second time. First time he recovered the ring himself, but this time he was having no luck. He was 95% sure he lost the ring in his back yard while pushing his kids on a swing. But he did not actually feel the moment the ring fell off his finger. I drove out to Roseville, just north of Chatswood on Sydney’s Upper North Shore. David was at work at the time, but his wife showed me the area the ring could have fallen. There was a lot of thick grass where David’s wedding ring could have been hiding.  I began my usual grid pattern in the area David was pushing the swing. I then worked my way down to a wire fence. I was receiving lots of signals, but non of them was the ring. I decided to start searching the other side of the swing and work my way up towards the house. It wasn’t long after that I received a nice smooth sound from my detector. I checked the depth on the display..and it indicated 0.5 inchs deep. I thought cool, this could be Davids wedding ring. I lifted a large leaf which was covering the signal area…and there it was, David’s gold wedding band. It had fallen into an indentation in the grass. The photo attached is in the exact spot I found the ring. David’s wife was very pleased the ring was back in their possession :)