Wedding Ring Not Found At Artarmon

July 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

I drove out to Artamon on Sydney’s North Shore to find a ring that had gone missing. Rosyln suspects her toddler picked up the ring and placed it somewhere. I searched for the ring in the yards around the house with no luck. We also searched some areas inside the house without any success. Hopefully some day Roslyn’s wedding ring will turn up :) I have a good feeling it will..

Blind Man Loses His Wedding Ring!

June 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Another fulfilling day helping Alan from Doonside, a lovely blind man who lost his wedding ring while throwing a stick to his guide dog. After his family searched the house and backyard for the missing ring, they asked me to come over and help out with my metal detecting equipment. Alan was fairly confident his wedding ring flew off his finger while throwing a stick to his trusty Labrador guide dog. After lots of affection from Alan’s dog, I got to work scanning the backyard. About an hour went by and I had pretty much covered the entire back yard. Things we’re not looking promising, so I decided to start over again. This time playing closer attention to the grass near the concrete footpath. As most of you would know, concrete sometimes contains metal re-inforcements which cause the metal detector to beep. As it turned out, Alan’s ring was sitting in the grass very closely to the metal concrete reinforcement which was masking out the signal of a gold ring. Alan was happy to have the wedding ring back on his finger, and mention he would be getting it re-sized after losing weight. Was great meeting Alan and his best friend :)

Wedding Ring Lost At Rugby Oval

May 27th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Shane was in the middle of a Rugby game when he felt his wedding ring slip from his finger. Somehow Shane managed to get the game to stop, whilst he and the other players searched for the ring in the thick grass. With no luck, Shane borrowed a Metal Detector from a friend and attempted searching for the ring himself. Many people (myself included) figure Metal Detecting is simple, you just swing the detector, and when you hear a beep you have found your target. I found out the hard way that it is not that simple. Many things can cause your detector to beep including mineralisation in the ground, hot rocks, iron, rubbish such as bottle caps, scrap metal, foil, pull tabs, nails, electrical interference etc etc. As an operator, you need to know how to interpret each sound. If you attempt searching for every signal you hear, you could spend an entire day searching a very small noisy area. Shane had no luck with the metal detector he borrowed and called me over to join the search. After an hour drive, I made it to Sylvania Waters.. (south of Sydney). Shane showed me the area he was standing when he lost the ring. Literally after 30 seconds of searching I had recovered Shanes wedding ring. Ater the frustration of searching with his football team and the loan metal detector, Shane was very relieved and thankful that I had found his lost wedding ring.

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered At Shoal Bay

May 10th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

One of the benefits of my job (besides the rewarding feeling  experienced when you reunite someone with their lost treasure) is meeting new people and discovering places you did not know existed. Last month I received a phone call from Adrian who lost his wedding ring in shallow water at Shoal Bay. Now Shoal Bay is a 3 hour drive north of Sydney, normally way out of my service area, but I am glad I accepted this job. Adrian had a local Metal Detector Man search for his lost wedding ring, but the gentleman had no luck in his search. After finding my number on the internet, Adrian decided to call me, and did a good job at convincing me to travel to Shoal Bay with him. On arrival at Shoal Bay, I remember thinking what a beautiful location it was. But I was there to find Adrian’s lost wedding ring… so I put on my wetsuit and began the hunt. Unfortunately for me, such a beautiful clean beach hid lots of scrap metal below. The metal detector was receiving signals on each swing, so I decided I would just dig the nice sounding signals to start with, or it could be a long day. This tactic paid off, after recovering Adrian’s wedding ring in knee deep water. The drive to Shoal Bay and back to Sydney took around 6 hours, but the hunt itself lasted 10 minutes. It was a pleasure to meet Adrian, and thank you kindly for a generous reward.

Enagement & Wedding Ring Lost at St Ives

March 21st, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Last Friday I was called out to St Ives (North of Sydney) to help Sue search for her lost wedding and engagement rings. Sue had felt the rings slip off her finger while she was throwing an exercise ball at a local park. Sue and her personal training group all tried searching for the rings, but the thick grass had made recovery impossible without the use of a metal detector. A few hours after Sue contacting me, we met up in the park to begin searching for the lost rings. It only took 2 or 3 swings of the metal detector before I received my first target. The detector gave off a reading similar to a piece of foil.. but as most experience detectorist’s will know, this is indeed the signature of the precious metal platinum. After parting the grass, I spotted Sue’s diamond engagement ring.  I plucked the ring out of the grass and handed it over to a now very happy Sue, and continued the search for the wedding band. Surprisingly,  both rings we’re not in the same spot.. with the wedding band being a couple of meters away. Both rings had now been returned to their rightful owner :) Sue, it was nice to meet yourself and little boy. Also thank you kindly for a reward, even though this turned out to be a quick job.

Diamond Ring Lost In Sand At Balmoral Beach

March 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

A few days back I received a call from Anthony, who’s wife Myer had managed to lose her engagement ring somewhere at Balmoral Beach. Myer removed the ring to apply suncream, and at some point the ring has fallen in the sand. A passer by noticed the distressed couple searching for the ring and found my website on his iPhone. An hour later I was down at Balmoral Beach about to search for Myer’s lost diamond engagement ring. The couple had been sitting in 2 locations throughout the day, and remembered the path that they walked which was a good thing. We started the search in the position they had spent most of the time sitting, and both Myer and Anthony had a feeling it was in this area. After Anthony circled off a search area in the sand, I began detecting and digging any and every signal. After digging a few old bottle caps, and a 5 cent coin I received a very faint crackly signal. I have learned not to ignore these signals anymore as thin gold engagement rings can do this. When digging up diamond rings in dry sand, I do not use a scoop encase it knocks out the diamond. So I pushed my pinpointing device into the sand until I was right above the signal. After pushing some sand away I knew right away I had found Myer’s engagement ring. It doesn’t matter how many times I recover a lost ring, the feeling you get when you see a beautiful diamond ring sparkling in your hand is a great feeling. And it feels even better when you return the ring to the owner and see the smile on their face. Anthony and Myer, it was a pleasure meeting you guys :)

Gold Ring Lost And Found Freshwater Beach

March 10th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Tuesday I was called out to Freshwater Beach to search for Dan’s lost gold ring. Dan had placed the ring on his t shirt, and when lifting his shirt the ring had fallen somewhere in the sand. Dan had an idea where the ring was, but frustratingly could not find it in the loose sand. About an hour after Dan’s phone call, I arrived at Freshwater Beach and found where Dan was sitting. He showed me the spot he believed the ring to be. After about 3 minutes of searching, I received a nice clear signal from my metal detector which was  in the gold signature range. With the use of my pin pointing device, I was able to locate the signal which was indeed Dan’s lost gold ring. After some of the tricky and difficult jobs I have had lately, it was nice to have a quick efficient recovery :) Dan, thanks so much for your honesty and quick internet payment. Very much appreciated.

Lost And Found, Gold Wedding Ring Gordon

March 3rd, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Yesterday I drove to Gordon, (about 30 minutes North of Sydney) to help Bruce locate his lost gold wedding ring. Bruce had been removing leaves from his pool filter, and throwing them into the bushes below. He felt the ring slip off, but could not find the ring amongst the leaf foliage. I arrived with my metal detector and started scanning the area. After a few false signals I had managed to recover Bruce’s lost gold wedding ring, which was hiding in a layer of dirt underneath the leaves. As you can see from the photo, this is quite a unique gold wedding ring.  It was nice meeting Bruce, and is always a pleasure to have the occasional fast and hassle free recovery :) Although as punishment for having a quick and easy job, I managed to get a leach attached to my leg. This was my first leach attack…and I stupidly just ripped it off (ouch!) Every job offers a new experience.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring Recovered At Double Bay

February 20th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Last night I received a call from Jason, who lost his wedding ring while swimming at Red Leaf Beach. Redleaf is a netted harbour beach at Double Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Jason was not sure of the exact location the ring slipped off his finger, so we both knew this would be a very difficult recovery. I met Jason at Redleaf beach at 6:30 am this morning, and began the underwater search. When unsure of the location the ring slipped off, all I can really do is cover as much surface area as possible before my tank runs out of air, or I start getting too cold. So with my underwater metal detector and 10 meter long rope as a guide, I began a slow search back and forth for Jason’s lost wedding ring. After about 2 hours of searching, things we’re not looking promising. I had recovered the usual coins, bottle caps and a ladies ring…but not Jason’s wedding band. After another conversation with Jason, we decided to shift positions. I only had about another 30minutes left in me due to low air, and drop in body temperature. About another 20 minutes of searching in the new position and almost giving up hope, I fanned out a signal which turned out to be a white gold wedding band. I was praying that this was Jason’s wedding ring! I called him over to have a look, he looked at it for a second and then his face lit up. I had definitely found the right ring. We we’re both mentally prepared for the possibility of not recovering the ring, so as you can imagine we we’re feeling pretty damn good to have it back! Jason, it was a pleasure meeting you… and thank you kindly for a generous reward. This certainly was a lucky day.

Rings Lost And Found Shelly Beach Manly

February 13th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Derek had this misfortune of losing his wedding ring while in a swimming event at Shelly Beach Manly. Apparently there was up to 4000 people in this event, so things we’re very hectic at the start of the race when Derek felt his wedding ring get knocked off his finger. A few days later Derek gave me a call asking if there is anything I can do to help? He believed he was in about chest deep water when the ring fell, but this was at low tide. I mentioned to him that rings lost in water are always difficult to find, but I was more than happy to give it my best shot. I grabbed my scuba gear and underwater metal detector and met Derek at Shelly Beach. It was a beautiful summer day, and the water was clear and calm which made the job enjoyable. After 3 hours of scanning the area Derek felt the ring might be, we had no luck locating his ring. I was able to find 3 other rings, and Derek eyeballed a gold wedding band just sitting at the bottom of the water. So we ended up with 4 rings in total, just not the correct ring :( If you believe you are the owner of the rings in the photo above, please contact me as I would love to return these to their rightful owners. If anyone does happen to find a plain white gold wedding band at Shelly Beach, please contact me.

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