Lost Diamond Ring at Clontarf

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Belinda lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while swimming in netted area of Clontarf Beach. She was throwing a ball around and realised┬álater on the┬áring was no longer on her finger. I met with Belinda and her husband Alan the next night at low tide. Unfortunately the water was around neck deep, which made recovering targets difficult. After about 2 hours of searching, I began to get cold and called it a night. But I was not going to give up on Belinda and Alan, I knew the ring had to be somewhere in the netted area. The next day, there was an even lower tide, so I went back for attempt two. This time I weighed myself down with about 20 lbs of lead to make recovering/digging easier in the deeper water. After about an hour of searching for the second time, I found a sparkling diamond ring sitting in my scoop. Hope it was the right ring, I showed it to Alan. The smile on Alan’s face answered my question, this was indeed Belinda’s lost engagement ring. Alan and Belinda, it was great to meet you guys, and thank you kindly for a generous reward.

Wedding Ring Lost In Water At Queenscliff Beach

January 6th, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Late in December I used my underwater metal detector to search for a gold wedding ring that was lost at Queenscliff beach. The owner beleives the ring may have dropped in the water as he was holding his baby in waist deep water. I spent about 3 hours at low tide slowly searching the water with no luck. If by chance anyone does manage to find a wedding ring at Queenscliff Beach, please contact me. As always the owner is happy to pay a reward for the return of his wedding ring.

Ring Salvage With Underwater Metal Detector

December 7th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Last week I received a phone call from commercial diver Nathan. He had been asked to search for a lost diamond ring which was dropped in the water somewhere near Cottage Point. The ring’s owner, Edwina, was thinking clearly at the time she lost the ring…dropping a bag of sinkers in the water to mark the area. Edwina and her relatives had spent many hours searching for the ring to no avail. Nathan knew the chances of recovery without the use of an underwater metal detector would be very slim, so he called me to help out. After a boat ride to the location, Sarah (Edwina’s Sister) showed us the area the ring was lost. Much to my surprise the water was crystal clear, and the bottom was beautiful white sand. Sarah jumped in the water and located the bag of sinkers which marked the are of the lost ring. Nathan and I geared up and began the hunt. About 5 minutes into the search I received a nice solid signal from the metal detector. I begin to fan the sand away with my hand, revealing a beautiful gold/diamond ring. I returned the ring to Sarah who was one happy lady! The ring had been passed down from Edwina/Sarah’s grandmother, so it was one of those things that cannot be replaced. I want to thank Sarah and her family for a generous reward. And also thanks to Nathan who co-ordinated the entire recovery. I am sure we will continue working together in the future :)

Lost Bracelet Found Under Water At Sydney Beach

March 24th, 2009 by Brad Lovell

Sorry I have been lazy updating the site lately. Last week I managed to wake up early and catch a low tide at a beach South of Sydney. As much as I love going out to find lost items for customers, I also love getting out to the beach and hunt for myself. This is my way of relaxing. Anyway, on this particular mornings hunt, I found this interesting looking ladies bracelet under a few feet of water. Unfortunately there are no engravings on the inside of the bracelet. If you believe you are the owner of the bracelet, and can prove to me the bracelet is yours, I would be more than happy to return it :)