Sentimental Wedding Ring Lost at South Curl Curl Beach

March 21st, 2010 by Brad Lovell

On Friday afternoon I met up with Danielle at South Curl Curl beach. The previous day Danielle’s brother had lost his wedding ring (which was passed down from a late relative) in about knee deep water. I mentioned to Danielle that finding a ring in the surf is always difficult, and the chances of recovery are always low. Danielle and her brother decided to call me out anyway, so at low tide I began the search. The surf was a little rough, with a strong current making a deep channel near where the ring was lost. I spent about 2 hours searching the area where the ring was dropped, and also the bottom of the channel in case the ring had been washed into it. Besides a couple of bottle caps and a $2 coin, there was no sign of the lost gold wedding band. I recently discovered there are a few metal detecting guys who read my blogs, and try finding the rings I was unsuccessful at recovering. I have made this easier by providing a treasure map above as to where this ring was lost. Danielle mentioned the ring is just a plain gold wedding band, about 40/50 years old. There we’re no engraving besides the hallmark. If anyone does find a ring that matches this description, please contact me on 0413727410 so I can put you in contact with Danielle.

Wife Loses Her Husband’s Wedding Ring

March 2nd, 2010 by Brad Lovell

Kristy had only been married for 10 weeks, and was given the task of minding her husband’s wedding ring while he went water skiing. Kristy put the ring on her thumb, and carried on with her day. When it was time to leave the small beach area they we’re located, Kristy realised her husband’s wedding ring was no longer on her thumb. As you can imagine, both Kristy and her husband we’re gutted. Without her husband’s knowledge, Kristy gave me a phone call and asked if I could head up to Woy Woy on the central coast to help her out. As always, I mentioned to Kristy I would love to help out…but from the information she had given me I think it will be very difficult to find. Kristy had no idea where the ring had dropped, but luckily she did not venture out more than knee to waist deep water. After an hour plus drive, and a 10 minute boat ride to the location, I began detecting the beach which was now under water due to a high tide. Unbelievably after 10 minutes, and digging up a few bottle caps, I looked in my scoop and spotted a  large gold wedding ring. Kristy was willing to take a risk,  and it had paid off. After returning the ring to Kristy, she was misty eyed and gave me a big hug. She could not wait to get home and surprise her husband who had no idea Kristy had organised a search for his lost wedding ring. Kristy, it was a pleasure to meeting you, Krystal and Dean.