Gold Engagement Ring Plucked From The Ocean

January 1st, 2012 by Brad Lovell

Joanne lost her gold engagement ring playing volley ball in the Dawn Fraser Ocean Baths at Balmain. This was a situation where Joanne only noticed the ring missing halfway through the game, and had no idea where the ring actually fell off. I mentioned to Joanne on the phone that the chances of recovering her ring in these circumstances is very low. But Joanne wanted to take the gamble and asked me to help anyway. I rarely offer Scuba/Metal Detecting services anymore due to dangerous situations I have been put in, but because the ring was lost in the safety of a closed off bathing area I decided to give it a shot. Joanne showed me an area where she spent time playing volley ball. I dropped a lead weight and rope in that area, and began my search. As always in harbour waters, visibility was zero once I stirred up the bottom… so I began the search being guided by rope. After about 15 mins of hunting I received a very faint signal. After a few attempts of recovering the signal deep in the muddy bottom, I pulled out what felt like a ring. I quickly moved to cleaner waters and removed the mud from the ring to see a nice sparking diamond. I asked Joanne if this was her ring, and her response left me with no doubts it was hers :) The media did a story on this job which you can read here..

Not Found

January 1st, 2012 by Brad Lovell

Unfortunately I am not able to recover everyone’s lost treasures. Jessie lost a sentimental gold pendant in the water at Gymea Bay whilst kayaking with her dog. Both Jessie and the dog fell in the water, along with the gold pendant. I searched the area with my scuba gear with no succcess.

Kylie lost her special large gold ring on the north end of Maroubra beach. I met Kylie and her partner who showed me the area they had been sitting when the ring was lost. Unfortunately Kylie contacted me a week after it was lost. I scanned the area with no luck. If someone has found a large gold ladies ring on the north side of Maroubra Beach, please contact me!

Recent Finds

January 1st, 2012 by Brad Lovell

Frank from Alexandria noticed his beloved Gold Emerald ring missing after a day of gardening. The ring was found after approximately an hour of removing plants from pots and searching the soil. Thanks to Frank and his wife for inviting me to join the family for dinner. Was a pleasure to meet you all!

Belinda from Petersham lost both her wedding and engagement ring in her back yard. Belinda felt the rings coming off, and knew the direction they fell but was unable to find them in the grass and garden area. I managed to find Belinda’s wedding ring, then 10 minutes later I found the engagement ring hiding in a plant.

Claire from Scotland lost her 45 year old wedding ring whilst playing with a ball in the shallows of Balmoral Beach. After an approximate 40 minute search and digging up lost of scrap metal, I noticed a large gold wedding band at the bottom of my scoop. After many hugs from Claire and her husband I was certain I had recovered the right ring :)

Suzy from North Bondi called me to assist in the search for her daughter’s lost engagement ring. The ring was last sighted in Suzy’s backyard whilst her young granddaughter played with it. Thankfully the diamond wedding ring was found quickly hiding in the grass and dirt.

Sentimental Ring Recovered On Football Oval

August 14th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Last week I received a text message from Cameron, his girlfriend had lost a special ring he had bought for her while playing soccer. After a quick phone call to Cameron, it turned out that his girlfriend had actually lost the ring 3 weeks earlier. And she did not know when or where the ring fell off. I mentioned to Cameron that in these circumstances there is a very low chance of recovery. Anything could have happened to a ring laying on an oval for 3 weeks, including someone picking it up, or a ride on lawn mower collecting it. Cameron knew the chance of recovery was slim, but he asked me to search for the ring anyway so he knew he did everything humanly possible. I drove to the oval at Asquith (near Horsnby about an hour drive north of Sydney) the following day, and began the slow methodical search. To my surprise after an hour and a half of searching, I heard a signal and as I looked down I could see the ring hiding at the bottom of the grass. I called Cameron to tell him the good news.

Lost Wedding Ring Retrieved At Belrose

May 19th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

This morning I drove out to Belrose to help Taleen recover her husbands lost wedding band. I have had many jobs in the past where the ring was actually thrown in the heat of an argument. Now this is very common, and is nothing to be a shamed of. But many customers are too embarrassedto tell me until I start retracing what actually happened. Not Taleen, she told me exactly what happened, and admitted to being extra emotional at the time. In the heat of the moment, Taleen threw her husbands wedding ring out of the car door onto the road side. Once things had cooled down, Taleen and her husband went to retrieve the thrown ring with no luck. They then hired a metal detector and tried searching for the ring, but the ring remained elusive.  So Taleen decided to call me to see if I could help. I spent a good 45 minutes searching for the ring in a grassy area on the side of the road. Unfortunately the ring had landed above an underground pipe, which was causing the detector to block signals when swiping over the ring. I was very relieved to finally pull the lost ring out of the grass roots. This whole ordeal had really stressed Taleen out. As you can imagine, Taleen was extremelyexcited to have her husbands wedding ring back in her hands. Taleen it was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you kindly for such a generous reward :)

Finds & Smiles

May 19th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Yet again I have been very slack in updating the website. I have added some photos below of some successful recent jobs. Every job has its own special story, so I am sorry I have not been able to give mention to each recovery.




Lost Diamond Ring Birubi Beach

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Sadly, on the 29th of December Jaya lost her Diamond Wedding Ring at Birubi beach, Port Stephens. She was sitting in the area arrowed below. Her husband held the ring while Jaya went for a swim. After that they are not exactly sure what happened. Her husband went for a walk, possibly with the ring still losely around his finger. It was not until they got back to Sydney they realised the ring was gone. I drove up to Birubi Beach to search the area Jaya and her family had spent the day. After 3 hours of searching the ring was no where to be found. If anyone has picked up a ring at Birubi beach, can you PLEASE contact me on 0413727410 so I can put you in contact with Jaya. She is more than happy to pay a reward for the return of her wedding ring. I believe it is a white gold ring with a square cut diamond?? (Jaya please correct me if I am wrong).

Wedding & Engagement Ring Lost In Lagoon

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

It’s horrible enough to lose one sentimental ring, but Susan had the misfortune of losing both her wedding and engagement rings while swimming in a lagoon at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast. I have recovered rings in lagoons before, but I had no idea just how large this lagoon was until I arrived. Susan and her husband recalled the area they had been swimming, which turned out to be a massive area to cover under water. To be honest my immediate thoughts of recovery we’re slim to none, but I had a job to do and got to work. Grid searching underwater is a very slow process, slightly overlapping with each pass. The one positive about this particular situation was the lagoon was very clean. If I had to keep stopping to recover junk signals this job would have taken a couple of days. After a handful of coins and bottle caps and a stainless steel mens ring, I received a signal which sounded like a low grown. This is a signature tone of foil, pull tabs, and sometimes small gold rings. And what made me even more excited about this signal was there we’re two of them in close proximity. I knew it had to be the rings. It took a couple of attempts to scoop the signal, but there it was..first ring recovered, the diamond engagement ring. Sitting next to it was the second deep tone signal, this had to be the wedding band. One more scoop, and I had both rings. It had been a very slow 2 hour search, but it had paid off. I took the rings back to Susan and her husband and asked if these looked familiar? Both of them we’re very excited, with Susan giving me a big hug. I love this job! It was a pleasure meeting you guys, and thank you very kindly for such a generous reward!

Lost Diamond Ring at Clontarf

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Belinda lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while swimming in netted area of Clontarf Beach. She was throwing a ball around and realised later on the ring was no longer on her finger. I met with Belinda and her husband Alan the next night at low tide. Unfortunately the water was around neck deep, which made recovering targets difficult. After about 2 hours of searching, I began to get cold and called it a night. But I was not going to give up on Belinda and Alan, I knew the ring had to be somewhere in the netted area. The next day, there was an even lower tide, so I went back for attempt two. This time I weighed myself down with about 20 lbs of lead to make recovering/digging easier in the deeper water. After about an hour of searching for the second time, I found a sparkling diamond ring sitting in my scoop. Hope it was the right ring, I showed it to Alan. The smile on Alan’s face answered my question, this was indeed Belinda’s lost engagement ring. Alan and Belinda, it was great to meet you guys, and thank you kindly for a generous reward.

Lost Ring Recovered At La Perouse Beach

January 5th, 2011 by Brad Lovell

Adam lost his silver ring while relaxing at a beach at La Parouse. He spent the afternoon searching for it before losing sun light. He emailed me that night and we met at the beach the next morning. Once we moved people out of the area Adam was sitting the previous night, the search was relatively quick, taking only a few minutes. Although rare, it is nice to get the occasional easy job. Adam, was nice meeting you and thank you kindly for a reward even though this was a quick one.

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